Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Updates


From time to time we add extra pages here to make the place more interesting and, perhaps more than anything, because we all like writing erotic fantasy fiction. So if you want to keep up with the developing tales of SBE Tower, or if you just enjoy sexy art and stories, check back here to see what we've been up to.

  • February 9As promised, two new art and story zip packages add ed to Candice staff file.
  • January 31 2014Check out Candice Staff File for a new section called Candice Zips. More will be added there soon!
  • December 17MAJOR NEWS! SBE Tower is now available to visit free of charge in Second Life!
  • November 20Another four for the SBE staff album.
  • November 16Updating tends to be sporadic and we may often forget to even mention it. So do look around. Meanwhile there is one definite new section in the Staff pages. One that we expect to grow regularly.
  • September 1Reohoko has 20 new pictures of her naked ;) Look for the link to her Glade in the Staff pages.
  • June 19 2010Added the free resource page for erotic 3D artists
  • April 23 2010Stormbringer has Nayelli accompany him on a visit to Tokyo in a new story. Look for nayelli in the staff pages here.
  • March 10 2010Candice finds herself taking an unexpected delivery in a new story. Read it in her part of this site.
  • December 19 2009Story illustrations done for us by Edgar Rocha this time! Let's see... two in Candice Rebels, two in Lust In The Ruins, one in Nayelli's introduction and one in Visiting The Cavern. As if that wasn't enough, Candice site has rebuilt and you can now download Virtual Candice absolutely free. That's a big HAPPY CHRISTMAS and thank you from all of us here at SBE!
  • December 16 2009Cybrotica web site is back in business and growing bigger all the time. Check out the gallery and free sample artwork!
  • November 4 2009Cybrotica's history is added to the staff pages
  • October 20 2009Candice has some unexpected company in this sexy fable
  • October 17 2009Reohoko loses her way with interesting consequences
  • October 2 2009Candice has a scary experience in a very strange location
  • September 29 2009Webwych reveals something of herself in the Staff pages
  • September 16 2009Nayelli and Candice visit the cavern
  • September 10 2009Reohoko meets Candice and they get along well together
  • September 1 2009Reohoko comes into the world of SBE Tower and the Glade