Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Staff at SBE Tower

Behind The Veil

Are you the sort of person who would take advantage of Nayelli having stepped out to sneak a peek into the filing cabinet behind her desk? Damn right you are! It might be full of photos of sexy models in compromising positions. Or even better, it could be full of the sort of juicy information that you can use to get sexy models into compromising positions for your own benefit!

The contents of the drawers look pretty boring though. Just the normal stuff you'd find in any office, a broken coffee maker, stationery supplies, outdated pamphlets, a couple of creased porn mags and the other junk that tends to accumulate in such places. That is... until you spot a slim folder hidden at the back of the lowest drawer...

Staff Records, that sounds more promising. You only have a couple of minutes before that sexy Native American chick will be back though. How lucky your cellphone also functions as a camera! Working fast you snap copies of the pages for later viewing and are able to be across the room and engrossed in examination of one of the potted plants by the time the receptionist returns.

Staff meetings can be fun if they get intense enough

Casually sitting in a corner of the reception you manage to get the pictures uploaded onto your laptop and start reading. This is strange stuff! You don't know whether to laugh or run screaming for the hills. Either the building is a fully qualified lunatic asylum, or it's Weirdness Central. Perhaps that waiver you signed so casually, absolving Stormbringer Enterprises from any liability if you met with an accident, wasn't quite the easy formality you had thought.

Perhaps you should run for the exit while you have chance!

By the time you finish reading, you become convinced that any rational person would dash home, lock the doors and pretend it never happened. But then you never were all that rational, were you? Somehow you know you won't just leave.

Not until you've explored further...