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Free Resources for 3D Artists

Stormbringer Enterprises are always happy to see developing talent in the erotic art scene. A lot of those artists support our free galleries by posting to them, or take the plunge into having their own site here at Erotic Illusions. But whether they do or not, their work brings us pleasure and we know they are adding to the overall body of erotic artwork available online for everyone to enjoy. So it only makes sense that we should do what we can in return by helping to make the resources they need available to them.

While we can't exactly supply paints or pencils to traditional 2D artists, we can at least do something to encourage 3D art by hosting free downloads. So below you will find our very own Candice in a complete free package ready to be used by those who create in Poser. And we are also making our facilities available for the distribution of free items others have created for the erotic 3D community.

Please note that whilst we can offer some support for our own 3D creations, we cannot support those items made by others. We host those downloadable zips in good faith but do not take any responsibility for their function. However, you can normally expect to find a readme file inside the zip with some way to contact the creator should you have problems. We also have a general Help section within the SBE Message Board where other artists may respond to queries.

Those who create free props and poses for use in 3D art are welcome to have their items made available here for distribution. Simply send your zip files, along with your name, a short description of the item and an optional image to Stormbringer for inclusion. Note that we can only distribute items which are intended for free use by the general erotic art community, so please don't send any pirated or paid items. Our intention is to aid those who put their time into giving something back, not to support stealing from people who spend a lot of time making commercial products.

SBE Free Downloads

From time to time Stormbringer Enterprises will commission the creation of a 3D prop or even a complete package which will then be made freely available to the 3D erotic art community. It's one of the ways we give back to those who support us. Naturally we appreciate it if those who use such items post a sample or two of their output in one of our free erotic art galleries so we can see they are being put to good use!

Candice by Niceman


A complete pose, MAT and hair package to enable you to replicate the sexy Erotic Illusions tour guide, Candice. Created for us by DireLilith and Max Norman, this zip contains everything you need to abuse Candice in your art. Requires Poser 5+ and Victoria 4+ preferably with a range of expressions available.

Download Candice Zip

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