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The heavy wooden door opens on an almost basement-like level, and immediately the scent of burning jasmine and myrrh strike your nose. The lights flicker and you realize it’s because of the many wax candles set along nooks, crannies and stone ledges in the room you walk into carefully, cautiously. The entire room is reminiscent of a dungeon, complete with empty rusting shackles and cages on chains, all hanging from the high ceiling.

Moving around in one corner of the room is a woman, brilliant green eyes and darkly stained lips framed by hair as black as a raven’s wing. She wears a black leather collar with white padding and three thick rings. Iridescent hints of colour shine off her perfect skin, a sacred cross tucked into her pierced bellybutton. That’s when you realize she’s completely nude as she rifles through cardboard crates of file folders and letters. She glances up at you once but shows no shame over her nudity.

“Come in,” she calls out, “you’re letting in a draft.”

Her voice is practically a purr as she waves a handful of documents at you but seems to pay you no further heed just yet. Moving closer, you can see that the gleam to her skin is more like a glow, an aura. Is it really great instant tanning lotion, the kind with metallic sparkles to it, or something else?

“So they’ve sent you to me, have they?” she quips with a polite smile, giving you a once over. Her eyes drink you in, as if she is excited by every detail, and when they pass over and then move away to view something else, you almost feel a regretful ache in your very core.

“I’m not surprised. It’s my job, after all. Kind of in the job description.” She motions and gives you an almost conspiratorial wink as she draws you over to a corner of the room. She sits herself on a small elegant wooden table, planting her lovely round bottom on top of the very papers she had been waving at you. Her eyes follow yours, noting your generous time spent looking at her almost plump form, large and heavy breasts. In her eyes you see obvious pleasure at your glances, as if being so enjoyed flatters her to the core. Is that why she purrs just now and gives a little wriggle as she puts her hands almost lady-like into her naked lap?

“I know why you’re here, and I’ll tell you what I can. I can’t share everything of course. A woman’s greatest strength over men and sometimes even other women is often that errant air of mystery we achieve and maintain. So, I’ll tell you what I can.” She smiles coyly, almost like a young college girl. “But only what I can.”

“I wasn’t always what you see now, of course. Life is never as boring as people make it out to be. I began as something else, some ‘one’ else. And now I am as you see me. How I got there, well. That is a tale of adventure and triumph as much as it is a story of tragedy and loss. Sometimes, we have to lose before we can gain.”

Her smile is wry as she steps forward, holding a chair out for you to sit in. With a hand gently resting on your shoulder, she continues.

“It all started with goblins and aliens. I discovered the internet like every other girl I knew and with it came the answer to some very long lasting questions I’d had since my childhood. I found the truth of things and more. With every question answered, a new one came up.”

Webwych poses on a table

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She moves around to in front of you, then suddenly you find her sitting in your lap, her fleshy thighs sideways across your own. Her hands draw yours to her body, placing one of your palms flat against her behind, and securing the other over one large areola. The nub of her nipple is firm against your bare hand and makes you have more than a little of a chill. Her sexuality is so prevalent, even as she continues her almost mundane and bookish tale.

“From goblins, I moved on to discovering roleplay online. Oh the worlds that opened up to me. The things I found I could be! And I wanted to be all of them!”

Her voice is almost a purr once more as she rests her cheek with a contented sound against your head. Her hand massages her breast with your own until you take the action over yourself, quite happy to manipulate that heavy teat on your own. Cupping that breast just so, you feel compelled to lower your mouth to the erect nipple and drop kisses there. She coos contentedly at your touch and her voice drops to an aroused whisper.

“I found Stormbringer that way. Looking for tales of adult erotica, for the people who wrote such wicked and delicious stories. Do you know, he’s the only man I’ve met so far who can make me wet with words alone?” She grips your hand now, not tearing your mouth away from her tit but moving your fingers to the cleft between her ample thighs. Honeyed juices wait for you there, her sex is warm and slick and obviously she is stimulated in her recounting of her coming to be what she is, who she is.

“He ran a very deadly site back then, the likes of which I had never before seen and couldn’t believe existed. I wanted to do what he was doing, be like him. I think that’s about the time I started to see him like a father, one I’d never had. He was, is, so many things I wanted and want to be!” Her hand pushes yours deeper between her thighs and she gives out a soft moan, legs parting.

“We never had ‘that’ kind of relationship, though we came close. But he’s too wise and I’m still far too headstrong and ignorant of the things he’s spent decades learning, that I have yet to touch on. So, I started to mmm... become something else... something he might value... a webwych... ”

At this, one of her legs has slid off your own, leaving her barely furred pussy exposed to your fingers, and your eyes. You’re unable to resist the urge to tease at the sexy, puffy folds, to part her privacy and pull and tug at her engorged clit.

“Yesss... .just like that,” she says, her fingers curling and uncurling against your scalp as her eyes close. Her story continues in dreamy tones as you touch and tease at her sex. “I asked what he needed, and found ways to learn how to do it. I always wanted to write and make pictures that would excite men, men just like you. Mmm, yess, don’t stop touching... ah yes, like that. I wanted to know men like you were getting off on my stories and artwork. That was so flattering to me! Ahh! But I wanted more! I wanted to be just like Stormbringer, to someday have an empire! I didn’t know if I had what it took but I knew I could try, by learning right along with the best of them!”

She shudders as your fingers plunge deep into her tight sheath, teasing at the labia minora for but a moment before seeking out her damp centre. She arches her back, her breasts pushed against your eager lips and tongue. You wonder how it is you can still coherently listen to her story, while frigging her pussy and playing mouth games with each of her nipples in turn. But somehow, you are...

“I learned, ohhh mmmm! How to manipulate the internet... I learned about commerce in an online fashion, and how to code pages that would make people stop and pay attention. Nothing like Stormbringer’s skill, but sufficient to be a help to him. I wanted to learn... ohh yesss mmmm... I wanted to learn more. And I did!”

Her hips rock back and forth, forcing your fingers deeper. You find yourself tugging and stretching those sensitive nubs of dark flesh that top off her copious breasts every time she shudders and pulls away. She whimpers in pain at the tugging but does nothing to stop you. In fact, she encourages you further, her hand on your head guiding you to her skin repeatedly.

“I had to learn so much! Be someone else! Take risks in my life that others shied away from! Ahhh gods that feels so good! And I did it! And... ahhh gods... ! Yesss!”

Your fervent frigging and slithery tongue and lips are rewarded with her ecstatic cries of orgasmic glee, and soon the dungeon-like room echoes with her cum-caused squeals of pleasure. Your hand is soaked, your pants are soaked, your shoes probably even bear little dribbles of misplaced honey; the scent will last for days, no matter how much you try to wash it away. And no matter what you tell those who look at you sternly days from now, there is no denying a woman’s pleasure landed here... and here... and over there, too.

With a smile and a pat, she extricates herself from your lap and moves over to the boxes she had been previously rifling through. A simple black dress is plucked up by her hands and slid over her ebony mass of hair until every curve you so eagerly gazed upon moments ago is covered, excluding her well formed calves. She steps into a pair of high heeled shoes and walks by you, stopping for a moment to give you a sweet almost chaste kiss on the lips.

“Why do you look so stunned?” she asks, answering before you can respond. “This isn’t my office, of course. What do you think we are, Neanderthals?”

Her laugh is like a creek tripping over smooth stones in spring thaw, and the sound makes you smile stupidly at her wiggling ass and shivering skirt hem. You’re sure you can see her own juices glistening on the inside of her knees, perhaps up her inner thighs. And looking down, you realize just what a mess she’s made of your lap.

She looks at you over her shoulder, one of her hands on the door’s knob and oh how you wish her hand was on your own knob, now fully erect and tightly constrained in your pants. A thought occurs to you; the two of you, alone, down here in what must be a records room of some sort. Could you take her? Overwhelm her and have her, even if she objected? She’d only object for a moment, right? She was so wanton and hungry before. Couldn’t you make her hungry again?

A twinkle in the emerald sparkle of her eyes warns you away from the idea, and your cheeks flush red at the thought that had come so unbidden. Surely it’s a spell. She did call herself a witch, didn’t she? Uncomfortably, you rise from the chair and try to brush and wipe your pants, to no avail. When you lift your head again, she’s gone, as if she were never there.

Did you even find out anything you were trying to discover? Who is she? What exactly does she do here? And what the hell possessed you to finger a total stranger on your lap like that?

Lifting your chin, you seek out other doors, other personnel to speak with. And you can’t help but wonder what magnificent manor you’ve stumbled into. Who else is here? And what else will happen to you during your stay, what other delights will occur that you can maybe blame on the atmosphere of this highly erotic place you’ve just discovered...

“Everything,” comes a whisper uninvited in your mind. But no one is there, are they?