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Questing For Erotic Art and Sexy Fiction

Though the building is almost completely made up of tinted glass, it still seems difficult to get a clear view of the inside as you approach its doors. Vague shapes of furniture and, presumably, people can be dimly seen through the windows, though some of the moving shapes on the upper floors are sort of... strange... They don't seem to have the right shapes to them. It's probably just a trick of the light of course. No one could be that tall or have that many arms!

Shrugging it aside, you stride up to the door just as though it's something you do every day and you have a perfect right to be there. Even up close you can't really see much past a reflection of yourself and the street behind you. Maybe some potted plants and a couch. Perhaps that is a reception desk though the vague shape of a person behind it makes it look as though they are sitting too high up to be on a chair. Oh well, you've come this far!

Pushing through the tinted glass doors you become vaguely aware of a rather bland reception area; the plants and couch you guessed at prove correct, as does the reception desk. There's even some more furniture dotted about the place. But that is merely a peripheral awareness because the person you thought was seated behind the counter isn't. Well, she is a person and she is seated. But the undeniable focus of 99% of your attention is the fact that this startlingly beautiful Native American girl is actually perched on top of a photocopier. And she is completely nude!

Nayelli perched on the photocopier displaying her naked charms.

Well that is certainly the sort of thing you had been fantasizing about over your coffee, though you hardly expected it to actually come true. And so quickly too!

The copier whirs into life and its light scans across the screen from one side to the other, providing an eerie illumination up between the parted thighs of that sexy girl, who remains unaware of your presence, eyes closed and head thrown back in a pose of utter abandon. But that state of ignorance cannot last forever. As the copier completes its pass, her eyes open and she jumps down, uttering a loud shriek of surprise at the sight of you. Without hesitation the young woman dives down behind the cover of the reception desk and out of your view, though you retain a clear enough image in your mind of taut thighs and large coffee-hued breasts topped with chocolate brown nipples. You might even remember her face if pushed to pick her out in a crowd!

"Dammit! That door was supposed to be locked!" Her voice rises above the desk in a biting tone that implies it was somehow your fault that she forgot to secure the door. The vocal accusation is quickly followed by the girl herself, now dressed in more typical style for the receptionist of a large office building such as this one. Though the signs of hurriedly getting dressed are obvious to the trained eye. Or even yours, considering the open button is rather obvious!

"And what can I do for you? You're not on my list of approved visitors, I'm sure. I know them all and I have never seen you before." The blush has almost faded from the girl's cheeks by this time but it quickly returns as your eyes drop in fond reminiscence over the now clothed peaks and valleys of her outstanding body.

"Does your boss know this is how you spend your time?" you ask, thinking fast. "And how about the local press? I'm sure they would be very interested if I happened to have snapped a picture of you with my cellphone!" Mentally you curse yourself for not having been able to do just that. But the girl doesn't know you were frozen to the spot staring at her. Nor that you don't have the equipment.

"If it's any concern of yours, these scans are a surprise present for my boss. He's been spending a bit too much time with Cand... err... anyway, don't try and use that against me! But," she bites her lip looking thoughtful. "It wouldn't really make Mr Stormbringer happy if there was a sensationalized piece about us in a newspaper. Ok, so what do you want?"

Looking into the girl's fierce expression, it quickly stifles your impulse to make a silly remark such as 'I suppose a shag is out of the question?'. Instead you gather your remaining wits in the nick of time and instead say, "I just want to look around the place."

"That's not too difficult. We do sometimes get fans of our work who write in and ask for a visit. I'll just add you to that list and give you a visitors badge."

nayelli looking sexy in the office

Already counting this as a lucky day because of the sight of the receptionist's incredible body, you can barely believe it is about to get even better. But within a few seconds you have a badge pinned to your chest and a set of directions in your ear. "The door behind me is for staff only. Use the stairs or the lift to visit the floors where Erotic Illusions and our other enterprises have their offices. You'll find receptionists at all the major areas who will be happy to show you around. Much prettier ones than me. There are just two stipulations; you need to leave your cellphone and any camera here. And you need to sign a waiver absolving us from all liability should you meet some... unfortunate accident in the wilder parts of the building."

How dangerous can an office block be, you chuckle inwardly to yourself while signing the form without a second glance and admitting, somewhat sheepishly, that you have neither cellphone nor camera with you. "Fair enough. That was for your benefit since such devices never work again after passing through one of our security screens." If the girl is annoyed that you tricked her, she is back in control well enough to hide the fact. "Off you go then."

And it really is as simple as that. No longer forced to sit across the road and dream, you now have full access to all the tower has to offer.

Somehow you know it will be anything but boring!