Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Reohoko Meets Candice

Reohoko Meets Candice

Stepping through the door was more like casting a gate – the magical gates that move me through the Glade but not like the gates of other worlds, which I have experienced in the past. It is a gentle tingling feeling that raises the hairs on your arms, creates a slight static effect to your hair, and in my case – a gentle popping, tweaking, to my already erect nipples. For a moment, the world is an array of colors swirling back and forth, bouncing to the beat of music just outside the range of hearing; and the smells, the strangest metallic tinge like when you put the copper coins from the market in your mouth. Just as suddenly as it all started, it stopped, and the trees and grass were gone – replaced by walls, strange plants, and some sort of soft material that seemed as if it should be a rug under my feet, but it covers as far as the eye can see and is not decorative in anyway.

The walls and floor seem familiar, as if a memory from long ago, but nothing ever was quite so big, except maybe in the city of the giants; however, at least here my head reaches over the tables. ‘I wish I was a little taller,’ I thought, and there it was… The table seemed to shrink by more than a couple of hand lengths, and the floor grew further away. “Interesting,” I whispered to the plant-without-life on the small table. Looking around, I saw no one. The corridor was hardly bigger than a passageway beneath the mountains of the gnome city, and smelled easily as mechanical – as if somewhere in the building the same gears and metal ground over the black sticky goo of the giant machine that brought light to the underground city. Yet, this was most certainly not an underground city, because down the corridor, there was a window, and bright daylight shined through leaving a distinct pattern on the floor.

Walking slowly to the window, certainly it would give me a clue about this world. Even from down the hall it was obvious that large shapes loomed not so far away, and it didn’t seem this window was on the ground. However, it was very likely that it was not as far into the sky as the magician’s towers I had visited so many moons ago, or even quite as high as the griffon flies. I could feel, and almost hear, the underlying tones of something that whirred and whistled. Unlike the sounds of the dying lands before the Glade, these sounds seemed filled with life and activity; as if just outside the window, I would find … my fingers touched the glass… something unexpected. Warm glass, but hardly any of that mattered, because my eyes were glued to the scene before me.

Moving box objects below, everywhere below, lines of them that weaved in and out of all the large box objects that littered the horizon for as far as the eye could see, and I knew it was most likely that this was indeed a box too. A part of me knew - something just on the edge of my thinking- suggested that the boxes moving below were transportation, and the people moved in and out of the many vehicles. Between the line of the street boxes and the window was a large grey area void of life, save a few street boxes there as well. ‘Amazing…’ I thought, ‘but why do I know this?’ My fingers pressed against the strong glass as I pondered the situation.

“Excuse me,” a small sweet voice whispered behind me. “Are you new here?”

Turning I saw the most adorable little elf; well, the biggest breasted elf, but surely the pink hair signified an elf, for no human I had ever seen had pink hair – she tilted her head a little looking at me. ‘No, not an elf,’ I thought, ‘she has those little round ears.’ “I suppose I am…” I looked back at the window a moment, “Where exactly is here?”

“The Stormbringer Enterprises Building, of course,” She frowned, a cute little frown, “Did you bump your head? I did that once, and I didn’t even remember where I was the whole day.” Her pink pigtails looked so cute; she seemed like such a cute little doll.

“No, not lately,” I answered walking towards her, and around her. Her green cat-like eyes followed me, as I looked her over. She was taller than me, “Taller…” I whispered, my height growing so that my eyes passed her large breasts snug in a short vest-like shirt, and we stood nose-to-nose. “That is better.”

“Ummm,” she frowned, her eyes a little confused as she stepped back. “You, grow?” I didn’t answer, she fiddled with her fingers, as if wondering what to say next. “Ummm, you know you don’t have any clothes on?”

“You don’t have much more on than me.” I shrugged; this place is not like any other place. Her scent was very arousing; I wondered if this was what the werewolf had meant. It was strange really, I like other women – adventures as they are I will not turn down exploration – but attraction is quite another story.

“That’s true,” she giggled making her breasts bounce. Little peaks stood to attention under blouse, instinctively I licked my lips. “Sometimes, I don’t wear any clothing either, and sometimes I just wear my boots. But most of everyone else is usually wearing clothing.” She seemed to ponder that for a moment. “OH! I know! You must be the hostess for LE.”

“Hmmm, maybe, what is LE?” I asked, touching her silky white skin on her belly, it was getting very difficult to think, she is –maybe a vixen. I have heard stories of vixens, but had also heard that like sirens, their songs only work on men. The response to my touch was funny, a little squeaky giggle with a hint of a sigh.

“LE, you know, it’s Libris Erotica – that is here on this floor. Mr. Stormbringer said I should come and make sure that none of the guests are wandering about while we wait for you to get here.” She didn’t pull away as I traced the circle around her belly button, and her slight change in expression made me curious to know if her response was similar to my own.

“I don’t know,” my fingers sliding along her hips, following the edge of her pink-belted, blue jeans, “What guests?” Something was definitely not normal, it was mesmerizing, something, she gasped a little too.

“The ones that you take to see the authors,” her fingers touched mine, but didn’t push them away. “We can show them around, when they aren’t happy,” together our fingers found their way along her ribs; “they like to apply punishments.” Our eyes met and she seemed to be suffering the confusion of the strange attraction; her nipples were so hard, my lips were struggling with the need to kiss them so they wouldn’t hurt. It couldn’t be yet, there had to be some reason for this…

“What types of punishments?” I leaned forward a little and she backed against the wall, “What do they do?” My voice was hardly more than a whisper, as I popped a button on her blouse.

“They, they, ummm,” two more buttons loosened and the rest popped free on their own. “They spank me.” Her lips were plush, and her tongue ran slowly over them as she tried to think. To add to her distraction, I softly cupped her breasts, very round, and very voluptuous. “Sometimes, they…ummm,” she frowned a little.

“Pretty…” I whispered.

“No, they let the other things…” I licked the pretty pink nipples and they grew longer, darker, answered by a little gasp. “Umm, yes other things punish too.” It really didn’t seem very coherent, but possibly, I just don’t understand.

“You are very pretty,” I whispered, looking into her green eyes and planting a little kiss on her lips. “You smell pretty too.” I felt very confused, but my fingers still slid into the gap between her belly and the waistband of her pants. “Do you really need these?”

“No, but they make my bottom look nice.” She answered back quietly.

“Take them off?” I asked as I slowly tweaked her nipple, causing a small gasp to escape her lips. “I will need to see if your bottom looks nice without them.” My grin was a mischievous smile, but completely backed by an unexplainable need to see more than just a round bottom. On the other hand, this pretty pink pigtails girl, was all too willing to let me compare her naked bottom to her clothed one, and had the overwhelming sexual urges not been in command, I might well have known the answer to that; however, it was not so. The moment her jeans hit the floor, the current state of events became instantly clear – and instantly shrouded in unbelievable desire.

I cannot recall if there were more words spoken; however, I can tell you the amazement that followed. My tongue instantly sought the center of the maddening pheromones that filled the room. Sliding over her tight stomach, circling her navel, she leaned against the wall with her hands still on mine. As I kissed the beautiful mound of her womanhood, I let my fingernails scratch softly down her thighs, and she moaned quite loudly. Her sweet soft lips responded very well to nibbles and nips, her lips swelled and her clit seemed as if it would burst from excitement.

It was a heated exploration, before long we were both entangled in each other’s arms and legs, in the center of the corridor. Gasping and moaning as little waves of pleasure overcame us, which is quite the compromising position should just anyone walk in. My tongue driving into her cunt as her moans caused little vibrations over my clit, but the thought of someone interrupting was far from a consideration on our minds. I bit softly into her thigh, the feel of her little moans; little screams in my cunt were absolutely amazing. Time seemed to be at a standstill, our legs trembled from steady bouts of the cute little orgasms that keep the hunger burning instead of quenching it.

“I am very happy to see that we are all getting along,” a familiar voice spoke just loud enough over the sounds of our sexual explorations, “but it is nearly closing time.” It seemed, as I looked up, that closing time should be something important, but it didn’t seem that important as I discovered a very happy audience.

“Oh,” I whispered, slowly pulling loss from the pink pigtails girl, whose little moan of disappointment demonstrated she was not aware of the current situation.

“Candice, I see you found Reohoko.” It seemed this Stormbringer had a habit of finding me in some of the more interesting situations I had been in during my long life, or maybe it was simply that I have been in the most interesting positions of my life – recently.

“Ummm, yes sir, Mr. Stormbringer, I have found Reohoko.” She looked around at the small audience of a couple of men and a woman with long dark hair. “I guess I missed some guests though.” She looked down on the floor.

“Candice?” I asked, looking pointedly at the girl who was attempting to reach her pants and belt.

“Yes, ma’am,” She answered quickly.

“Ewww – do not call me ma’am!” I tried not to shout but it didn’t work.

“I’m sorry,” she literally pouted.

“No, it is ok, call me Reo.” I touched her shoulder. “I like your name, Candice.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stormbringer gave it to me.” She answered with a shy smile that seemed so innocent for a girl just caught in the middle of a corridor having sex with another woman.

“Welcome, aboard, Reo.” Stormbringer said, taking my hand and pulling me up from the floor. “As you see, you and Candice will need to help with these guests, and then please see me in my office.” He smiled at Candice. “We will discuss the conditions of employment.”

“Ah, ok.” I said smiling at him. “Candice will show me what to do?”

He just smiled and walked towards a golden door that opened to either side with a ding. “I am sure she will try, but you will probably find that it comes natural.”

“We will have so much fun!” Candice said, “We just have to help them get where they want to be…” She folded her clothes and sat them next to the plant-without-life, “I’ll leave my clothes for now.” Taking my hand, she nearly bounced as she presented me to our audience.