Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Silverman


Muscle-bodied, silver-skinned.
Curious, watchful but not to the point of caring though not insensitive.

Shifting out of the infinite black and into this plane where it’s attention was drawn, the liquid-like form moved through the dark alley into the yellow-lit street. Observing this world from a distance had been fascinating, but seeing it now up close was another matter. Experiencing it as the inhabitants of this world would be the next step and the silver form was anxious to begin.

Floating through the dark, night streets the fluid entity moved with a purpose. It had seen the things that caught its interest and wanted to investigate them further. A scream echoed through a dark alley nearby, followed by devious laughter. The sounds registered in the slithering entity’s sensory filters. Following the noises, it happened upon a scene where two human males had cornered a young human female. One of them was grabbing at her; the other was grabbing at her clothes. It didn’t take long for them to overpower her and take what they wanted. She was theirs to use for the next twenty minutes. The silver stream hovered in the shadows nearby, watching the entire event. It knew this was unwanted by the female and it was something the humans had defined as a crime. The men finished and left the woman, broken and crying. The eel-like essence moved on also, it had seen what it came to observe, though not before whispering to the woman; in her mind she would hear, “You are strong, you said no.”

Floating upward more, toward an open window of one of the buildings backing onto the alley, the essence moved. From its position outside the window it could see a well lit apartment with a male and a female inside, both were unclothed and tangled in each other’s arms. Their mouths pressed together, mashing lips. The couple moved from an over furnished dining area to a room with a sleeping apparatus and many clothes strewn about. They were lost in each other, barely withdrawing their lips as they moved. Once the bed stopped their travel, the female fell onto the bed, opening her legs. The male appeared to know what to do with this and fell on top of her, his lower sexual appendage slipping inside the female, disappearing from view. The silver eel moved through the window, registering more sounds, moans and groans, grunts and slapping noises coming from the couple as they copulated. Once finished, the male rolled onto the bed and quickly fell asleep. The female slept soon after. With fluid grace, the form moved between the two, probing their minds to sense their feelings, thoughts and sensations. Having experienced some of the emotions and sensations of the couple, the form moved on.

Flowing through the streets unnoticed, only pausing to watch and take in the acts of sex; paying particular attention to the episodes that did not involve reproductive practices, the entity was soon ready to take on a more direct experiment. Noting a billboard high in the sky, plastered against a building, the entity scanned the image there of a male model. It hypothesized that this must be a prime example of human males if it was given a media form of this magnitude. The liquid transformed around it, forming a physical replica of the male model. It’s skin still shimmered with silver, there was no hair to be found, but the body looked as if it had been molded from a cast of the model himself. He was a silver man.


This picture created by Silverman for Stormbringer Enterprises
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That’s when a certain energy enveloped him, the feeling was electric and sexual and it was beckoning. His will would not falter to this summoning, but his curiosity had piqued. He followed the source of the energy, not through the streets but on a different plane, instantly appearing in the circle that created the magickal draw.

Before him stood a human female, DIWebWych as she would later introduce herself, naked and standing in an office that looked as if it had been decorated by an eclectic person with a fetish for objects of magick. Her power must have been very strong for it surrounded him, enveloping every aspect of him. Their connection was instant and the two collided. Their bodies pressed together, lips mashed, hands grasped and groped and legs intertwined. The silver entity didn’t know what to do, but he did what felt right at the time, and he felt for the first time what so many humans had felt before. No words were spoken and no feelings were shared. When the act was over Silverman stepped back into the centre of the circle and disappeared the same way he came in.

Now it had a taste for this sexual pleasure that the humans so eagerly partook in. Walking now, trying to imitate the humans to the best of its ability, though naked and completely silver. Passing through the day-lit streets, getting stares and looks of apprehension from most, the silver man walked, not yet knowing where he would find himself. He could hear people talking about him, “what is that?” “It must be a costume.” “Pretty damn good costume, if you ask me.” “How did he paint himself like that?” “Is he naked?”

Then, more sexual energy caught his attention, nearby. A large building with massive wooden doors stood before him, a staircase led to the large doors, where upon entry, he would find an open room with dozens of rows of wooden benches facing toward a podium. Crosses were emblazoned everywhere and people sat in the benches, not filling them, but enough so that a low hum of whispers could be heard. The minister; for Silverman knew this to be what the humans called a church, and a minister presided inside a church, was emphatically explaining the sins of sex beyond that of reproduction. He didn’t listen, merely heard the words that were said and continued toward the place where this new energy was coming from. A clergyman made to stop him as he neared a door that only members of the church were allowed to pass through. With a wave of his hand, Silverman invaded the man’s mind, instilling the thoughts of allowance and entry. The man in cloth stepped aside.

Walking through the inner chambers of the church, the silver man could feel the presence of sex getting closer. Closer. Until he knew it must be on the other side of the door he stood in front of. Slowly pushing the door open, retaining his fluid grace even after taking on the physical form, he peered inside to find a hooded woman in a white dress kneeling on the floor, before her was another hooded woman, only her dress had been pulled up to her waist and she sat on a table so that her sex was exposed to the first. Watching quietly from the doorway, he could also hear their sounds. A subtle slurping noise was heard occasionally, as well as moans from the woman on the table. These women of the cloth were held back by none of their religious beliefs. Silverman moved around the side of the room to get a better view, from here he could see the kneeling woman using her hand as well, the index finger teased the insides of the woman’s slit as her tongue moved nearer the top, her thumb pressed inside the other woman’s anus. The two fingers alternated their penetration. This seemed to be the final wall of the tabled woman’s resolve as she screamed out in ecstasy and her pleasure peaked in a final orgasm.

Walking through the streets again, Silverman could feel a massive ball of energy that radiated into the sky in front of him. Perhaps this would be what he was really looking for. It didn’t take long for him to reach the source. He could feel the energy like an aura around the entire building in front of him. Reading the sign on the front, he knew, this must be the place. Stormbringer Enterprises. DIWebWych was here; this was where he met her the first time and this was the source of the deep sexual energy he could sense from so far away, attracting him of its own accord. He gripped the handle of the glass door, pulled it open and stepped inside.