Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Nayelli and Candice Visit The Cavern

Nayelli and Candice Visit The Cavern

Stormbringer poked his head around the door and found Nayelli exactly where he expected her, feet propped up on the reception desk and head buried in a heavy looking book about Native American myths. She seemed quite oblivious to the fact that this pose gave anyone entering the building a perfect view of deep red panties under the short denim skirt she was wearing. And no doubt she would blush madly if he made her aware of the fact, Stormbringer thought to himself with a grin.

Restraining the impulse, he contented himself by simply saying, “It’s time.”

Nayelli looked up from her book at his words and the man could swear he saw a gleam of anticipation in her warm brown eyes. Not by nature promiscuous, the young Native American woman put up with Stormbringer’s own habits while remaining content to share her body with him alone. Alone, that is, except for what happened during the monthly visits to the secret cavern hidden below this innocent seeming office block. The man who was both employer and lover had never made any promises to remain faithful and if she felt jealousy when he decided to make use of the gullibly amenable Candice, or more rarely, one of the visiting models, Nayelli kept that feeling well hidden and took what was given. After all, her man’s sex drive was such that she was never left frustrated. But these visits were the icing on that particular cake for her.

“You want me to wear…“ The blush that was so easily generated spread over honey colored cheeks and down under the top of the brief blouse she was wearing as she stood up. But Stormbringer also noted that lower down, the sheer material was suddenly studded by the unmistakable shapes of two dark brown nipples which had sprung to attention. No doubt the girl was either braless or wearing one of the extremely sexy garments he had picked for her; the ones that held her large orbs in prominence while leaving the nipples exposed for his touches. He smiled softly at that; the girl always dressed to please him as she did everything else. He was very much attached to his ‘little squaw’ and often thought that if she asked him, he might give up other women and perhaps even marry her. But she never did.

“Yes, put on that special costume. I sincerely doubt it was ever based upon any traditional Native American wear but it’s hellishly sexy.”

It was almost closing time so he waited while the girl locked the outside doors and then waited some more while she took the elevator up to the top level where she had her own apartment alongside those of himself and Candice. When she returned a few minutes later, Nayelli was wearing a loose fitting dress but he could see she had on the white boots beneath it and the arm bands covered her lower arms. The man was pleased to see she also had on the turquoise earrings and collar which set off so nicely against her tawny skin. There wasn’t an awful lot more to the costume and he felt his cock stirring in anticipation at how she would look.

“Ready?” he asked and she nodded silently.

Taking his woman by the hand, Stormbringer led her through the door of the admin area towards the rear of the building. She knew the way of course but it had become something of a ritual for them since their first exploration together, this holding of hands. He felt the grip tighten with surprise though when they approached the stairs leading down to the basement and she saw Candice apparently waiting for them. As indeed she was. “I’m ready, Mr. Stormbringer,” the busty pink-haired girl smiled brightly. As usual the tour guide for Erotic Illusions was dressed in a very revealing top and a short skirt. Both seemed at least a couple of sizes too small for her and it was a credit to whoever had made the garments that they managed to contain so much ripe flesh without bursting at the seams.

“We’re to have company then?” Nayelli tried to smile at the naïve girl in the best way she could.

“Yes, the Janitors inform me that our alien friend has asked to bring along a companion who wishes to experience a visit to the cavern. Apparently it… he… is rather important and after all, you only have so many entrances.”

If Candice had any idea what they were talking about she gave no indication, simply waiting patiently until someone told her what was needed. Stormbringer found it one of the girl’s more endearing, or useful, qualities that she seemed to accept almost anything as a requirement of her employment in the building. Certainly anything sexual at least, although the young woman continued to deny how much she always enjoyed the frequent erotic encounters she experienced, insisting they were simply something she had to tolerate as part of her job in customer liaison.

Stormbringer led the way down the steep concrete steps to the basement office where Nayelli did most of her research amongst the archives. This eclectic collection had nothing to do with the history of the business. Instead it covered every available book, newspaper article, magazine and printed internet page on subjects ranging from shamanism to alien abductions. A large part of the collection comprised Stormbringer’s own research spanning the years which had finally led him to this place. But since then Nayelli had been adding to it feverishly. She was also the only one who appeared confident there was actually a filing system amongst the shelves of what seemed to be randomly piled paper.

“It’s probably better if you get yourselves ready in here,” Stormbringer commented. “There’s nowhere to leave your clothes once we go through the doorway.” Candice looked suitably shocked at the implication they would need to disrobe, though such an activity could hardly be a surprise to her when Stormbringer was involved; or almost anyone else for that matter. The comment about the door confused the girl though, since the only one appeared to be that by which they had just entered.

It was no secret to Stormbringer that there was some rivalry between these girls for his attentions. And being a typical male in many respects, he was not displeased by that situation so long as it wasn’t translated into verbal demands and sulkiness. In fact, Candice and Nayelli, whilst well aware of each other’s existence had barely met each other up to this point. So whilst both girls made a show of not taking any notice of each other as they removed clothing and placed it on the nearest flat surface, they eyed each other up surreptitiously, while simultaneously trying to gain the focus of Stormbringer’s attention.

Nayelli looking very sexy in minimal Native American costume

Nayelli had the advantage at first because she had only one garment to remove and was able to display herself faster. Stormbringer whistled with appreciation as the white boots and arm bands with their tribal markings were fully revealed, along with the third item of the costume, a very brief thong of the same design. The dropped pendant of the turquoise collar seemed to draw attention to her high, firm breasts and make them into an offering to the gods of lust. But not to be outdone Candice, despite her air of innocence, was taking the opportunity of having more clothing in order to remove those items slowly and provocatively.

Never actually looking at her audience of two, the pink-haired girl started to strip. The top was unbuttoned slowly; its contents pushed forwards in an attempt at freedom, widening the deepening vee until the girl’s fingers unhooked the final restraint and her outstanding breasts settled with the barest minimum nod to gravity, making the garment hang in such a way that their inner slopes were revealed almost to the nipples. Then with an inspiring wiggle, Candice unzipped the short skirt so that it fell to the floor. It seemed the girl was quite prepared to drop her aura of reticence along with her clothing when challenged by another female and she positively oozed sex appeal as she bent forwards to unhurriedly pick up the garment pooled around her ankles.

Naturally this caused her ripe melons to hang down in a way she knew Stormbringer appreciated, the blouse giving up on any attempt to hide her charms which jiggled softly in time with the girl’s breathing. Nayelli blinked at the sight of such large and firm breasts; orbs that made hers look almost pert. But not to be outdone, she moved closer to her employer so that her hip brushed against his hand. By reflex, the man reached for the naked curve of firm ass which was inviting his touch and massaged it whilst watching Candice’ tits sway like some exotic swollen fruits.

Of course the pink haired girl was not slow to realise she was losing the initiative, so she straightened up again far more quickly than she had bent over. Skirt was consigned to a wooden chair along with a hastily removed blouse. They provided some padding as the girl sat down facing her companions and gradually rolled down her brief thong, hips jutting forwards so her bottom was barely supported by the edge of the seat and knees kept as wide as the filmy item of underclothing would allow. Stormbringer’s hand reflexively closed tighter on the firm hemisphere he was stroking, fingers edging into the cleft between Nayelli’s buttocks while he watched Candice display her slit with its little tuft of hair.

The man had always found it difficult to decide between them on appearance. Nayelli with her dark hair, honey gold skin and firm breasts surmounted by chocolate brown nipples. Then there was Candice, a pink and white confection with those unbelievable tits, their teats turning dusky red before his eyes as she heated up so easily. Eyes slid from one naked body to the other and back again before he once more decided not to decide, simply thanking the gods that he had access to two such gorgeous women.

But he was fast becoming determined not to let their rivalry gain any more momentum. It interfered with his enjoyment of them. With a crooked finger, he gestured Candice to come to his other side and placed a matching hand on her naked butt, feeling how similar both girls were in that department. Both had slim hips and small, tightly toned bottoms, just the way he liked them. They fit his hands nicely and he tightened the grips, using his superior strength to bring both girls around facing each other, close enough that their most outstanding assets were almost touching.

“There has been enough and more than enough of the childish jealousy,” he exclaimed in his low, deep voice. “You’re both very important to me and I’d hate to have to do anything drastic.” The pale blue of his eyes as they moved from one face to the other left both women in no doubt that he was serious and both shivered slightly at the thought of what could happen if they provoked his disapproval. There were fun punishments to be had and both of the girls had learned to enjoy a variety of such, ranging from spankings to delayed orgasm. But the male’s tone indicated that he might do something which didn’t involve sex at all and that was something neither wanted. Two loud gulps were followed by a unison of Yes Sir’s as the girls tried to put aside their rivalry, at least so far as it was visible.

Stormbringer nodded, not believing either of them but content that they might at least avoid any too obvious display of enmity. “Pinkie swearing is for young teenage girls,” the man continued. “But let’s try a more grown up version of it.” Both young women looked confused but soon had an answer when his hands slipped off their bottoms and around their waists, reaching upwards until he cupped a full breast in each hand, Nayelli’s in his left and the larger one of Candice in his right. Fingers curled around the taut flesh while his thumbs started to stroke over nipples already in a fair state of arousal.

It wasn’t strictly accurate, since although Candice had pink nipples, those of Nayelli were a dark brown in colour. But it was close enough for the purpose. It certainly got their attention anyway. Face to face with each other, the two girls were forced to either look into each others eyes, or look downwards to watch their teats being manipulated. “Now tell each other you’ll stop the jealousy,” Stormbringer instructed whilst tugging on both of the firm little ‘pinkies’ and both his assistants complied with some muttered words.

Candice was fastest to get aroused, her breasts visibly swelling and firming as her dusky pink nipples responded to the attentions, turning a deep, turgid red while they lengthened perceptibly. Nayelli wasn’t much further behind, though any reddish hue was caused more by the blush which swept across her upper chest. But that didn’t stop her deep brown nipples from growing to a size matching those of her competitor. Not immune to the powerful attraction of the bigger titted girl, something the Janitor’s experiments were indicating might be partly caused by an unusually strong level of pheromones present in the innocent young woman, the Native American was also the one to take the initiative. Reaching up hesitantly to Candice’ other breast, Nayelli lightly stroked the tip with her fingers, before growing bolder and giving it a tweak.

Candice squeaked with a half-hearted protest but that didn’t stop her breathing from growing more rapid. Nor did it delay her long from mirroring the action, hesitantly exploring the other girl’s own breast and then capturing an elongated teat between finger and thumb to twist it gently from side to side.

Stormbringer watched four fingers and four thumbs work four outstanding nipples to bursting point as the young women raised their eyes to each other, their pupils widened with lustful awakening and their naked breasts swollen heavily with arousal, rising and falling rapidly bare inches from each other. It was obvious that Candice and Nayelli were enjoying the experience as they excited each other’s sensitive tips alongside his own explorations and he was far from being unaffected by the sight himself.

The man never knew which of them was first to make use of their spare hand but it was certainly not long before both girls were running their fingers over the erected shape of his heavy shaft where it strained against his jeans. A knowing look passed between two pairs of female eyes as they continued to share the experience; then one of them was dragging his zipper down and the other was easing his cock out into the open air within the triangle of bodies. Teasing fingers fluttered over its throbbing length and the two young women giggled together, their lips meeting instinctively in a soft kiss.

Stormbringer let this continue a few minutes more, for his own entertainment as much as theirs, before gripping the sleek curves of both bottoms and mashing the girls together in an involuntary hug, tumescent nipples digging into the soft breast flesh of the other girl. “Ok, that was nice. Now let’s get moving,” he said in a voice rough with his own arousal. With his hands not too far from their cunts he could feel rising heat reaching his fingertips and he had to restrain himself from taking them both right there and then.

Working together, his two assistants stripped Stormbringer of his clothing until he was also naked. And if one of them, whilst kneeling to remove his jeans, took the opportunity to plant a slow kiss on his still erect shaft, the other took it in good grace and pressed her breasts against his chest when removing the shirt. There was a sense of harmony between the young women, as though they had moved beyond the insincere words and made some silent pact to share instead of fighting each other. This pleased the male no end and once again he thanked that lucky star which had led him to the current point in his life. He also pitied any other woman who tried to muscle in on this new-found accord, but he was content with what he had.

Before long, Nayelli was the only one wearing any clothing at all, though her erotic ‘Red Indian’ outfit did far more to accentuate than it did to conceal her body. Taking both girls by the hand, Stormbringer led them across the room to face a wall covered with shelves full of filing boxes. It was Nayelli who reached out to touch the hidden stud which caused the centre section to swing aside and reveal the hidden entrance to the underground cavern. Considerably widened since their first visit when they had needed to crouch and feel their way through a rough hole, Stormbringer and his Archivist were now able to walk through comfortably, accompanied by a wide-eyed Candice.

The pink-haired girl looked around in wonder, never having suspected the presence of such a place literally below her feet when she had walked through the tower building. “This is the … sort of battery … that powers all the unusual things you know about, Candice,” Stormbringer put it in the simplest words possible but in reality he was somewhat vague himself about how the erotic energy stored here was tapped to open those doors onto other worlds which were such a feature of the Tower and so useful to the writers and artists who worked there.

“And like a battery, it needs recharging every so often.” Nayelli joined in the conversation. Candice nodded and gave a dutiful ‘yes sir, yes ma’am’ though it was doubtful how much she actually heard. Within the ruddy light her eyes had already picked out the columns covered with erotic carvings and the young woman appeared to be mesmerised by them.

“Oh look!” she exclaimed. “There’s that … thing… that made me do all those naughty experiments last week.” Candice picked out one of the scenes. “And that one… I’m sure he… Oh and there’s one that looks just like Reo!” Pulling away from Stormbringer she ran to the nearest pillar and began to trace the raised figures with the tip of her finger, picking out a number of the more exotic ones in a series of reminiscences which caused her to blush even more vividly that Nayelli was wont to do. “And here…“, her eyes went back to the young Native American who was watching with a grin.

“Yes dear, they are my own ancestors. They created this place hundreds of years ago.”

“Oh my! Then that’s why you…” her eyes travelled across the costume which barely concealed more than the honey-gold girl’s sex.

“It’s not essential but Mr Stormbringer thought it would be fun to dress the part, though I don’t think it is very historically accurate,” Nayelli laughed.

“Maybe not, but it does fit in well.” By no means a dumb bimbo, despite her naivety, it didn’t take Candice long to draw conclusions. “Then this battery thingy gets recharged by us, I guess,” she continued. “Does it hurt?”

“Quite the opposite,” Nayelli replied and Candice nodded in reassured trust.

Stormbringer knew that the carvings played a very useful role in getting visitors into the right mood to face what was to follow. Perhaps that was why they had been created in the first place, as an introduction to the varieties of sexual encounters which must have taken place in this grotto. Of course, now that the office building had the doors installed by the Janitors, most of those meetings occurred in other parts of the building. But back when the cavern was created, everything would have taken place on the circle of black sand at the centre of the cave.

In his mind he could see the tribe gathered around the circumference, watching as their young women approached the altar from various points of the compass, each time stepping between two of the pillars. He wondered if there was some significance to the direction they took and if it influenced whatever they encountered inside that ring of columns. He also wondered what the tribe got out of it but thought it might have been a form of orgiastic ritual worship of the beings they deified. Perhaps just a few of the native girls went into the middle each time and the remainder of the tribe took part in a mass coupling whilst watching them. It seemed like a good enough reason to do it.

Stormbringer’s member was stirring to life again at the mental image so he collected up Candice and led both girls around the outside of the arena, choosing a pillar that seemed to have more tentacled beings than anything else. Not sure what the second visitor would be like, he figured it was probably going to be of the same race as his usual contact so that group of carvings would set the scene. The dim red light flickered over the column, seeming to imbue the figures with life and causing them to writhe in an endless orgy where girls were held in a variety of positions by hideous monsters that used their sinuous tentacles to achieve multiple penetrations.

With an arm around each girl’s waist, Stormbringer roved his eyes over the figures, his shaft firming up as he looked. Normally more a doer than a watcher, he still got a vicarious pleasure from the times he had brought Nayelli down here, as well as his introducing of Candice to her first alien encounter. Of course he didn’t always just watch and even if he did, there was always an opportunity to release his pent-up emotions with the girl after she had recovered somewhat from the experience. So it was all good and his weighty cock swung to the upright in anticipation.

Nor were his assistants untouched by the images their gaze feasted upon. He could feel them shifting against his body on either side as they shivered and squirmed in their own returning arousal and his hands dropped lower to slowly stroke twin sex mounds, Candice’ with its little pelt of hair and Nayelli’s carefully shaved mons through the thin material of her thong. A sigh and a low moan rewarded his attentions which he continued slowly. It wouldn’t do to use up either girl before the main event; just keeping them close to boiling was his intention.

None of the trio looked at each other, all of them caught up in the magic of the carved figures. But Stormbringer was aware in the periphery of his vision that both girls were massaging their own breasts and tugging on their nipples continually. He wondered for a moment why they seemed to only want to use a single hand to do it but that question was answered very quickly when he felt a set of fingers stroke across each of his thighs and find their way to where his cock jutted forwards. Those blindly seeking fingers entwined briefly then seemed to come to some accord. One hand curled around the upper part of his shaft and began to unhurriedly work his foreskin back and forth; the other dropped lower, fondling his tight ball sac.

As Stormbringer worked his hands across the curves of each mount of Venus, edging inside the minimal covering of Nayelli’s panties, his fingertips brushed over the tops of slits which were still partly closed over their owner’s clitorises. As if on cue, both girls simultaneously shifted their stance, legs parting so that he could gain easier access as his fingers roamed lower, massaging swollen sex lips in rhythm with the smaller hands that continued to work over his prick. The scent of arousal lay heavily in the air, a prelude and perhaps a summoning to those visitors who would shortly turn up. It took a lot of restraint on the man’s part not to escalate events but fortunately the word pictures soon arrived in his mind and he knew his contact had appeared.

“I see you brought an extra girl along; one who seems unusually receptive to stimulus.”

“Well you sent a message that you would have company and it sounded like the boss was in town so I wanted to make sure he had a good time.”

“Boss? Ah yes, not so far off the mark.” An image passed into Stormbringer’s mind that wouldn’t quite translate. It seemed like a cross between a high priest and the president of a large company with a bit of hive queen thrown in. “Yes, the ‘boss’ is checking up on us, as you would say.”

“Well I’m sure he’ll find Candice is perfect for a spot of recreational activity.”

“Your thought impressions don’t always quite match my social concepts but I believe we are in accord on that. Perhaps I might recreation with her myself at some future time. Not that I have any complaints about the lovely Nayelli but…”

“A little variety is always pleasurable?”

“Exactly, and the ‘boss’ is here now. Would you prepare the entertainment please?”

“Certainly,” and only just in time, Stormbringer thought to himself; his cock could only take so much of those insidious fingers before he lost control of it..

Withdrawing his hands from their own explorations he patted both girls on the bottom and tilted his head towards the central area. Nayelli caught on at once, making her way with some eagerness towards the circle of black sand from which the low, red lit and pulsing X of an altar grew organically from the ground. Then she stopped and looked back at Stormbringer. “We’re not both going to fit at once. Do we go in turns, Sir?”

“No dear, the Janitors have arranged a rope that will hold you so you can stand astride Candice while she is lying on the platform. That way you’ll both be accessible and you won’t have to worry about falling down if it all gets a bit too much.”

The pink haired tour guide, who had been standing to one side looking rather lost, brightened up on hearing those words. “That means we’ll sort of be keeping each other company while we recharge the battery thing? That’s so nice. I’m usually left on my own with a bunch of strangers.”

Nayelli nodded sympathetically. “I’m sure we can fix it so we can see each other,” she replied. “It will be something to share.”

Nayelli hangs from the ropes with her tits thrust out

Stormbringer nodded amiably, following behind Nayelli with his hand on Candice’ ass to guide her across the black sand to the altar. Once there, he eased her into position, lying on her back upon the spongy surface of the horizontal cross and using the golden cuffs to secure the girl’s wrists and ankles so that she mirrored the X shape of her support. Nayelli then hopped up onto the low platform and stood facing her companion, waiting obediently while Stormbringer looped the thick rope around her wrists and tightened it so that she could stand comfortably with her arms stretched upwards, hands gripping the cord for extra support.

The man then withdrew just outside the sandy area and leaned against one of the pillars where he would have a good view of what was going to happen. The sight of his assistants displayed in such an erotic pose was enough to keep his cock erect and he idly stroked the smooth shaft from time to time, eyes wandering over first one girl’s body then the other.

He didn’t have long to wait.

“I thank you for the hospitality you have arranged.” The word pictures had a subtly different feel to them from the familiar ones of his contact and Stormbringer assumed that this was the important visitor contacting him.

“It’s an honour that you choose to recognise our work here,” he replied in similar fashion. Then he saw the first tentacles wavering into view as they emerged from the shadows at two points of the circle almost opposite where he was stationed. It always seemed that the visitors kept a distance away from wherever he happened to be, although whether they preferred that placement or it was just coincidence, he didn’t know. What he did know was that he liked it that way. Watching the visitors in action was easier if he didn’t have to wonder whether one of those tentacles might come his own way. A bisexual alien wasn’t something he cared to experiment with.

“No danger of that,” the thoughts of his friend drifted across his mind like laughter. “We have no more interest in such a thing than you. So it works better for everyone this way.”

Then there were no more distractions. His mind and the cavern itself were quiet and still; so quiet that he easily heard the small gasp of surprise when the first tendril made contact with Candice’ calf and slithered slowly up her leg. This was soon followed by another, rather louder exclamation when the pink-haired girl raised her head, seeing the net of tentacles stretching towards the altar. Along with Stormbringer, she watched them come closer, some alighting on her own limbs and others curling around the upright figure of Nayelli. Then her head dropped back onto the cushioned support and she seemed to lock eyes with the Native American girl who was looking down in her direction.

Stormbringer noted that though similar, it was fairly easy to distinguish the two sets of appendages. The familiar purplish ones of his contact coiled around Nayelli, wrapping around her waist and thighs as though for support as they explored. The others, with a somewhat greenish hue all landed on Candice’ body, inching across her horizontal curves and moving upwards from the area of her ankles until they reached their goals.

It was quite a sight. Something like eight or ten tentacles were crawling over each girl’s body, seeming to ripple as they used some form of muscular contraction to move themselves forwards. The green ones appeared to be more hesitant and Stormbringer wondered if this was the first time for the new visitor. Perhaps they were moving by instinct or perhaps his regular contact was guiding his ‘boss’ mentally.

Stormbringer watches Cancice and Nayelli being tentacle-fucked

This picture created by Edgar Rocha for Stormbringer Enterprises
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The purple ones moved with some assurance over Nayelli’s upright form, exploring her cute ass and climbing to the jutting mounds of heavily swollen breasts where they coiled around and slid across the nipples. Matching their movement, the green ones glided over the prone form of Candice. Several found their way under her body in the area of her bottom; others located the hillocks of upthrust of shapely tits and circled them in a similar manner. Both girls were reacting to these investigations as the smooth tendrils aroused their bodies, slipping easily across taut flesh and contracting around the sensitive mounds of engorged breasts so the flesh bulged between their spiral coils.

Stormbringer’s hand was more often on his shaft as he watched the activity. He could clearly hear both of the girls whimpering with anticipation and even in that dim light, could see that tentacles, unable to get a grip on the nipples were still doing enough to cause all four to jut with swollen arousal. Candice and Nayelli moved in an unconscious dance of writhing pleasure, their gaze dragging across the body of the other girl and seeing alien actions which mirrored the sensations they were themselves experiencing. From time to time their eyes met in an expression of shared intimacy and camaraderie.

Before long, Candice’ bottom was pushed up off the altar in a silent demand for more and Nayelli was almost losing her footing as her hips swayed from side to side in similar need. Perhaps the aliens responded to those movements; perhaps they reacted to the sex scent that permeated the cavern. Or maybe they were just ready. For whatever reason, the two young women were not kept waiting long. Tentacles which had been sliding over thighs and bottoms gained new purpose and dived between widespread legs. Stormbringer was almost sure he could hear the twin squelches as those questing tendrils thrust themselves into eagerly waiting orifices and began to pump in and out with a steadily increasing rhythm.

It was almost beyond his self-restraint for Stormbringer to hold back from bringing himself off as he watched the two ripe, firm bodies thrash about in orgasmic abandon, heads whipping from side to side, hair flying in swaying clouds as the girls howled with unrestrained animal lust under the assaults. Nayelli hung from the rope, having given up any thought of standing on the altar, he legs held open by her alien assailant while he drove multiple appendages up into the spasming holes of her cunt and ass. Candice arched upwards within her restraints, supported only at her shoulders and feet as she lifted her hips high to receive similar penetrations. Bodies gleamed with sweat and breasts bobbed in wildly erratic patterns while the underground cave was rocked by a series of squeals and grunts which signified an ongoing series of climaxes that wracked both slender victims. Stormbringer dug his nails into his palms to hold back from grasping his massively turgid prick and releasing the pressure in his aching balls.

Suddenly the greenish tinted tentacles withdrew from Candice and disappeared back into the shadows. The pink haired girl twisted from side to side in her restraints, almost crying with frustration at their abrupt withdrawal. “It was all a bit much for him but he’s left feeling very happy,” Stormbringer’s contact communicated with a mental shrug. “So I was wondering if you would mind me recreationing Candice myself.”

“Not if you leave Nayelli for me,” Stormbringer shot back, standing upright and bounding across the cavern.


With that it was Nayelli’s turn to whimper at the sudden withdrawal of pleasure as the purple tentacles left her body and began to work over Candice with a degree of urgency. The prone girl reacted quickly to the new invaders, easily regaining the heights of arousal from which she had been so unceremoniously dumped, barely aware of Stormbringer climbing up astride her body and taking hold of Nayelli by the backs of her thighs.

There was no thought of foreplay. Stormbringer guided the Native American’s sleek honey coloured limbs around his waist and shifted his hands onto her ass, lifting her hips up high enough to drive her down onto the impaling shaft of his iron hard cock which slid in easily alongside her displaced thong. Brown eyes fluttered open momentarily with a look of love and gratitude, then closed again as the young woman abandoned herself to being used by her employer. Fingers dug into the fleshy mounds of her bottom for grip and she was easily lifted up and down on Stormbringer’s thick manhood, each penetration driving the turgid tool completely inside her welcoming body.

Looking over her shoulder, Stormbringer had his first close-up view of how an alien took the female offering placed on this altar. A whole series of slim tentacles had worked their way into Candice’ cunt and ass, stretching both entrances in what looked like it should have been a painful experience; it obviously wasn’t though, as the pink haired girl continued to buck against those thrusting tendrils in the spastic rhythm of uncontrollable arousal. It was a dance mirrored by Nayelli, who was arching her body against his own, head thrown back and hips flexing and relaxing in her demands for more, faster, harder.

Stormbringer was happy to comply, fingers digging deep into ass flesh and two digits finding their way to easily embed themselves into the girl’s anus, already opened up by the alien who was now using Candice. It couldn’t last long though. The man was too aroused by everything that had happened. So it was perhaps fortunate that Nayelli was ready for one final, body-wrenching orgasm to finish herself off. The young woman’s guttural cries were mirrored by Candice, who was apparently at the same stage. Then both were joined by the deeper voice of Stormbringer as he lost control, his long-restrained seed boiling upwards into the spasming sleeve that wrapped his shaft in a grip of iron and velvet while the entire trio gave themselves up to mind-shattering orgasms.

When they all became aware of their surroundings again, the alien had discreetly withdrawn, his purpose completed, leaving the humans alone in the cavern. It took the last reserves of Stormbringer’s strength to lift the limp body of his Archivist down from the rope which had supported her, then they both worked Candice’ bonds free and collapsed with the still-quivering girl into a companionable heap of interlinked limbs. Finally they recovered enough to drag themselves out of the cave, pausing only to close the concealing doorway and gather up their clothes. Not bothering to dress, Stormbringer supported a girl on either arm through the building to the lift and up to the penthouse level where they all collapsed again in his gigantic bed.

It had been a very successful visit in more ways than one.