Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - The Birth of SBE

The Journey Begins

With thanks to Tarosk for providing the inspiration


“So why is this place so cheap?” Stormbringer looked around himself. They were standing outside a very modern, very well appointed self-contained office block situated just within the prime business district of that city. Other buildings in the same neighbourhood that he had looked at for reference were half the size for twice the money.

The realtor was too young and too pretty to have acquired that patina of cynicism necessary to be truly successful in her line of work. Or perhaps she just relied on her cupids bow mouth and swelling braless breasts to divert potential customers away from her lack of experience. At any rate, she had the grace to blush and stammer when the man was obviously not going to be put off with generalizations.

“Well really, Mr… errr… Mr Stormbringer, it's nothing but a silly superstition.” The blush deepened as his eyes roamed over the thin top she was wearing. Really! This guy was too much! He didn't even pretend he wasn't looking at her chest and she was painfully aware that the cold wind had caused her nipples to harden perceptibly. It had to be the wind, of course. Not the overpowering presence of her potential customer. Yes, it was definitely the wind! Nothing else would make her peaks stand up like that. And this would all be a dead loss anyway. That was why they sent her to show people round this damn place! She was the junior and everyone knew that the building was unsaleable. Even if someone made an offer, they changed their minds as soon as they started hearing the stories.

Dratted wind and dratted office and dratted customer asking awkward questions and looking at her with those pale blue eyes of his! “Would you like to see inside, sir?” Out of the wind and somewhere to take his eyes away from her chest and her blushing, she meant; so she could regain her composure and see out the rest of this charade before heading off. It was the last appointment of the day and Nayelli needed to get home; needed to try to think of a good way to explain to the finance company why she was late with her payments yet again.

Nayelli waiting and looking sexy in a tight top with no bra

The reason she was late was basically because she was too young and too nice to sell real estate. She didn't make her commissions and bonuses often enough. But that wasn't something she could use as an excuse even if she had been aware the job really didn't suit her. Thinking about it creased her brow, though the frown did little to mar an attractive face whose bronzed skin and high cheek bones complemented the long blue-black hair of her Native American heritage. It just gave the girl's appearance an intensity which caused Stormbringer to look even closer. The man already knew more about this building than he was willing to reveal. But the way this meeting was progressing seemed to be moving beyond coincidence. Not necessarily one to believe in predestination, he had the unusual feeling of being swept along on the tides of destiny.

They stepped through the entranceway and into a large reception area which still contained much of its original furniture. It looked almost brand new although the potted plants were showing definite signs of neglect and appeared on the verge of expiring. “The previous owners spared no expense on decoration before they… errr… decided to relocate,” Nayelli was getting into her sales pitch now they were out of the wind and those compelling eyes no longer mentally undressed her. “I'm sure they would be amenable to some suitable offer which included all the contents as well as the building itself.”

The tour took some time as the pair explored the various floors of the building, with its array of offices and other facilities. Everywhere the signs indicated that very little had actually been removed by whoever had worked there before. Only the faint traces where computers had once stood or half-open filing cabinets gaping emptily betrayed the fact that these rooms had ever been a working office. It was almost eerie, like looking around a film set when its purpose had been accomplished and the actors had all gone home.

Finally they arrived back in the foyer. “So there you are Mr. Stormbringer,” Nayelli finished off her spiel brightly. “I'm sure a perceptive man such as you,” she blushed brightly remembering his perceptiveness regarding her chest. “Err… a perceptive man such as you would recognise that this is a unique opportunity to acquire a prime piece of real estate, fully fitted and at a remarkably low price.”

Stormbringer cocked his head slightly to one side as he tended to do at such moments. “There's no basement then?” he asked innocently.

The blush intensified and expanded down under the neckline of Nayelli's top. It looked rather attractive on her tawny skin. “Errr… I believe there is but I'm afraid I… I don't have a key for that area. I'm sure it doesn't contain anything of importance though,” she stammered.

“Really?” Stormbringer looked around but couldn't help noticing the furniture all had a thin film of dust upon it from neglect. It wouldn't do to sit down whilst wearing his business suit. “I noticed a coffee shop across the road. That would be a better place to go over the details.” Without waiting for her response, he turned and headed out of the door. Someone who was used to having his suggestions followed without question. And someone who could probably be justified in that assumption, Nayelli reflected as she obediently followed his broad back. Her nipples were unaccountably hard again even though she hadn't yet got out into the chilly air.

Ensconced in a quiet corner of the café with a pot of coffee and a tray of cakes, Nayelli felt on safer ground. Rummaging around in her briefcase the young woman extracted a sheaf of papers which she placed on the table between them at an angle, so both could read at the same time. The asking price, the freehold status, a suggested addition for fittings, options for financing should it be needed, city zoning regulations and all the other trivia; everything was there in exquisite detail and highlighted to prominence with green marker. By this girl herself, Stormbringer guessed.

“So there you have it, Sir. What do you think?”

Stormbringer took a sip of his coffee and then fixed the young real estate agent with a certain intensity of gaze. “You were going to explain about the superstitions…” He left that hanging in the air between them.

“Oh that's really nothing… some silly rumours… impressionable people… old tales to frighten children…” Nayelli hunted for a way out, mentally cursing herself for having said too much while she was flustered by this man and his eyes boring through clothing to expose her unruly nipples. Why hadn't she worn a bra? She usually did when meeting clients even though it wasn't needed to support her large breasts.

The man sighed and pushed back his chair as though preparing to leave. “Unless you're ready to cut out this BS impersonation of a saleswoman on steroids, I think we're through here,” he said with some force.

Nayelli wilted. Even though there was no real hope of selling the damned place, she had the natural optimism of youth and there was still that phone call to the finance company hanging over her head. “Oh no! I mean, yes Sir, you're the boss. The customer is always right. I'm sorry. Please… please stay and let us start again,” she begged. Stormbringer drew back to the table, never having really intended to leave anyway. He simply wanted to assess how important this sale was to the young Native American woman. Now he knew.

“Let me help you out,” he said in a more kindly tone now that his dominant position was established. “Previous businesses have found it incredibly difficult to retain staff. People leave even when they don't have new jobs to go to and they make the most pathetic excuses for doing so. Companies owning the building continually need to hire new employees and train them, so very little productive work gets done. Consequently they either cut their losses and move, or they go bankrupt.” He knew more than that but he wanted to hear the rest from her in case there were gaps in that knowledge.

“Yes Sir,” Nayelli nodded miserably. Though really, she thought, it was better to get it all out in the open than return home with the false hope of a commission check that would solve all her problems. Lay all the cards on the table and then they could pack up and call it a day. Maybe she could get an evening job waiting tables until she became more successful at selling properties.

Stormbringer sat patiently. “There's not too much more I can tell you, Sir” the girl continued. It seemed remarkably easy to call the man ‘sir' even though it was a term she used very infrequently with anyone else, even her boss. “Those who leave their jobs refuse to give a proper explanation. They just talk about feeling uncomfortable there, or say the place seems creepy and they can't sleep at nights without having bad dreams. Some even claim to have seen ghosts! So I did some research when I took over the account.” This was stretching the truth as most of the research had been done by a previous realtor before he had lost hope of selling the building and delegated it down the chain. But she had read his notes and done a bit of probing for herself, so it was only a little white lie.

“What I found was that this particular piece of land has a rather remarkable history.” Stormbringer was listening very intently now. This was what he wanted to hear confirmed by her. “It appears that before the first settlers arrived, it had been used for centuries by the tribal shamans as a place they regarded as highly spiritual. Somewhere they could commune with their gods and even be transported to another plane of existence for a time. Then of course the colonists arrived and they founded their original settlement over by the river. For some years everyone lived in peace until… well you know the history of how my people were removed to reservations…” Stormbringer nodded sympathetically as though he had some personal involvement with what had happened, such as the girl appeared to feel. With a wistful sigh she carried on. “The settlement grew larger and prospered from the fur trade until it became a sizeable town. It was about that time when the puritans started to make their mark in Salem and other places. This town didn't gain the same notoriety but if anything the witch trials here were even more savage. Records were destroyed or suppressed some time afterwards, once the hysteria died down but the best estimates state that up to 50 young women were put to death for consorting with demons. And every one of those satanic visitations took place right across the street there on the land where that building now stands; the land previously held sacred by my ancestors.”

 It was a relief to get this entire thing out in the open and not to need to pretend any more. Easier too as the man seated across from her was a good listener and wasn't laughing at what she told him. Nayelli hurried on, “Time passed and the town expanded to a small city. This area was still a discreet distance away from where anyone lived, so someone decided it would be a good place to establish a… a house of ill repute.” The outdated phrase sounded oddly quaint coming as it did from someone so young. “The… err… house was built right there over the road, as near as I can make out, on that same location. Anyway, it did quite well I believe but at some time about a hundred years ago it suffered a disastrous fire and was burned to the ground. Again the records are surprisingly incomplete but reading between the lines it could be taken that the fire was no accident and may have been incited by a band of townswomen who felt their husbands were enjoying the facilities rather too well.”

Nayelli swallowed some coffee, to clear her throat. “The ruin remained there untouched until about thirty years ago, though it retained a reputation for being haunted and was mostly only visited by university students and other teens who dared each other to spend a night there. That led to some strange stories as you can imagine. Meanwhile the city continued to expand until it was edging into this area and a developer bought up this entire tract to establish a commercial centre.  And that's all really. Oh, one of the more nutty types I talked to went on about a convergence of ley lines, whatever they are. But I really don't put much faith in those New Age types with their Japanese bells and Sioux dream catchers. Anyway, the building you have just looked around was one of many constructed at the same time but it is the only one that has experienced any problems.”

She sighed and sat back. “So there you have it. People probably hear the old stories and their imaginations get to working overtime because they believe there is some sort of curse on the building. And now I've told you all that, you can call in the office tomorrow and get a list of the other properties we have on our books.”

 “Not so fast.” Intently gathering up her papers, the words surprised Nayelli to the extent she almost knocked her cup off the table.

“But… but if you buy it you'll just end up with the same staffing problems everyone else has had. And then…” Stormbringer fixed the girl with that compelling gaze again and she was silent, pinned into her seat by the effortless, perhaps even unintentional way he so easily dominated her actions. The silence lasted for several minutes until the man spoke again.

“So, you believe those stories are silly superstitions? For my part, I'm always looking for a good bargain. Well they don't come much better than that building at the price being asked and I have a feeling even that low fee is negotiable.” A returning blush answered the implied question without anything needing to be said. “Well then, let's make a deal, you and I. Tomorrow night we'll pretend to be university students. You check out the keys and meet me here again and we'll both spend the night across the road there.” He held up a hand to forestall an objection half formed. “If I find anything I don't like from those ghosts I'll walk away but I'll pay you $1000 as a consultancy fee. And if I don't find anything too awful, I'll buy the place and make sure you get credit for the sale. How about that, Miss Realtor?”

The automatic refusal never quite made it to Nayelli's lips. A thousand dollars would keep the finance company happy for another couple of months at least. But if he actually bought the dratted place… well cheap was relative and even a cheap office building of that size would give her a commission check big enough to clear her debts and assess her future; one which she was increasingly certain didn't lie in the field of property sales. And if he wanted to get her alone and this was just some elaborate ploy… well, Nayelli was honest enough to admit that under other circumstances he might not have to try too hard in that direction. She was a modern enough woman to know this compelling male could probably get her into bed just by taking her out for a meal and looking at her in that oddly intent way again.

 So was she scared by the rumours about that place? Heck no! Well maybe some, but not a thousand dollars scared anyway. “I'll do it,” she declared with sudden decisiveness.

The sudden smile lit up his blue eyes like a summer sky. “Good girl! But since we're to be partners in crime, would you tell me your name?”

“Nayelli, Sir.”

“Oh I love you too, honey. But what's your name?”

Good lord… the man even knew enough of the language of the Plains Indians to know that her name meant, literally ‘I love you'!

“No… that's my... I mean…” he was openly laughing now but in a nice way; teasing her, she realised. For the umpteenth time she felt her cheeks flush.

“Well perhaps it would have been more appropriate if your parents had named you Makkitotosimew.” But it was said with such a disarming charm as he stood up ready to leave that Nayelli couldn't quite take offence to it. Makkitotosimew – she who has large breasts! The blush must have reached her toes, even though it was accurate and the man had already turned towards the exit.

“And you… what do I call you, Sir?”

“Oh, just Stormbringer,” the reply floated over his shoulder. “Or Sir…” With that he was gone and Nayelli was committed to joining the guy on his eccentric plan for the following night. Well, she could just not turn up, but deep inside she knew she would be there and not for the money alone.


Nayelli is in the cafe already, looking sexy in low cut jeans and a tight sweater

Nayelli was sitting in the same place the next night when Stormbringer arrived. Almost she might never have moved except that she was now wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, with a padded jacket thrown across the next chair in case it got cold. The outfit pretty much mirrored the man's own attire except that she was wearing modern low-rise hipster jeans of the type that seemed to barely reach above the pubis and which would certainly expose the top of her ass from the rear. The style was immensely popular even though very few women could wear jeans like that and look good in them. This girl was one of those few.

“All set, Nayelli?”

“So long as you don't call me that other name again,” the girl grinned. Now that she had gone this far she was on something of a high. It was almost like being with her friends in high school again, plotting some prank. And of course, if it came off, it was also the answer to her financial prayers. Top that with the fact this guy was something of a hunk, even if he could be a bit scary and she couldn't mix business with pleasure. But still… maybe after it was all over… her nipples stirred and this time she admitted it wasn't the wind.

“I got the keys,” she confided as Stormbringer sat down and beckoned the waitress over. “I didn't say we'd be there all night of course but some of the guys in the office made rather rude remarks about me wanting to use the place for…” The familiar blush said it all. “Anyway,” she recovered, “to get even I made them promise to give me a ten thousand dollar bonus as well as the regular commission; that is, if you do buy the place and get the loan and everything.”

“Good girl! That was a smart way to get your own back on them! But if I do buy it there won't be any loans. It will be a simple cash payment.” Nayelli stifled a gasp. Even at its ridiculously low price, the property ran well into seven figures. This guy was really something else! She hoped he wasn't living in a fantasy world; was sure somehow that he was for real. Maybe she would have to suggest dinner herself afterwards, if he didn't, she thought, before mentally kicking herself for being so mercenary.

The waitress arrived and Stormbringer insisted they both eat well before setting off. So it was almost 11pm when, after a meal Nayelli remembered more for the laughter and light banter than for whatever it was she consumed, the pair crossed the road and entered the darkened building. “Lock the doors again,” Stormbringer instructed. “We don't want a beat cop thinking we're burgling the place.” Nayelli complied at once. She realised that following this man's orders was something she found very easy to do. “No lights for the same reason,” he added, so the young woman edged her way back towards him in a near darkness broken only by street lights shining through the windows.

“Let's go exploring,” Stormbringer suggested in a light tone. “We have to give the ghosts a fair chance, after all.” It seemed natural when he took the girl's hand in his own and guided her through the darkened spaces as they retraced the route they had taken the previous day. The empty building was far more eerie and, yes, creepy at night than it had been in daylight but Nayelli felt oddly reassured by the large hand which enfolded her own smaller one. Even when she brushed against a whiteboard, knocking it off its easel with a clatter that sounded quite out of proportion for its size, she only felt her heart hammering for a minute before calming down again.

It was quite obvious Stormbringer must have had very good night vision as well as a quick memory for a place he had only visited once before. Unerringly he led the girl on a comprehensive tour of the upper floors and back to the lobby area where he had left a small bag containing a flask of coffee and two cups. The reception desk provided a useful table and he poured out the steaming liquid before the two adventurers perched themselves upon its wooden surface and companionably sipped. It was immediately apparent to Nayelli that the drink was laced with some potent liqueur that slid down easily and warmed her belly in a very satisfactory manner.

“Now,” Stormbringer spoke quietly and the young woman tensed, knowing what was coming. “No ghost so far but there is still one place we haven't visited.” The thing she had been dreading. Surely if there was anything in those stories then a spooky basement in the middle of the night was exactly where it would manifest itself. But she had come too far to back out now and it was useless to pretend she didn't have the key yet again. With a shaky hand, she passed it over to the man.

It was small and prosaic looking, that key, nestling inoffensively in the man's large hand. She had often wondered where it led but curiosity had never quite peaked enough to overcome fear of the unknown. So Nayelli had never tried it in that padded door behind the janitor's office. Now she was going to find out just what was down there whether she wanted to or not. She was 99% sure that particular equation shaded rather a long way into ‘not' but Stormbringer was already on his feet and moving as though he knew the way. The young woman had to hurry to catch up and her hand crept into his like a child looking for reassurance.

There were no theatrical squeals of unoiled hinges; no hysterical peals of maniacal ghostly laughter. The door simply swung open before them. Stormbringer stepped forwards eagerly. Though Nayelli had no way of knowing it, this moment was the culmination of years of research on his part. Research into thousands of different folk tales, hauntings and UFO sightings, culled from a hundred different libraries before the Internet made such data more readily available. It had taken a long time to narrow down from the possible to the probable, from the outlandish fantasy to the consistently understated. The result had been five different locations on three continents but the other four had already failed to provide what he sought. It was now or never.

The girl's hand tightened against his to remind him of the coincidences which threatened to take control. A building with a long history of strange sexual events, one of five such in the world, was for sale at a price he could afford. It was built on an old Native American sacred site established where dragon lines crossed and it was shown to him by a young woman who seemed to be a descendant of that same tribe. Her appearance indicated some minor mixing of other races in Nayelli's heritage but for whatever reason, predominate genes or genetic throwback, the girl could have put on a buckskin dress and looked completely at home on this land three hundred years ago. And now, because she needed the money desperately, she was here beside him at the crucial moment when he knew he would need a nubile female if his hopes were realised. It was the sort of confluence that he had to play down in his mind in case it resulted in false optimism. After all, if his theories were correct there was no supernatural entity guiding his path like that sexy bitch who led Johnny Depp onwards in the movie The Ninth Gate; something he had watched on hotel cable the previous night. There was no reason at all why there should be any sort of portents to raise his hopes. But that sense of destiny was still there in the back of his mind, quickening his step across the threshold.

Plain concrete steps led downwards into darkness; a lot of steps. Stormbringer switched on a small torch he had thoughtfully pocketed before setting out. It did enough to light their way but little to dispel the shadows which seemed to Nayelli to hover all around them with some malevolent purpose. She let go of the man's hand and linked her arm into his for comfort, pressing close so that he was very aware of the soft bulk of her left breast bumping against his arm with every step. The room was large but nowhere near as large as the building above it. It was also unusually tall. The ceiling rose well beyond the limits of their feeble light when it was pointed upwards; as expected really with the inordinate number of steps they had needed to descend.

Stormbringer grimaced with frustration. He had followed the wall around the entire perimeter and criss-crossed the floor. There was nothing here. But then, why was the room so small? And why was it so tall? It didn't seem to make a lot of sense. With a frown he set off following the walls again but this time knocking on the rough surface with his knuckles. About half way around the sound changed subtly. Instead of a flat response there seemed to be a hint of hollowness and it carried on like that for several yards before returning to normal. Hopes rose again. Experimentally the man wrapped a handkerchief around his fist and hit the wall harder. It quivered. He kicked it ignoring what that did to the sneakers he was wearing. It quivered more.

Nayelli watched in amazement, refusing to let go of his arm but not too convinced the man she clung to was fully sane.

Stormbringer kicked again, harder and his foot abruptly disappeared from sight, causing him to hop awkwardly to avoid falling over. His companion gasped and stepped back to give him both hands free to extricate himself from the hole he had created. It was obvious once both feet were back on the ground and the torch was brought into play. Instead of a solid wall, an entire section was simply boarded off and covered with a cement skim so that it matched in with the other walls. Stormbringer tore at the flimsy covering eagerly until he had a decent sized opening. Then he turned to Nayelli and put his arm around her back, firmly guiding her so that she would step through the hole first.

“This is why we are here,” he stated casually, but his eyes shone with excitement. The sense of destiny touched Nayelli too at that moment, prickling the hairs on the nape of her neck. Somehow she had known this would not be just about the money; not even just about this man and her attraction towards him. She nodded nervously and bent to cross the threshold of fate.


Stormbringer was not far behind, easing through the hole quickly and eagerly. But once inside he stopped in amazement, standing beside Nayelli and looking around. Dim reddish light provided a scant illumination which improved as their eyes became more accustomed to it. The place appeared to be a large cavern hollowed out of solid rock. The floor was rough and rather uneven and the ceiling was still invisible high above them. But what the pair was most aware of were the pillars. Whoever had chipped out this grotto had apparently left a series of thick columns intact so they formed a circle in the middle of the floor. But unlike the floor itself, these pillars were not roughly hewn. Each one had been meticulously carved into glorious pieces of artwork.

Slipping his arm around the girl's waist, Stormbringer moved closer to the nearest one. The style was not dissimilar to that decorating tribal totem poles and perhaps once they had been painted in those same vibrant colours. The subjects of the carvings however, were very different. Everywhere on that heavy column realistic renderings of naked women entwined in a stunning variety of sexual acts with everything from human males and females, to fantasy creatures, to mind-bogglingly strange shapes that could never have come from any terrestrial imagination. Nayelli blushed wildly in the near-darkness as her attention moved from one scene to the next. The figures were so lifelike in their rendering that they seemed almost to writhe with lust-filled abandon in the dim light. As her eyes skipped from one to the next, she became uncomfortably aware of her breasts, braless once more, swelling in aroused response to the lewd imagery of those ancient artisans.

Stormbringer was hardly untouched by the scenes himself. His arm reflexively tightened around the young woman's waist, holding her closer against himself; she didn't pull away. The man's eyes devoured the sight even while his hand unconsciously stroked her firm, flat belly through the sweatshirt covering it. The carvings reminded him of those tantric images adorning some Indian temples; carvings which had led him to one of the four defunct alternative sites. But these went far beyond what he had seen there.

Looking around, it was obvious that each of the pillars of rock carried similar decoration. It was also obvious that whoever had been contracted to build the offices on top of this cavern had saved themselves a lot of work by simply walling it off and creating a deep basement from the remaining space, instead of adding weeks of work by blasting it out and constructing new foundations. He was duly grateful for their mercenary laxity. But there had to be more. The columns formed a circle from what he could see. And that implied an area of focus at the centre. Indeed, it was from there that the ruddy light emanated.

Nayelli turned towards the man within the circumference of his arm, her unrestrained breasts pushing into his waist as she looked up at him, dark brown eyes very wide and her face, he realised, very similar in appearance of those of the women on the column. “You knew this would be here, didn't you?” she stated softly.

“I couldn't claim any more than a hope,” Stormbringer replied. “I didn't know for sure until just now.”

“You knew this was made by my ancestors,” she pressed. “That was why you wanted me with you.”

“It seemed your presence yesterday was more than coincidence. But you are very beautiful and very perceptive, so I would have invited you even if the indications had not been that the earliest use of this site dated back to a time before the Europeans arrived.”

The reply sounded rather awkward to his ears but seemed to be what she had been looking for; an indication that it was herself as a person, not just her skin or her ancestry which had brought her along. And indeed, as he looked into those intent brown eyes, he felt a reciprocal stirring that went beyond the convenience of the girl's presence. “I'm glad you did. I've always dreamed of being able to research my people's history before they fell under the influence of the colonists. I never dreamed that anywhere such as this existed though. I am certain it doesn't get mentioned except as I told you; a place to commune with the gods.” Her firm breasts dug into his waist with an intensity that was matched in her voice. “I want to be a part of it. Whatever it is you're planning here, I want in!”

Stormbringer felt himself responding to the impassioned closeness of the young Native American. But he still felt impelled to say, “You don't know what else may be here yet,” even while his arm held her securely against himself.

“Whatever it takes! I'll never have such a unique opportunity to discover my people's past. I'd do anything for that chance!”

Ah, the impetuousness of youth, Stormbringer thought to himself. He wondered if she would be quite so enthusiastic should the purpose of this cavern still be alive and if it turned out to be what he hoped. ‘Anything' might involve some decidedly unusual activities. Well he was likely to need her before this night was through and a willing volunteer, even one who didn't know for what they were signing up, was better than one who needed to be persuaded. He was grateful that fate had brought this girl into the adventure instead of needing to trawl through bars or even hire a prostitute. “Stick with me until the morning and do everything you're told. Then if you still want to stay I'll add you to the team. You have to know though, that you are unlikely to be able to ever publish what we find here.”

“Aye, aye, Sir! Anything you say! I don't want to be famous. I just want to know!” she turned back towards the carvings again; the sudden movement caused the sweatshirt, which always had problems reaching down far enough to span the distance to her hipsters, to rise up. Stormbringer's hand slipped onto the bare flesh of the girl's abdomen just above those low-cut jeans. He could feel her warm softness rising and falling perceptibly with breathing that was becoming more than a little erratic as her eyes roamed once more over erotic images. The man left his hand there for a while, the thumb touching Nayelli's navel and his little finger resting just above the waistband of hip-hugging jeans. Her bottom was up against his front now and he could feel it swaying slightly from side to side, whether in unconscious adjustments of balance or equally unconscious arousal, he didn't know.

 It was time to find out though. And time to find out if ‘anything' included what he hoped it did. His hand began a slow, sensual massaging of the young woman's belly, gradually expanding the area of its exploration until it was moving up under her top. Nayelli sighed softly and relaxed back against the man, her arms loose at her sides. She had been wondering if he would ever take the initiative; had been silently screaming inside for him to take control and make her feel how those women in the carving must be feeling as they abandoned themselves to ecstasy. All thoughts of client-customer relations and professional distance had evaporated with his promise to take her onto his team. She knew… hoped… what that would entail, or thought she did. And she wanted it; knew she had wanted it since his bold eyes had made her nipples react so very easily the previous day.

Now those peaks were straining hard again, swollen with anticipation and sending jolts of sensation through her body every time the fleecy fabric of her sweatshirt dragged across them. It was a relief when the man's hand slid up the firm underswell of her naked breast and cupped it's teat within his palm. Then his other hand joined in, completing the capture of her large breasts in a human brassiere that wrapped about her boobs more lovingly than any inert garment had ever done. That just led to a new form of torture though, as Stormbringer's hands started to knead and massage the heavy orbs, making Nayelli grind her taut bottom against the growing hardness she could feel in his groin.

Not for an instant did the Native American woman's eyes leave the intricate carvings in front of her. As her gaze passed from one erotic scene to the next, she envisaged herself as the centre of attention.  Eyes half closed her mind drifted while the man squeezed her swollen orbs and his fingers plucked at the turgid shapes of her aroused nipples. In her imagination that group of carved braves surrounded her, their erect cocks penetrating every hole and filling her hands. Then what could only be a centaur stretched her tightness to its limits with his monstrous shaft. A dryad's sly tongue flickered against her aching clitoris, then a nightmare shape wrapped her in its tentacles. Scene after scene flitted through Nayelli's mind while her ass squirmed harder against the man who held her tightly and drove her to abandon with his coolly competent manipulation of her heaving tits. Instinctively the girl knew that somehow she was tapping into racial memory and reliving the experiences of her female ancestors within this place. Always though, she returned to imagining the sensation of Stormbringer's cock penetrating her for the first time; it was exciting anticipation and also something more, something significant.

Hard as his cock became, the reason Stormbringer was here with this girl was not simply to take her willing body and make it his own. Teetering on the brink of orgasm from his fondling and her own bawdy visions, Nayelli felt his hands leave her breasts and a moment later she was picked up like a doll and carried between the two nearest pillars into the central arena. Dragged out of her blissful stupor, the girl clung to him and looked around herself, though her thighs continued to rub against each other in unrequited yearning.

The sight that met her was so compelling that it momentarily made Nayelli forget her urgent needs. Right in the centre of an open circle of black sand a low altar rose about three feet out of the floor, glowing warmly red and obviously the source of the lighting by which they had been examining the pillars. Looking more organic than stone it appeared to pulse slowly with a life of its own. The top had something of the appearance of a king sized mattress except that the entire altar was shaped like an elongated X with four rings, one at each corner, all of them sporting a thin gold chain and an untarnished golden cuff.

Squatting awkwardly and still holding the girl, Stormbringer examined the sand, even picking up a handful and letting it sift slowly through his fingers. Then without any explanation the man eased off his sneakers and socks so as to walk barefoot across it's surface. For a moment panic seized the girl as Stormbringer laid her down onto the altar, which felt warmly resilient to her touch. Visions of Aztec sacrifices filled her head until Nayelli looked up into a calm face and gained reassurance there. Then she relaxed and allowed him to pull the sweatshirt up over her head, exposing the tawny mounds of her upthrusting young breasts, both topped with nipples whose usual fawn colour was darkened now by the blood pumping through their tumescent shapes.

“Makkitotosimew,” he grinned at her and she had no option but to smile back. It was true after all; her breasts were definitely large in proportion to the rest of her slender body. They had been a source of embarrassment in high school but right now she was proud of what she had to offer. The way the man looked at her with a hunger in his eyes made her pleased she had a figure that provoked such a reaction in him. With a lazy, feline movement, Nayelli arched her back to throw her tits into greater prominence for the male.

“Yes, your Makkitotosimew,” she breathed in eager invitation and the bond was made.

Stormbringer didn't decline the girl's offering of her breasts to him. But he did take the time to lead each of her wrists towards a corner of the altar and slip one of the golden cuffs around them, watching with some amazement as the band contracted itself to a snug fit. Nayelli squirmed prettily against the restraints, enjoying the sudden feeling of helplessness beneath the roaming eyes of this man who had been a stranger little more than twenty-four hours before, but who now seemed such an important part of her life. For himself, Stormbringer displayed no false modesty as he quickly and efficiently disrobed before the intent scrutiny of the girl. She was apparently not disappointed by what she saw, raising an appreciative eyebrow as she took in his lean shape and the heavy shaft that swayed half erect as he climbed onto the altar and straddled her belly.

Perched there, with just enough of his weight resting on her abdomen that she was aware of being pinned, Stormbringer returned to stimulating her breasts. Any lost arousal was quickly made up again by fingers that expertly played the domed shapes of Nayelli's aching tits and tirelessly worked over her jutting nipples. Peering down through her deep cleavage, the girl could see her excitement reciprocated, with the man's prominent cock quickly thickening to full erection. Its darkly reddish-purple head seemed to peer back at her with its single eye and she hungrily anticipated how it would feel buried between her thighs.

That sensation would have to remain imagined a while longer though, however demandingly the young Native American woman bucked her hips against the ass of the naked man who hovered above her. Instead he took one of her heavy tits around the base, squeezing inwards so that the breast swelled bulbously above his grip. Then holding his shaft close to the bottom, he leaned forwards and slapped his cock against her nipple. Nayelli gasped and almost orgasmed as the thick fleshy club smacked against her sensitive teat time and again; wailed with lust as he switched hands and switched breasts. Then when Stormbringer took her boobs in both hands and used them to form an impromptu tunnel for his prick to slide between, she strained her neck forwards in an urgent attempt to capture his manhood between pouting lips.

Stormbringer was in control though. The girl could do little to force things along, with her wrists so firmly secured above her head. And for Stormbringer, his climax wasn't the immediate objective. His aim was to reverse some of the lost time since this altar was last used and suffuse the cavern with the presence of a woman raised to the very peak of arousal; a woman such as those who must have frequently lain here, surrounded by the men who excavated this grotto.

Sliding his cock up between those compelling mounds was pure self-indulgence but Stormbringer had no intention of cumming that way. Not this time at any rate, though he planned to have continued access to the girl's exciting body for a long time to come; time to enjoy her in every way he could imagine. And after his visits to those Indian temples, he could imagine a lot! But first things first; edging backwards he worked himself down Nayelli's body until he could turn around, swinging himself over so his previous position was reversed and he was kneeling astride her belly facing down those long legs.

It took only the slightest pressure on her abdomen for Stormbringer's hand to slip into the top of Nayelli's low-slung jeans. And once there, his fingers were almost immediately on the prominent mound of her pubis, feeling the lack of any panties, as demanded by a style of clothing whose wearer didn't want to display the top half of a thong every time she moved. Feeling too the sleek pelt of trimmed hair that adorned the girl's mound of Venus. It was exciting, exploring by touch instead of immediately exposing her sex. It added a sense of mystery for Stormbringer as his fingers inched further into the constricting space, the tight fabric causing his digits to press firmly against Nayelli's labia as they followed the curve of her body onto the hidden slit and massaged it gently.

The girl had been waiting a long while; had been close to her peak several times and then edged backwards from it. But now there would be no withdrawing. Feet pressed hard onto the altar's surface, knees raised and Nayelli arched her hips up to the fullest extent she could manage, trapping the man's hand against her body within the restrictive grip of her jeans and writhing furiously against it. But Stormbringer had no intention of teasing her more in any case. His fingers wriggled over the soft puffiness of swollen sex lips, bringing their lubricant to the surface even while his centre digit sank down onto the erect button of the young woman's clitoris. His movements added to her own in bringing Nayelli to a rapid, ear-damaging scream of orgasm that rocked through the cavern's silence in a way that it hadn't experienced in over a century.

With the blood still pounding in her veins and her breasts heaving in an attempt to gain enough oxygen, Nayelli was unaware of the answering noise that came slithering from the opposite side of the arena. And with the man still perched above her, she couldn't see the nightmarish vision of an amorphous purple-black shape that appeared from the shadows. Stormbringer could though. It was what he was here for, to awaken one of the previous visitors to this cavern. All of his researches had pointed into one single direction. Forget the tales of gods and demons; they were for an earlier, more superstitious time. If his theory was correct, the function of this location was to act as a portal between his own world and those of races situated light years away; perhaps even in completely different galaxies. And according to those studies, the trigger, for some reason he didn't understand, was the body of a woman being thoroughly sexed.

He had no idea if it was the scent of arousal, the sounds, the release of emotional energy or whatever caused it, but the proof was right there before him. He had brought a young woman to orgasm in this spot and a visitor had arrived. Now, he wasn't sure what to do next. It had been a dream for so long; a fabulous myth to chase from one year to the next, but finally it was real and he understood that he hadn't planned for the culmination of his research simply because there was no way to plan for it. Fingers slowly continuing the stimulation of Nayelli's sex, he watched the alien draw closer.

The communication when it arrived wasn't in words and it wasn't aloud. Just one more mystery to ponder because the shapes and colours arriving in his mind created a conversation in some way Stormbringer simply didn't understand. It was there though, as plainly as if he had been talking to the girl beneath him.

“We had almost given up on establishing contact with your species again.”

“I heard stories about your attempts. That is what brought me here.”

“For one hundred and nine of your planet's solar rotations we have experienced nothing but hysteria until today.”

“I wish to change that. I believe we both have something the other one needs.”

“That is correct. You have access to bringing human females within the limited influence of this gate, the area where we and other races can operate. In return we have the ability to teach you much, extend your life and show you different worlds.”

“There will be others. Artists and writers who seek inspiration for their creations and who can make available the females as part of that work.”

“That sounds ideal.”

“The girls must not be harmed.”

“They will not be. Quite the reverse; some will remember what happens and accept it. Others will be adjusted to forget. But all will experience unequalled pleasure. I see your toy is one such as we originally encountered here many of your species lifetimes ago. It seems fitting if you would allow me to demonstrate upon her…”

It was that simple. Stormbringer nodded mentally and the deal was struck. He would buy the building, draw upon exraterrestrial aid to convert it to it's new purpose and fill it with like-minded erotic artists and writers. They would see things rarely witnessed by other humans working in their field and that would give them a creative advantage. The product of their inspiration would pay the bills and with the aliens assistance that amicable arrangement would continue for many more years than most humans could count upon. As well as having access to an almost unlimited supply of nubile human females to enjoy and share with the various alien races, there was another intriguing possibility. If the carvings were accurate, and he had no reason to believe otherwise, not all aliens were quite as unappetising as the one before him. He had already identified attractively feminine versions of legendary beings such as elves, nymphs and succubae amongst the figures. Life would definitely be interesting within this building!

Now the pact would be sealed over Nayelli's slender body, which was already fidgeting for more than just the fingertips which had been idly working over her clit during the strange ‘conversation'.

“I'll prepare her.” Stormbringer returned his full attention to Nayelli while the alien slid back into the shadows. I didn't even ask his name or what he got out of this inter-species coupling, the man realised as he flipped the button on the young woman's jeans and drew the zip down, careful of her lack of underwear. Nayelli lifted her bottom to assist in the exposure of her lower regions and then obediently parted her legs so that her ankles could be secured in a manner matching her wrists. The altar unexpectedly played its own part in readying the girl. No sooner was the final cuff in place than its center swelled gently upwards under Nayelli's back and bottom, arching her invitingly. Stormbringer was some way beyond being capable of surprise by now so he simply took his time working back up the young woman's body to its core, enjoying the supple feel of her shapely legs and the velvety soft skin of inner thighs as he journeyed higher.

Then he was standing up close between the girl's legs, within the lower arms of the X-shaped altar and had his first proper look at the cunt with which his fingers were already familiar. The bronzed skin of this Native American girl continued all the way down. No awkwardly pale areas indicated the use of a bikini whilst tanning. Only the carefully trimmed, dark black pelt interrupted flawless flesh on the vee of her lower belly, while between welcoming thighs a neat looking slit bisected swollen lips which had peeled apart somewhat from his earlier attentions to reveal the slickness of dark pink within.

Stormbringer bent quickly and placed a kiss upon the core of her being, filling himself with the warm scent of a woman aroused, before crawling higher up the altar to repeat the kiss on Nayelli's other lips. “My turn,” he winked at her as he dropped off the edge of the table above her head. He had already planned how to arrange things without alarming the girl too early on. So taking hold of her waist, he moved her a few inches higher on the altar until her head was hanging upside down off the edge, between the upper arms of the X shape, long midnight black hair pooling on the cavern floor. It was just the right height and the perfect position for him to brush the tip of his rather deflated cock against Nayelli's enthusiastic, upside-down mouth. Which he did, watching her rosebud lips part to eagerly draw the length of his shaft within the warm wetness where her tongue lost no time in restoring Stormbringer's prick to its formerly erect state.

It was also no coincidence that Nayelli could see little in that position except Stormbringer's legs and his heavy balls hanging close to her nose. She could feel his hands though, as they wandered over the golden body spread out before him. The girl's large breasts made the first and most obvious target. He doubted he would ever tire of their soft resilience and exciting shapes. Nor of the way her nipples reacted so easily, sticking up like small thumbs from tightly crinkled aureoles at his least touch.

Or the touch of another. Stormbringer's new alien ally had understood quickly and though remaining far back from the altar, a number of long, snake-like appendages had been released to join the man's hands in exploring and arousing the shared sexual symbol of their pact. Stormbringer watched with fascination as a tentacle coiled around one full mound, its tip flicking over the upthrust nipple while his own hands worked on the other breast. And if Nayelli felt there were too many touches to her body for one man, she was quickly reaching a state where such things were becoming fuzzy. Her lips sealed tightly around the man's shaft, tongue lashing over its head, sucking eagerly while willowy hips churned with growing need, her firm bottom raised up by the altar in invitation.

The alien must have been waiting for a very long time for such a moment and that made him understandably a bit impatient. Relinquishing both breasts to Stormbringer the tentacle trailed down over Nayelli's stomach and between her legs. The man could distinctly see its tip fasten onto the erect nub of the girl's clit and begin manipulating it. And given that Stormbringer was working on both of her nipples at the time, even a Nayelli dazed with lust could hardly fail to realise that something strange was happening. Her body froze at the unexpected touch and a strangled query forced its way out from around the thick cock stretching her mouth open.

“Just relax and trust me, little one,” Stormbringer murmured. And amazingly enough she did. He could see her tense muscles relax once more and feel Nayelli's mouth getting to work on his manhood again. The alien resumed his attention to her clitoris, Stormbringer got back to work manipulating the girl's long, hard nipples and the moment had passed.

It was a time for sharing and Stormbringer had staked his claim to the top half of this young woman's body by his positioning, so he kept his hands on her tits, and let his fingers sink into their elastic shapes when gripping them tighter. Nayelli moaned at the sensation; gasped in muffled appreciation when his fingers closed together, trapping both extended tips between his knuckles and rubbed against them. His cock twitched within the confines of the girl's mouth at the sight of her large breasts distorted by his grip, with the nipples poked up between his fingers like small angry thumbs.

Meanwhile the man was also able to view a sight that had probably not been seen on Earth for over a century. The delicate tip of the alien's tentacle had apparently fastened upon the hood covering Nayelli's clit and was moving it around, alternately hiding and exposing the erect, deep red nub it protected. But at the same time, further tendrils were swaying forwards from the gloom, wavering in the dim lighting as they navigated the space between the girl's widespread legs, slithering against her inner thighs until reaching their objective.

Nayelli froze for an instant again, as more touches confirmed she was not alone with the man to whom she had given herself. Then she relaxed once more and let it happen, reflexively sucking more strongly on the heavy shaft within her mouth when those insidious tips parted her labia wider and glided along the channel between them. Stormbringer watched with a fascination tinged by more than a trace of excitement. He couldn't see everything that was happening but he could see enough and it was extremely stimulating to witness how those phallic shapes worked to arouse his woman further. Already he naturally thought of her as his, knew she belonged to him not just sexually but also in a deeper sense of mutual loyalty and shared visions.

From his position, Stormbringer couldn't see exactly, but the tensing of one of the tentacles combined with Nayelli's teeth grazing against his sensitive cock gave a strong indication when the first of those sinuous shapes had penetrated her body. He would never know whether it was her cunt or ass that was used first but either way, the girl was enjoying it; her hips arched up higher from the altar in welcome and her mouth was working on his manhood with an extra intensity, punctuated by a series of strangled gasps and sobs of arousal.

Stormbringer continued playing with the girl's swollen tits, alternately squeezing them and plucking the nipples, then lightly slapping them so their full shapes quivered under his hands. And at the other end, his new alien partner was far from inactive. Not only was the original tentacle still controlling Nayelli's clit but more had apparently inserted themselves inside her body and were ramming in and out at some speed. It was difficult to concentrate in the dim lighting as they twined against each other but the man figured there were probably six or seven of the thin tendrils up between the girl's legs and most likely invading both her entrances at once.

It didn't take long for a new scream of orgasm to rip from Nayelli's throat around the gag of his shaft in her mouth and that one was rapidly followed by a whole sequence of shuddering yelps and gasps of fulfilment. Lost in her own world of climax after climax, the young Native American was losing her ability to arouse his prick effectively. So Stormbringer took the obvious course of action. Gripping her tits harder for support, he simply began to fuck her mouth, relying on the way his shaft slid against those parted lips and across the girl's tongue to provide the friction he needed.

The long series of erotic events from the moment they had first seen the carvings, to his exploration of the young woman's exciting body, followed by the visual stimulation of watching this strange creature using her, all combined to make sure it didn't take him too long to obtain release. As Nayelli wrenched out one more ear-splitting scream and reflexively tightened her lips around the invading cylinder of flesh, Stormbringer gave his own grunt of completion and slammed his cock fully into her mouth, heavy balls banging against her nose as they gave up their contents in a series of releases that sent pulses of warm fluid down the girl's throat. Gagging on the interruption to her air supply when she wanted above all to fill her lungs with shuddering gulps, Nayelli still did her best to swallow everything that was given to her, and very little of the man's output dribbled back from her lips to drip down the girl's upturned face.

Gradually Stormbringer relaxed, unclenching the grip on her breasts and easing his shaft part way out of Nayelli's mouth so she could breathe again. Gradually Nayelli relaxed, her bottom sinking back down onto the altar in exhaustion as the invasive tentacles withdrew one by one. And gradually the alien indicated that he had got whatever it was that he gained from such an encounter, his appendages disappearing into the shadows as he retreated, leaving only a message within Stormbringer's brain to confirm their contract was satisfactorily signed and sealed.

The man and woman were alone again though it was some time before either of them moved. But eventually Stormbringer found the energy to release Nayelli from the cuffs and help her dress. Then with tired steps, his arm around her for support, he led the way back up to the building's entrance foyer where they both found themselves grateful that some of the spirit-laced coffee still remained to warm and enliven their aching bodies.

“Who was it?” Nayelli asked as she snuggled tightly against the man's side in a way that demonstrated how much she was now bonded to him.

He knew exactly what she meant, of course. “We woke one of the gods of your ancestors,” he replied carefully. It was enough explanation for the moment.

“I thought as much.” She paused. “It's not real common for someone to get thoroughly sexed up by both a new employer and a mythical being all in one night.” She giggled, still in a post-sexual glow of contentment, and then hesitated, asking a little worriedly, “I am on your team Sir? You did promise after all.”

“You're on my team and more than that, you belong to me now. In a while I'll take you home for a few hours sleep. Then tomorrow we can go down to your old office. I'll get the best deal possible and sign the papers while you're handing in your notice. I'm sure we can find some way to pass the time whilst the formalities are concluded.” The man's arm tightened around her, fingertips butting against the side of an abused breast in anticipation. “And then we work on remodelling the building. The cavern needs disguising again but in a way that allows access. And the basement generally can be fitted out as your office. You'll be employed as Archivist and it will be part of your job, looking after the old records that will be stored down there. But your main work will be to guard that entrance and make sure the correct visitors pass through in both directions.”  He paused, hand edging around to cup the girl's soft breast carefully. “It will give you lots of time for research and… related activities.”

Nayelli snuggled up closer, her nipples hardening again, and murmured happily, “Yes Sir!”