Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Reohoko


Something had changed, the world seemed dull, the air lost nearly all its smell, and the leaves crumbled strangely to dust in my fingers. Walking along the path to the city in the trees, I realized that the voices had changed – long gone the whisperings of lovers and friends, the familiar touch of seeking fingers, empty were the fields of small creatures. Even the monsters no longer roamed on the outskirts of the forest. All replaced by the growing Grey – like a fog overcoming the lands, and far away, the rumbling of some unseen doom waited over the horizon.

This world draining of life, becoming a world of data strings, lost is its life light, fading away, not unlike so many others that has come before. My fingers traced the bark on the tree, “Can you still hear me, my friend?” The only response was a soft whirring noise, like some gadget from the city of Gnomes. Everywhere, throughout all the lands the same is happening – even the everlasting dragons are left to rest in their quiet homes - unchallenged. Those of us, who stay, may slowly fade away into the Grey as well; though it may return to life someday, it will never be the world it once was. However, for now, there are brighter horizons to travel upon, some place adventurous, and eagerly awaiting for exploration.

Precious little will travel from this place, being an innate part of the world itself. Entering my room, I looked carefully around at all the handcrafted furniture, the hard-earned trophies… the rose, the single rose on the desk by the mirror. My heart stopped a moment, and I reached for the rose… so many lost, gone or entombed in their endless sleep. His soft lips pressing against mine, his strong hands on my hips, I closed my eyes – his soft brown hair came into focus and his mischievous smile mirrored in his sparkling blue eyes. Mmmm, moonlight walks, explorations of far off lands, and slow sensual…

A movement in the mirror caught my eyes as my fingers brushed the silky petals – no image, the glass a glossy lake-like surface. A small patch of green was in the center of the glass, nearly the size of an acorn. Beneath my fingers, the rose petals faded away, but I took no notice as I leaned closer. The patch of green seemed to tremble slightly, not like the slow movement of the watery glossy of the rest of the glass, just a gentle tremor as I moved closer.

The frame was unmarred, the golden dragons carved of ornate wood did not stir, the full-length mirror – handcrafted by a dear friend so many moons ago seemed as if everything else in the room – fading away into the Grey. Moving closer I tried to see what the green was, what speck of color lived in this dying world. The dot was just above my eyes, and I feared to lean against the glass, the moving watery version of the Grey, but the green trembled again. How can a little dot of color tremble? I listened, intently trying to hear if it made any sound, but nothing came through the growing rumbling of the world. Maybe there was some spell, to see it more clearly, my fingers reached towards it, maybe it had a feeling…

Warm air rushed in around me, surrounding me, engulfing me in a soft blanket like the meadows during the full moon. I could smell, how long had it been since smells attacked my senses… the sweet scent of flowers and the Grey was fading, fading into bright blues and greens, it seemed as if I should faint, fall unconscious from the fast-paced movements around me. Had my finger touched the green dot? Is this from the green dot? I could feel the grass tickling my feet; I could suddenly see the bright blue sky, feel the sun beating down on me. My heart lifted, can this be? Where is this? Slowly turning, my senses completely engulfed and overwhelmed by the beauty, the trees were just a walk away – reaching into the sky with green leaves, blue-green pines, and all manner of shape. Sitting stones throughout the grass, surrounded by beautiful growing wild flowers of variations I have never seen before. It smells amazing, it looks amazing, it must be a dream; I looked down at the grass beneath my feet. “Oh, yeah,” definitely a dream – “Ummm, where are my clothes? My backpacks?” I muttered at the sky.

No one answered, so I sat on the nearby stone and examined the beautiful flowers beside me, wondering if I should try to wake up, or simply stay put. At the far end of the glade, the birds flew in and out of the trees, their song echoing through the glade to create a symphony of soul piercing beauty. Off to what should be the East, from the corner of my eye, I noticed that a small animal scurried through the tall grass. Everyone had gone from my world, it didn’t seem like this was a dream, and really, who could argue with this bountiful land of beauty, the cool dirt beneath my feet, the warm soft rock beneath my bottom. Soft flowing grass that smelled sweeter than morning, flowers with a sparkling shine, a velvet touch, of every color imaginable, and here, even the rocks are vibrantly filled with life. A clear sky, fluffy clouds, cool breeze, sweet smells, and small animals and birds fluttering about – now this is what life is all about. Contentment in the amazing nature, a lively home, possibly my new home, and looking around, it didn't seem like any mirror awaited for me to attempt a return to the city in the trees. "Mmmm," I sighed contently.

Well, there is the small problem about the clothing, and no backpack means no weapons to defend against any wild animals, and of course, it is probably a good idea to head out and check the source of water to the East, just to be sure, it is safe. The rock was comfortable, but the sun’s warmth was making me sleepy. A small nap would be refreshing; as if in response to my request, the grass by my ankles grew. I watched it, it was similar to the weaving of a root spell, but the grass weaved in amongst itself, shades of green carefully forming the most intricate pattern as it began to take on the form of a bed.

“Well, this has potential…” I whispered, as if someone might overhear me in the quiet glade. “We are all friends here?” I ran my fingers over the soft grass bed, and little purple and pink flowers appeared. “I imagine that we must be.” Giggling, I sat gently on the bed, “Ok, a little nap, but then I am off to discover where I might find some clothes, or other basic necessities.” As my head lay upon the soft grassy bed, petals formed to make a small perfumed pillow. “Heavenly,” I whispered. It was only moments before the quiet world around me became sleep, not the kind of sleep where you drop into your bed exhausted, but the relaxing feeling you have when you cuddle up close to your lover, the warmth of their body, steady beating of their heart, arms draped over you holding you close… It was the peaceful sleep of contentment.

Sand storms blew great pillars of white and tan sands into patterns of cyclones – swirling in over and under the caves and pillars – smashing into the stone walls, and scraping against the thick glass windows. In the distance, whining-grunting creatures hunched down, trying to hide and crying out to the Gods for the weather to withdraw; but here, inside the castle, it all seemed so very far away. The rug beneath us was soft, not plush, but soft and ornamental, with exquisite images sewn into every inch of the fiber. Lying on my stomach, I traced the designs with my finger, “Do you think we can stay for awhile?”

“No, we have a mission to the North, after we find the scrolls, we have to head back,” he swung his long tail over me, tickling my nose so that I brushed it away. “Reo, you are so distracted lately.” His clawed fingers slide gently down my spine, causing me to giggle and roll onto my side. “Where are you lately?” He asked, pulling me into his lap as I tried to stand.

“I don’t know,” his strong arms guided me to sit over his crossed legs, strong thighs bulking with muscles, and slightly wider than the normal comfortable position for sitting. My knees didn’t reach the floor, so my feet sat flat on either side of him, and I pulled my knees up. His hands followed the curve of my legs, under me and held my upper thighs. “I think things are changing.” The soft dark blue fur of his chest and arms felt good beneath my hands, and I leaned in to place a gentle kiss on his lips, his whiskers tickling my face.

“Only a little, petit fée,” his strong hands pulled me down his thighs to sit over his hips and he uncrossed his long legs. “Such a pretty pixie would never be left alone, not here, not anywhere.” His shoulders leaned against the ornamental sofa behind him, and I worried that if I pressed too hard against him it would move away. “Sweet soft lips of one beautiful petit fée,” he held me close as he kissed me, “never alone, chère petit fée.” My legs tightened around his hips, his hardness grew beneath me, pressing against his pants, and his fingers began to pull on the laces of my tunic.

“I think…mmmm,” I gasped as his fingers pulled loose the top. “I… ohhh... I do not think it’s that simple.” His lips were sliding down my neck, suckling at the base of my throat.

“It is…,” he growled into my skin, and with one swift move tore the tunic from me.

“Ohhh!” My nipples were hard and he grabbed my hips firmly, I hadn’t noticed when, but sometime during the distraction of his heated kisses, eagerly exploring hands, and pressing need; he had freed his manhood, freed his hard cock, which now pressed eagerly against the warm wet spot it always enjoyed. I squirmed, eagerness found in the warmth that rose up from my inner needs and caused a shiver to rock my body. He growled again, hands beneath my breasts, hugging onto my breasts as he sucked them into his mouth. I could feel my wetness dripping onto him, I rocked my hips back and forth, and just as he was about to fill me, filling my growing need, I realized something. The incense smelled like flowers, not the usual sandalwood, and the warmth of the cozy sitting room was a cool summer’s breeze. I trembled, my need begged me to forgo the obvious, but I struggled to pull free.

“No,” he growled, his eyes changing from the peaceful cat -yellow-green to a blazing red. My gasp was loud, loud even in my ears, and the world was fading around me. Even the stress of landing back into the world, so abruptly, could not stop the fire burning inside me; but here I was held tightly in the arms of what appeared to be a werewolf, his growl was fire in his eyes, and my warm juices coated his hard cock as I straddled him. “Rrrr, no matter,” his cold wet nose pressed at the nape of my neck and his warm breath sent shivers through me. “Your woman smell permeates the forest, little one.” Then slowly, his long rough tongue made little circles up to my ear. “You can scream, petit fée.” The head of his cock pressed against the wet lips of my pussy, “I love the sweet sounds of screams.”

Reohoko appears in the world of Stormbringer Enterprises

My voice was gone but the squeal that found its way out, as his hands grasped me, firmly pressing me down on his large cock. The tip, pressing through the wet swollen lips, into the hidden place for lovers, and my back arched. I wanted to pull away, it would be too big, it would… “Ahhhh,” my voice even louder than before. The pressure was nearly a popping as the huge form, bulbous head, found its way in. His breathing was loud in my ear, grunting as he physically labored not to take me too fast. Fear of being torn apart was replace with the shooting warmth that exploded through my body as each single inch made its way deeper into me. My fingernails dug into his shoulders, my back arched, and I screamed.

With each thrust, my hips provided less resistance to the forceful, clawed, hands. Spreading ecstasy caused my nipples to get so hard they hurt, and the grassy glade was a head-spinning ride as this creature enjoyed the amazing pleasure of what seemed like an eternity of tight, encompassing, exploration, - instantly followed by the retracting emptiness that soon brought me to begging. “Please,” he growled in response to my plea, “Please, I am…” He thrust hard and deep bringing another scream from my lips. This one followed by a shuddering that caused my fingers to grab full hands full of fur.

“ARRrrrGRRRrrrr,” he responded, rolling me to my back and grabbing my hands. “I am not done, petit fée.” Forcing my hands above my head, he thrust into me deeper, harder, “and neither are you.” He grunted as he held my hands with one hand, and used the other to pull my leg up his shoulders. My scream made him growl loudly and press in deeper, it was so hard, so deep, and my breathing was rapid, nearly matching the strong puffs and grunts he made with each thrust. It seemed as if the endless orgasms would not stop, sparks through my body, I trembled, arching my back, thrusting my hips up his hard cock. It was endless, the pressure of each thrust pushed against my swollen clit and orgasms overcame me, the swift pull-back - driving me to need harder, deeper, and my hips hungrily rose up to meet the next thrust.

While it seemed to be endless transformation of need to fulfillment for me, my captor was overcome by the hunger. His hard cock pressing roughly into the end of the soft wet cave that grasped tightly to his cock was driving him to madness as he felt the explosion growing within him. His red eyes were overcast by the maddening rise in hormones at my every shudder and scream beneath him, and he thrust harder, faster, trying to press in deeper. Growls followed grunts, his balls slammed against my bottom, and he freed my hands to grab both of my thighs, just below the knees. His head rose towards the moon, his growls became a howling sound that filled the glade, and suddenly there was an explosion, his hardness drove shooting streams of hot liquid into me, thrusting, final desperate motions to get every last drop into the exquisite hole he had discovered.

I trembled, the final peak reached as his thrusts slowed, his cock shrunk inside me, and the world slowly tried to fade to black. His growl was quieter, as he released my thighs and both clawed hands landed at either side of my head. “Again,” he grunted, “You can kiss it first,” his red eyes looked into mine, and his fanged grin nearly drooled on my face.

“Or you can allow me a few minutes with this ‘petit fée’, as you have named her,” a firm but calm voice announced, startling us both, and sending the darkness back enough to create a fog that filled my head.

The creature quickly moved between me and the man sitting on the rock. Hunched on all fours, he seemed poised to devour the man. “It was given to her by another,” he growled, “of what is she to you?”

“Interesting that you should ask that question…,” his hand rubbed his chin for a moment and he looked around the glade. “It appears that I may own this place.”

“What?!?” The creature growled. His head tilted to the side, debating if he agreed or believed.

“It seems that the building I have bought has this land within it.” He stared pointedly at me while I tried to sit up, the fog still keeping my mind just out of reach. “This suggests that this land and its inhabitants would also be mine.”

“There has been no Master of these lands in eons.” The creature grunted again, an obvious amount of anger under his tone, “What is to make me believe you are not another lost traveler trying to avoid becoming dinner?” He licked his large fangs and moved slightly closer to the man.

“There is the deed, of course it is in my office; however,” he held up a ring of keys, a large one in particular with the shape of a bright green clover on the end, “there is this.” I was strangely aware of how still the glade, and even the world, had become the moment he held up the key ring. The stars even seemed to stop twinkling beside the moon.

With an audible sigh, the werewolf-like creature knelt on one knee. “Then we welcome you, My Liege, and hope that you will find our great lands to your satisfaction.” With his eyes averted to the ground, his anger and aggression seemed to fade away.

“Indeed, and what do the people here call this land?” The man stood, watching, as over the horizon the sun seemed to be starting to peek through.

“My Liege, we simply call it The Glade; however, it is your lands now. We shall respect any change you wish of us.” The creature was still enough to seem statuesque. Pulling my feet beneath me, I tried to stand, but suddenly the ground was beneath me again. Seemingly a little faster than I had moved to get up, and baffled I shook my head. “It is rude to stand in the presence of our Master, remain on your knees fée!” The werewolf hissed at me.

A sudden burst of anger temporarily cleared up the fog, and I swatted at the creature. “First, my name is REO! Not little pixie, which is reserved for people I am particularly fond of, not for creatures who take advantage of me while I am sleeping.” I pushed away from the creature and sat cross-legged for a moment. “Second of all, if you push me down one more time I am going to root your bottom to the middle of the glade while the sun comes up.” I hadn’t noticed the man had sat back down on my rock and watched the interaction, a small grin on his face. As I went to stand back up, the creature swung at me again.

However, this time, roots rose up from the ground, wrapping tightly around the creature’s wrist and dragging it back to the ground. I hadn’t uttered a word, or seemed to cast, but I knew I had done it. Now I raised my hands and the roots all around him entangled him. “I think, we have a misunderstanding.” I said quietly, standing and walking to where I could look into the creatures face. “When it is not playtime, it is NOT playtime, and it is now NOT PLAYTIME!” ‘Well, for you anyway,’ I thought. ‘What a rude creature, knocking me down.’

Turning around, my nudity was a bit of a concern; however, the man sitting on the rock did not seem to mind. His button down shirt covered nicely a well-sculptured body, and his dress pants did little to hide his large manhood. I imagined that my nudity was not particularly hurting him, so I curtsied. “Greetings, I am Reohoko. I am a dryad, from Kel…” I paused, considering the likelihood that anyone here would recognize the name, “the city in the trees; well, it is more complicated than that.”

Standing, he extended his hand, “It is nice to meet you Reohoko; my name is Stormbringer. It appears that this glade is part of my recent acquisition. Is this your home?” Shaking his hand, I considered the problem that the creature was growling a bit behind us but the roots had wrapped rather tightly across his muzzle.

“No, well, I suppose it could be, it is nice enough.” I looked around the glade, but I felt his eyes, and considered how odd it must be to see a silvery green-skinned dryad with bright red hair. “If my appearance is disturbing, I can alter it to something more common.”

“You are fine just as is, continue.” He answered.

“I think I came here from a wish, or some other fate related intervention.” I frowned, and realized the sun was coming through the trees quite nicely. “One moment, please.” I turned to the werewolf creature, “Are you done trying to knock me over?” It seemed to nod through the many vines and roots that now covered it. “Fine, then go back to the forest before the sun is the rest of the way up.” Flicking my wrist the vines and roots faded away and the creature nearly glared at me.

“Until we meet again, Mistress Reo,” bowing he turned towards Stormbringer, “It has been nice to meet you, My Liege; I will let the others know you are here.” In one swift move, he was across the glade and disappearing into the forest.

‘Mistress???’ I thought, ‘if I didn’t need a bath I would bind that monster back up again.’ I had not realized how close I was standing to Stormbringer, and I smiled at him. “I need to... freshen up.” I muttered, and as if on cue, the entire world turned into a sudden blaze of swirling greens and an audible pop suddenly splashed water on my feet. “AH!” shouting I looked around to see where I was now. Stormbringer stood a few feet away, by what looked like a log bench, and I stood on the edge of a great lake. I marveled at the clearness of the water, the amazing sweet smell, and the sun sparkled across the water as it slowly rose up over the trees. However, before I could voice my wonderment at the marvelous sight before me, I was assaulted by a pillar of water that rose up before me.

In mere seconds, the water formed into a water nymph, her slender arms sprouted slender fingers, and her beautiful face leaned in close to mine, “Hello, Gate Keeper…” her voice was prettier than a waterfall. Soft watery fingers trailed over my arms, and across my breasts.

“Reo…” I whispered back, trembling under her touch. “Umm, my name is Reo.”

A second pair of hands followed the outside of my thighs. I had never seen water nymphs such as these; it seemed these beautiful creatures, with water-based skin, were nearly see-through. The soft fingers tickled the crease between my hips and my legs, from behind, and then rested gently on my hips. “Mistress Reo…” a watery voice whispered into my ear, enticing another tremor.

“No, just Reo,” my voice was barely a whisper, and every inch of my body was tingling as her lips pressed against mine. Soft firm watery lips, nothing like I had ever felt before, and her tongue tasted like sweet nectar as she pressed it into my mouth, in and out as if it were a tool, a tool for …. “Ohhh!” I cried out with pleasure as suddenly fingers guided water into the heated source of pleasure between my legs. Embarrassment, made me remember that I had not been alone, and that somewhere not so far away had been the man – the human, that had wandered in from somewhere else as well.

I was trying to look towards the shore, distracted by the perfect round breasts pressed against mine, the swirling movement of water in them, the bubbles moving, even in some places small little red fish wandering through the insides. Pulling my eyes away, I managed to look towards the shore. In the quick glimpse I got, before the mouth that engulfed my breast, I saw that I was not alone in my current condition of ecstasy, but that beautiful creatures with flowers in their hair surrounded the man on the shore. Very likely, the man was surrounded by the ever-fascinating wood sprites that are sure to wander this area. However, my mind was otherwise occupied, as soft fingers discovered my swollen clit and the mouth on my breast suckled my nipple.

What seemed like hours, soft gentle caressing from amazing fingers, water twirling around our bodies. My lips tasted their succulent skin, fresh mountain water, spring water, in a lake of clear beauty. Exploring their unique body make-up was invigorating and erotic, they were each only in female forms, round breasts, perfectly formed clits, and giggles as my fingers pressed into the tight holes of their watery cunts, their bodies shivered and nearly lost form as orgasms matched my own, and the endless waves of pleasure were irresistible. Yet, just as I thought it would never end, a small buzz appeared in my ear, and a soft dry cloth landed across my shoulders. As suddenly as the sexy water nymphs had appeared, they were gone, leaving my body clean and refreshed.

Turning towards the shore, the smallest of the wood sprites was giggling, her bright blonde hair flowing out behind her in the wind as she kissed Stormbringer’s cheek and dashed off into the woods to follow her sisters. He barely looked winded, not even really ruffled, but after today, I certainly would surmise he had enjoyed the company of the pretty sprites. Sighing, I stretched sore muscles and walked slowly back onto shore. Laying down the cloth on the soft grass out of reach of the little waves, I slowly lowered myself to the ground.

“Well,” I spoke a little loudly thinking he was still on the wooden bench. “It appears to be that this Glade is something extraordinary.”

“It is,” he answered from only a foot away. “Will you be staying? It seems that the creatures here speak very highly of you.”

“I…”… ‘it seemed as if what?’ I pondered. Placing my hands beneath my head, I looked up at him. “I don’t know. It is very nice here, but…” I shrugged.

“You are obviously tired; it must have been quite an adventure ending up here.” He reached into his pocket, “I made spare keys for the Janitors, but I haven’t dropped them off yet.” Keys jingled in his hand as he loosened one from the key ring. “The door is on the far West side of the Glade, it’s in a tree.” Tossing the key onto my stomach, he continued, “I would like you to consider a position here, with us, possibly in charge of the Glade?” Smiling he walked away.

When I picked up the key it glowed, and something about the warm feeling it had made me think that this would make a great new home. It seemed to have existed without human intervention, which means it probably would not disappear in the near future. I took a nice afternoon nap, and had lunch with some very hyperactive wood sprites later that afternoon. However, in the evening, I found my way to the door, and it opened quite naturally for me…