Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Nayelli Moves In

Nayelli Moves In

The whirlwind wasnít something she was used to. Had it really only been a month since that strangely domineering male appeared in her life outside this very office building and caused such a change in her life? Once again the young Native American girl could feel her breasts suddenly heavier, their nipples reacting with a familiar tightness when she dwelled for a moment on what had followed from that meeting.

Awareness that those dark brown peaks were undoubtedly pushing against the tight sweater brought a familiar blush to her cheeks as she entered the building and passed a group of workmen who were refitting the reception area. She knew their eyes were following her, assessing her body and fixated on the inevitable wiggle of denim-covered ass, so Nayelli walked faster to gain the security of the elevator. It took some getting used to after all. Just a few weeks ago she had been a business-suited realtor, conservatively dressed and safely anonymous behind the faÁade. Of course she had had a life outside of work and casual clothes for when she went out dancing. There had been lovers in the past too but not many. Now she belonged to the mastermind behind a burgeoning erotic empire and he expected her to dress for his pleasure.

That was one of the more unfamiliar aspects. Her previous boyfriends had wanted a dumb Indian squaw with fantastic tits to play with. They didnít want her personality or her very capable intelligence. Stormbringer wanted her body as much as they had; he awakened it in ways the others had never managed and demanded of her that she respond with her whole being to a degree of arousal she had never imagined possible. But outside of their frequent lovemaking he treated her as a person and valued her abilities.

Of course he still insisted she wear erotically accessible clothing for him at all times but that was something with which Nayelli was happy to comply. There wasnít much she wouldnít do to please him.

It had been obvious from the start the man didnít need to give her a job to get what he wanted from her sexually. From the first moment, when he had looked her up and down with those knowing blue eyes of his, her nipples had responded as visible pointers to the attraction she felt towards him. He could have had her on any terms he cared to name. As it was he offered her a dream, working as his researcher in the esoteric archives they were creating and including her in every stage of this fascinating project. It was all so different to her past experiences, so exciting!

Reaching the apartment and safe from the lewd glances of carpenters, builders, plumbers and gods knew what other trades that were beavering away in almost every corner of the building Nayelli could relax a bit. Shucking off the tight jeans and pulling the equally tight sweater over her head, she paused in front of a full length mirror on her way to the bathroom. The shower was finally installed and working and she wanted to try it out. Both of their apartments, plus the spare one had only recently had their essential services completed and though they still needed decorating and furnishing properly, Stormbringer had wanted to move out of the hotel in which they had been staying. Here they could keep a more watchful eye on the buildingís progress. And here, she suspected, he knew they could have more freedom to make love without grumbles about the noise from neighbouring rooms.

Not that she was arguing! This was going to be home. She couldnít wait to get her stuff unpacked and make it her own. But for now, a shower in her very own bathroom would be enough to start with.

Nayelli looking at herself in the mirror

The image in the mirror held her attention though. A month ago she would never have considered wearing such lingerie. Would never have dared to go into a shop and buy it even; it made her look like something out of a high class erotic magazine. But since it was just how Stormbringer liked her to look, it was typical of what she now wore every day. If she wasnít completely naked under her clothes!

The heels added three inches to the height of that Nayelli in the mirror and displayed her shapely legs to advantage but it was the rest of the outfit! The bra made out of softest black leather did support her large breasts, even if they didnít need a lot of such help, being naturally firm. But that was about all it did. It certainly didnít hide anything and instead seemed expressly designed to display her tits to best advantage for a viewer. The layout of straps was surely intended to act as a frame highlighting the exposed portions of her breasts; an exposure which was centred on chocolate brown nipples with their circular areolae. They were pushed forwards into prominence by the garment, which was why they so often betrayed their position beneath her clothing. It didnít take a lot for Nayelliís large teats to perk up and with no underclothes to disguise them, they regularly could be seen dimpling the material of her sweater or blouse; something not unnoticed by the workers around the building. If those tradespeople had not been in some awe of Stormbringer, along with his obvious claim on the girl, she was sure she would have been hit on at least fifty times a day. As it was, she only had to endure their barely concealed staring.

Eyes drifted lower down the mirrored image of herself and she blushed. If the bra was provocative, the thong was almost non-existent. It too was designed to highlight rather than conceal, and since it comprised little more than an outline made of thin leather cords, it certainly did just that. The garment made no attempt to cover the soft curve of her mons or the split peach of her labia. Nor did it do anything from the rear except draw even more attention to the shapely half-moons of her ass. All in all, she might as well have been wearing a bootlace!

Stormbringer certainly liked it though. She remembered the first night they had gone out with her wearing this lingerie set. He had taken her to an expensive restaurant and they had sat side by side in a booth illuminated by candles, watching the other diners whilst eating oysters and drinking champagne. It had taken no more than fifteen minutes before the manís hand had dropped below the table and was sliding up her leg under the short skirt, insistently pressing her thighs apart while he continued to chat and eat as though nothing was happening.

She had been wearing nylons that day too; self-supporting sheer black stockings that fitted snugly to a point inches below her sex and she well remembered the contrast when his exploratory fingers had transitioned from smooth gossamer to the naked flesh of her inner thigh. It had been difficult to suppress a moan of anticipation at that moment, just as it was difficult not to give a vocal indication of the way the memory was affecting her right now. Eyes slitted, the girl leaned back against the opposite wall and continued to watch herself in the mirror. Those exposed nipples had sprung to immediate life as she relived the experience, thrusting forwards above the shelf of a bra like small thumbs. Nayelli idly brushed first one, then the other with her fingernails.

Stormbringer had not stopped there. Casually taking up his drink with the other hand, eyes laughing over the rim of the glass, he had continued to arouse her in the darkness under the table. Strong fingers made room for themselves to explore that soft naked flesh just below the juncture of her thighs, massaging small circles and aimless patterns which nevertheless seemed to edge gradually higher. Attempting to emulate the man, but with less success, Nayelli almost choked on an oyster when a questing fingertip found the velvet skin of her labia and began to trace the tightly closed slit up and down.

It could almost seem like watching someone else, or maybe the fingers that steadily tweaked Nayelliís nipples in the mirror were not attached to her own arms. Floating in daydreams there didnít seem to be any real connection between that mirror image and the way the young woman in the apartment was getting steadily more aroused by her memories. A hand dropped down to cup mirror-girlís sex, probing gently and Nayelli gave a low moan deep in her throat.

There was no question of stopping Stormbringer, of course. She never wanted to, loved the way he was so fixated by her physical charms and revelled in his frequent displays of desire. Thighs parted wider under the restaurant table, heedless of whether some diner or passing waiter would notice her odd stance. They all seemed too focused on their own activities though, heedless of what was happening. Fingertips explored Nayelliís swelling sex lips with the delicacy of a surgeon while above the table the man continued to make trivial conversation as though nothing was happening, lighting a cigar one-handed and puffing it to life with apparent single-mindedness.

Nayelli made little pretence of replying to his chat, finding it took all of her concentration to sit still, elbows firmly planted on the table top and fingers toying with a near empty wine glass, the blush mercifully concealed by dim lighting and teeth clamped shut to prevent herself from vocalising the moans of arousal that tried to escape. Out of sight though, the Native Americanís bottom was squirming on the soft chair. Blind fingers had adroitly pressed the lips of her sex apart and one of them was rubbing slow circles on the hood of her tumescent clitoris. Nayelli bit her lip to hold back the gasp of urgent need as another finger was added, trapping the aroused bud between them and wiggling from side to side.

Mirror-girl seemed to like that too. Nayelli watched her as she squeezed her exposed cunt with increasing desperation. The feelings were jolting through her own body too and she was dimly aware that this wasnít some event divorced from herself. Her body arched against the rough plaster covering the wall and her legs trembled as she watched her image play out this lewd display in the mirror, chest heaving and lips parted in excited lust.

Just at the point when Nayelli was sure she was going to give in to a screaming climax that would result in them being thrown out of the restaurant, Stormbringerís fingers withdrew from beneath her skirt. Muddled by aroused frustration the girl had to have his whispered instructions repeated twice before she could focus well enough to nod in understanding and acquiescence. Then she watched him stand up and walk to the back of the dining room, using the next few minutes in an attempt to quiet herself enough that she could follow him, threading between the tables without looking too obviously like a bitch in heat.

The corridor continued on past the restrooms just as her lover had told her it would and he was there waiting for her, round the corner next to the fire exit. It was there that Stormbringer took the girl, unzipping himself and then hoisting her up with her back against the wall to plunge into her well-lubricated depths without any further ceremony. Nayelli clawed at his back and bit down on the padded shoulder of his jacket to stifle the noise as he powered into her cunt again and again, hard deep strokes than slammed her ass against the wall with every thrust. It was all over in minutes that seemed to last hours, the woman convulsing into an overwhelming orgasm as his seed jetted up into her quivering snatch.

Nayelli sexes herself while remembering Stormbringer fucking her up against a wall

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That worked for mirror-girl too. Hips thrust forwards she rubbed harder and faster over her aching clit while other fingers clawed at one protruding nipple. Vaguely the real woman was aware that it was no more than an insubstantial reflection of how she was furiously frigging herself but the mirror and the memories merged into a confusing medley. Eyes closed she pushed her shoulders into the wall of the apartment imagining Stormbringer was there with her rather than just her mirror-sister.

Then somehow he was. His strong hands lifted her against this new wall, gripping her haunches and spreading her legs wide with his body as he pressed forwards and impaled her. Fully clothed, his chest squashed her breasts and the fabric of his jacket scraped against her ultra-sensitive nipples in a way that made her scream out her need; a need that was not going unrequited. A thick, hard cylinder of warm flesh drove deeper into her spasming cunt, stretching the tightness of that channel as it filled the Native American with its bulk. It was fully inside moments later, the manís groin grinding against her mons as he held her pinned there in a timeless moment of delayed lust.

Nayelliís hands grasped her employerís shoulders, half expecting to meet only the empty air of her imagination but it was substantial enough flesh that she encountered. Stormbringer had let himself into the apartment unnoticed minutes before and had watched the girl pleasuring herself until he had no option but to relieve his own excited arousal by joining in. It was pure coincidence that he was replicating their experience at the restaurant in the way he was using her pliant body, but it was a happy coincidence for all that. Nayelliís eyes fluttered open to meet his own with a trembling smile of welcome and then she closed them again to fully experience the feel of his body against hers and the slow thrusts which drove his shaft in and out of her honeyed channel.

Slower than the time in the restaurant, it was still over quite quickly. That level of arousal overtook any desire for finesse and replaced it with pure animal need. Nayelli had no reason to keep quiet and she didnít, wailing and moaning loudly until with a shriek of release that echoed through the building, her cunt gripped like a vice around Stormbringerís invasive cock and she shuddered into an overwhelming orgasm. It was enough to drive the man over the edge too, the grasping sleeve fluttering against his velvety shaft in a series of aftershocks which seemed designed to milk him of his load. With a groan he collapsed hard against his woman, his weight holding her pinned to the wall like a butterfly while his seed boiled up and spurted into her receptive body.

Long minutes later his softening cock slipped free and he released the girl who stood on shaky legs, hugging him against herself. The trickle down her inner thigh soon needed attention though and she tottered off to the bathroom while Stormbringer found a chair to collapse into.

ďAt least this time I donít have to walk back through a room full of people eating dinner,Ē Nayelli grinned, winking at her sister in the mirror as she disappeared from view.

Stormbringer looked blank and then mentally shrugged. Women were such funny creaturesÖ