Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises

Erotic Art and Fiction Await Within

Nestled anonymously within the heart of a nondescript business district situated on the outskirts of an unremarkable town, there is nothing obvious to set this office block apart from the thousands of similar buildings which grease the wheels of commerce. Perhaps the employees arriving at the rear entrance every morning are a little more casually attired than the norm, but then it isn’t so unusual for a modern business to adopt a relaxed dress code. However, if you spent a day sitting in the pleasant coffee shop across the road, you would realize that the steady stream of visitors don’t seem like your average run of the mill salesmen and business people either.

In particular you may become aware that the majority of visitors tend to be young and extraordinarily good looking females. Should you also carry out this research in warmer weather, you would no doubt be aware of their exciting figures, lovingly encased in casually revealing clothing. Short skirts and deep cleavages are definitely prevalent and expose female flesh of a quality to reward all but the most jaded of observers.

But then a quick trip across that road could provide a clue, since it would enable you to read the small brass plate affixed beside the glass doors of the building. ‘Stormbringer Enterprises – Media Management and Design’. An advertising agency? Maybe a TV or movie production company? One of the numerous new businesses that sprang up with the meteoric rise in popularity of the Internet during the late 1990’s? Whatever it was, it no doubt explained the mixed bag of employees and visitors, as well as the ubiquitous presence of so many enticingly nubile females.

Sipping coffee, you could find yourself wondering exactly what goes on inside. A trio of brunettes cross the road to disappear within, braless tits softly bouncing, rounded asses wiggling in unison beneath mini-skirts barely more substantial than belts. Their very existence inspires heated visions of an after-hours orgy; one in which lucky photographers and clients swill champagne whilst watching those sinuous beauties strip off to perform every deviant service you can imagine. And surely that pink-haired girl tripping over the curb as she exits, almost spilling an incredible pair of breasts out of the top of her low cut dress, was made for nothing less than spreading across an executive desk and mercilessly ravaging; after-hours, of course, while her boss was supposed to be working late on some project.

It’s not fair! Why shouldn’t you get in on all the fun? Well, maybe you can! Or at the very least, you might try for a look around before someone throws you back out again. Perhaps you could be lucky enough to get a glimpse of one of those women stripping off. Maybe more!

It’s a very short journey across the street and those glass doors are waiting for you…

What have you got to lose?


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