Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Lillia


Wings such wonderful things; dark and leathery against smooth white fleshy curves which would seduce anyone who came near, and fingernails that were mere claws sculpted dark as the night. Dark runic marks shadowed her eyes, each lovely sin adding to the skin discoloration. Every carnal behavior left her with a deeper design around those pretty eyes. Some think she absorbed all the delightful sins that happened in her domain underneath Stormbringer Enterprises, and tonight her mission was to catch an able body to lure the man himself to her. The demonette had plotted how to bring Stormbringer to her domain for a long time, never believing he knew where it was, or what she did there. She was either naïve or a master planner, but tonight she would find out.

Her name was Lillia, and that evening she left the deep cavern where she dwelled; dim groans and cries followed her and ebbed away as she pressed her nude body against the wall. It opened allowing her form to pass through, leaving the wall to quiver as her outline disappeared and it returned to solid form. Tonight her lovelies would tend for themselves or leave another trail of fluid for the Janitors to clean out in the halls wondering where it came from. Windows and floorboards never had a trace of the mixed fluids they mopped daily on their rounds.

In their office, the main Janitor was complaining and telling his assistant Attis that he wanted to find out where those sticky fluids were coming from. Attis was appealing to look at, wearing his long hair in a ponytail and was quite immaculate in his appearance. During the work days the Janitors wore gray uniforms zipped up in the front and gloves to match. The name tag on Attis's uniform read Assistant Janitor. He sighed and walked off into the halls, checking every nook and cranny to see where a leak could come from. Attis looked to be fully human, but had the ability to mold and twist into different shapes. As with the other members of that shadowy group known as the Janitors, he had been sent by aliens to do the diverse work needed in maintaining Stormbringer Enterprises. When he needed to change forms he became a soft gel, his ears elongated to antennas and his hair became loose spiral tentacles in a beautiful shade of orange.

The Janitor often came across Stormbringer in the halls on his daily rounds and personally cleaned his office. They chatted and were friendly enough to call each other by name, just as they did today when the CEO passed by. Attis told the man exactly what he had reported back to the Head Janitor, Tarosk, that he still hadn't found any place a leak could be coming from but that he would continue looking.

Lillia feared the Janitors would find an opening she had no control over, though she didn't really care if they had to clean the fluids that came from her domain. Her main concern tonight was to look over each floor for a hidden entrance she didn't know about whilst also seeking an opportunity to trap Stormbringer. The demonette jumped up only to be swallowed into the black skies; the glass window never opened, demonettes could walk through glass and clear surfaces and she hovered on dark wings outside the tower looking into its lighted windows. The glow of something orange on the next floor caught her eye. She moved towards it, and nestled close wondering what it was going to do. A thin silver vent where heat came through was on the side of the wall and she watched with awe as Attis's form changed and he slithered on the floor much like a glob of gel and went into the grate. The hallway was quiet enough, no workers were around and she pressed her chest against the window and let herself in.

Standing near the grate, she peered down it watching Attis disappear through the vent. She had keen vision at night and her dark eyes took on a red hue to see what he might find. No cracks or spaces were seen and she hurried down to the next vent hoping he'd emerge from it. Her wish was granted but to her dismay, when Attis slithered out of the metal grate and elongated, her vision failed and all she saw was a blur of orange making her shield her eyes. A gel like touch was felt on each nipple, and she could swear she heard laughter, standing there dazed for a few minutes. When her vision cleared and she looked down the hall no one was seen.

Lillia looked both ways up and down the hall, deciding to walk away from the direction she had come from. That was when she saw Attis back in his human form. He must have been leaving for the night because he walked into an employee room to change out of his uniform. Attis was tall and slender but had nice abs and a nice ass, she saw as she watched him pull off his gray uniform and start to dress in street clothes. He put on faded blue jeans and a T-shirt with an imprint in abstract art of the building he worked for. The gray imprint on black was done in good taste, and he looked quite handsome heading towards the elevator to go home for the night. Lillia followed in her own way pressing to the window that released her, and landing on the ground floor by the main doors of the building.

She followed him down several streets until he came to a basement apartment where a woman dressed in a deep purple robe let him in. She had long dark hair, an olive complexion and dark eyes. The short satin robe clung to her body; it was so smooth that the shape of her breasts and bottom was clearly outlined by the way it draped around her. Even the position of her nipples was visible under the thin fabric.

Lillia pressed herself through the window, dropping behind a tall Victorian style chair to watch and listen. Her form was shaded in the shadows with black wings which hid her pale flesh perfectly. She was curious to find out how Attis had blinded her for that short time, and what he was about to do. The woman's apartment was decorated in black and she had religious crosses on the walls, no doubt a real believer or an artifact collector. Either way the true sense of the artifacts was harmful to Lillia, so to protect herself she cast shadows over all of them with her wings. There were religious crosses found in every belief, from Orthodox, to Roman Catholic; she had one huge picture of the Virgin Mary kneeled in front of a cross in back of the couch and blue candles burning on each side.

Lillia licked her lips in appreciation watching the couple. Attis touched the woman's neck and ran his hand to the opening of her robe. But she put her hand up stopping him and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

"We really shouldn't; you know I want to wait."

Attis gave her one of those devilish smiles and kissed her passionately; he had waited long enough to have the luscious women in front of him. "Just let me touch you Angelina, I promise I won't do anything more than touch you. Let me strip you and look at your body, feel every curve of you… please."

She was shy enough to blush, glancing down at the large black velour couch which was right next to them. Attis had walked in on her right after a shower and she had nothing on under her short satin robe. Angelina stood there thinking for awhile but he was so convincing that she agreed. "Alright, but just touching I told you I want to wait until I am married."

Lillia silently laughed to herself listening and expected see a lot more than touching. Her tail whipped back and forth behind the chair in excitement as Attis delicately drew the robe off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor; inside the tight jeans he was hard and erect just with the anticipation of touching her. His hand ran down her cheek and neck and he motioned her to lie down on the couch. Angelina did what he asked, settling back gracefully. She was slender but had ample sized breasts with toasty brown nipples. Her legs were smooth shaven, and she kept one hand over her sex in shyness as he looked at every inch of her body.

Attis kneeled on the floor and kissed her hand, so romantic for shy Angelina that she relaxed and yet still held her hand over her pussy. He took her hand away and placed her arms on the side of her. She shivered a bit, and chills ran up her arms and down her back. Attis just stared for a long time at each curve of her body and didn't touch her.

"You're beautiful and I want you!"

"I know; when the time is right Attis."

He knew she was hinting at marriage but he wanted her there and then, he also knew she was a virgin. Something about that thought made his hard erection strain to escape the confines of his jeans. His fingers touched her dark hair brushing it back from her ear. One finger traced over her earlobe and neck finding its way to the middle of her cleavage. Angelina's breast came to life; the long toasty brown nipples lengthened and hardened with his finger being so close. Attis took his index finger, lifted her nipple and swirled around and around, watching it puff and grow in length.

The Janitor didn't say a word but he noticed she squirmed and lifted that beautiful ass from the couch. He took his hand away and remained kneeling just looking into her eyes. He could easily blind her and take her there and then, but he was toying with her to see how she responded. Angelina looked down to see her nipples much larger from his touch and her pussy was glistening wet. That embarrassed her more and he knew it, playing off her shyness.

"Open your legs for me Angelina."

She didn't do it and blushed deeply. In fact her hand reached over to cover herself again, so once more he pushed it away. There was a tightening of his jaw hidden from her sight since his head was bent down.

He pried her thighs apart exposing her glistening pussy which he craved to lick. His strong fingers spread her pussy lips open to expose her glistening clit, and she tried closing her thighs to no avail. Attis was being gentle and keeping his promise, but her shyness was beginning to irritate him. It may have been those fluids he mopped daily that made his senses crave the juices over her clit and which made him dip down to drag his tongue over it. The taste of her delighted him, and his tongue grew in length as he licked her thoroughly and then poked his elongating tongue into her tiny passage. Angelina knew she was getting too turned on and pushed at his head between her legs. If she let him have his way she would be ruined for any other man.

The first push to his head he ignored, but the second slap she gave him angered him. Meanwhile in back of the chair Lillia watched, enjoying what she saw. She enjoyed it so much her own hand began to slide over her clit and her other hand pinched at her nipples.

Angelina tried to yank up from the couch into a sitting position when suddenly Attis's ears elongated and split into tentacles to push at her breasts, and hold her down. Their grip tightened on her nipples until she screamed out, but one of the tentacles pushed into her mouth forming a ball of gel so she couldn't shout. His form changed to orange gel and the clothes he wore slid completely to the floor without being unfastened. A large orange gel cock bobbed and drooled cum over her pussy wetting her enough to slide in an inch. Angelina's dark eyes widened in fear and she tried screaming to no avail.

She knew he would take her, and watched in horror as the pre-cum flowed between her pussy lips lubricating it well.

"Angelina lie still or I will hurt you."

She struggled more seeing his form, and the shape and the size of the orange gelled cock sliding into her. The more she struggled the longer his tentacles became and they wrapped around her like a rope as he shoved a few more inches of his cock up her pussy. When he hit her hymen her dark eyes grew wide.

 Lillia wiggled in back of the chair and craved to join in. But she also enjoyed watching and trying to manipulate Attis's mind. The man gave Angelina one more chance and the ball of gel in her mouth was removed so she could speak.

"Please what are you doing, and who are you?" This wasn't the man she knew as the Janitor from Stormbringer Enterprises; this being frightened her to death, and she feared he would rip her apart.

"Shut up, it's been long enough. Lie still!"

He hunched his ass up and was on his knees pushing his cock deep within her. The scream of pain filled the entire room. He had no compassion shoving straight up into her cervix. His ass became a gelled piston going in and out, making sure to pull out entirely before ramming back in. His cock glistened with blood and he had no mercy. Tears ran from her dark eyes as he had his way with her.  She knew with every faint breath she had this wasn't a human fucking her it was some odd being with strength she couldn't fight off.

Lillia was quite pleased by what she witnessed and wanted more of the delights for herself. She waited, preyed quietly behind the high wing chair where she pleasured herself thinking Attis was doing that to her. Her pleasure dripped upon Angelina's rugs leaving the scent of sex in the room. Her red eyes watched as Attis gave one deep plunge most liking ripping through Angelina's virgin pussy and spewing what seemed at least a pint of cum; the demonette saw it pouring back out mixed with the woman's blood.

When Attis was done he left Angelina laying there holding her hand on damaged pussy, and crying. He stood up, and his hands beamed such a bright light into her eyes she blinked trying to see. He was erasing her sight and her memory. He looked down at the motionless Angelina, who was trying to see him, but could see nothing but a glow of orange all around her. Soft applause came from the back of the chair and Lillia came out to finally show herself.

"Well done; now I have a favor to ask of you. I can show you more pleasure than that woman, if you bring me Stormbringer. Tonight go to the seventh floor and walk past the two double windows, then walk four feet from the window to the right, and press your hand against the wall. Be sure to bring him with you, I promise you every delight, and a variety of beings to entertain you… then you shall have me."

Her hand clutched his, and her handprint was left upon his hand, it would be the only way he would get in, and the imprint would last twenty four hours. He lifted his hand to look at his palm seeing the smaller hand print with claws curled and the lines of her flesh embedded into the gel of his hand.

Attis looked at that luscious body she promised to give him and decided to do as she asked to have her for his own. But it was a dangerous thing to believe a demonette, they weren't ones to keep their word. Her ruby lips parted in a smile as she looked down at his hard cock shining with delicious juices in the dimly lit room. Turning from him, the beautiful curve of her ass showed off a tail, the end of which looked like an arrow, smooth and leathery as it wrapped about her waist, then down in between the cheeks of her behind. Laughter filled the room as she took the tip of the tail and traced over her wet slit dripping with juices.

Lillia was ready to orgasm herself so pleased at what she just witnessed and her smaller wings expanded as she climaxed, which threw her against the wall and the religious painting; legs and arms expanded leaving a trail of clear fluid in her own image. She hovered there trembling in pleasure and winked at Attis.

"Bring him to me and I will teach you pleasures you will never know anywhere else. Tell Stormbringer you were told I need to see him, tell him if you dare, there is a domain deep within the recesses of the cavern demanding his appearance."

While Attis form slowly changed back to human he smirked and looked at the delectable Lillia, planning to have her for his own. She disappeared in an instant flying back up the Stormbringer Enterprises building, finding her home through the same window and ebbing into the wall. Inside she walked down a long hall with metal stalls, where people and beings had their heads secured and were given their fantasy and more, maybe much more, than they expected. It looked much like a high tech barn, steel stalls securing their heads and each would get what they came for.  A trough ran in back of them, cum and pussy fluids flowed towards the hall that the Janitor would soon have to clean.

Sexy demonette Lillia kneels naked

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There was a large chair up above the bleachers where she took her seat, and she pulled out a whip long enough to reach the stationed people. The whip looked much like her own tail, forked on the end, and she entertained herself for the next few hours whipping a virgin, teaching her to take each inch of the cock which was working into her slit. The being fucking her was leathery and had tentacles coming from its face that wrapped around each of the woman's tits making her nipples long and red from the pressure. Maybe he was milking her nipples because they elongated and dripped fluid to the floor.

Her screams of pain and pleasure brought Lillia to fondle herself in between whipping the male's ass to ram deeper inside the woman wanting him to deflower her just when Attis and Stormbringer would walk in.

A small metal capsule came to life just at the minute Attis's hand touched the wall bringing with him the infamous Stormbringer. The wall became black jelly, opening for each of them to walk through and closed once again. Either the inside walls were painted faux style fiery red and lighted behind, or fire burned in back of the stone making it red. The temperature of the room was quite hot. An amused Lillia sat upon her throne-like chair on top of the bleachers watching. She was good to her promise, and as soon as they both walked in the virgin was thrust into, leading her to scream out among the other grunts and moans of those captured in the stations.

"Finally I meet you Stormbringer. Thank you, Attis. Come sit up here by me and watch the pleasures I promised you." She planned on Stormbringer raising the power of her domain, sending her people he selected, and hoped he would personally use the pleasures she offered.

Stormbringer's dark hair was longer than most executives; finger combed and brushed in back of his ears resting to the nape of his neck. He looked up at the demonette and smiled. With a whisper to Attis they both laughed and took her up on the offer walking to the top. Stormbringer stared at her naked body and opened the neck of his crisp white shirt. When he sat down on one side of her, and Attis on the other he smirked, his jaw tightening for a second before he suddenly grabbed the whip from her hand.

"Oh how naughty Lillia, where did you find my whip?"

Her dark eyes ebbed with red, and she looked into his blue eyes, how did he know her name?

"Your whip? What are you talking about?"

He stroked his hand down the whip, and that crisp white shirt opened at the neck didn't show a bead of perspiration. Stormbringer seemed quite familiar with the domain she thought he couldn't know about and it shocked her into a moment of silence, but not before he worked her own whip up her bare thigh with the tip of it poking at her pussy.

Attis was amused watching them, and the hand she left her handprint on began to elongate into a long orange oversize rubber band. It began swirling round and around while Lillia focused her eyes on the whip creeping up towards her clitoris and nudging at the lips of her sex. The long piece of orange rubber turned and twisted into a braid making one long chain to hang from his wrist.

She became quite indignant when he said the whip was his. Of course she could have one of her minions create another one out of the discarded skins in the back, but skins were precious and used to keep the fires stoked. The heat in her domain wasn't to create warmth but to create the intense lust people felt when entering. Some bodies needed to be discarded after being used up, and they burned for a long while before another one was to be used. One skin might burn for several months if you consider how many lustful thoughts a person has in a lifetime.

Stormbringer held the whip firmly in his hand and made it creep closer and closer poking it in her slit and pulling it out. He was like the conductor of an orchestra and the whip his baton, but there was a purpose to his actions, he wanted to see just how far he could go in that domain before he saw the real Lillia. He wore a watch with odd symbols instead of numbers and Silverman watched as the hands turned on the face of the watch.

Lillia didn't want to lose the deal of a lifetime, seeing Stormbringer had so many contacts and owned the building above her. A public entrance to her domain would enable a heavy flow of traffic coming in and out, which would in turn increase her power. She spread her legs open as he slid the arrow end into her slit and watched his eyes, attempting to send the same lustful thoughts into his mind as she had Attis. Her long red tongue lashed at her lips and she put her finger inside her pussy and then licked it as she would his cock if he let her suck him. The index finger of her hand with the long dark claw moved in and out of her lips making a smacking wet sound. She knew most men couldn't resist the temptation she was sending his way.


Strong orange rubber tentacles spun in the air and wrapped about the demonette; without a second's notice she was wrapped above her breasts and underneath, Attis's chain made a curious bow around her midriff and around her hands. Both he and Stormbringer must have had this preplanned; the more the chain lengthened the less of Attis was seen, until only his head bobbing at the end of the chain and that long gelled orange tongue stabbing at her nipples was in focus. He was literally wrapped about any area that Stormbringer didn't have to use.

A scream of fury filled the chamber, and those writhing in the stalls stopped to look up as Stormbringer stripped off his shirt and stared down to the exposed delights of Lillia. His hand reached for his pants and he unbuckled the belt, taking the metal end of it in his hand and lashed her ass until it was bright red. She liked it, and her screams became laughter even with Attis's tentacles stretching her legs so far apart a human's legs would break.

His black pants fell to his feet and he stepped out of them, his cock was swollen and hard, and he was ready to take her any way he wished. Attis kept himself busy with those pert nipples, the gooey feeling as his gel tongue lapped at them making them swell in length. Lillia played along with them, after all she was a demonette and not human; she read each lustful thought they were thinking and as Attis became engrossed in her nipples they sprouted long and throbbing.

Stormbringer took his foot and kicked her throne back leaving her half reclined until her head was back enough that he could move forward and make her suck him with her very long wet tongue. Lillia's wet red tongue lolled from her mouth as he slid his cock over it, and it wrapped around him like a hand would as he shoved his pelvis forward. Both wanted to be in control and she was responding while trying to make him see how much pleasure she could give. The tip of her red tongue poked up to the tip of his cock and just fluttered over it, until he moaned out in pleasure. That was no ordinary tongue it left a creamy trace all over his cock and was about one foot in length, capable to give him the blow job of his life. The demonette had a wicked grin on her face while doing it.

"Lillia, less grinning and more sucking will please me."

He pushed forward convinced he would wipe that grin off her face and stuff her throat with his throbbing cock, but was able to push right down without choking her. He could feel her throat contract and vibrate, and knew she was doing it on purpose to make him cum hard. Her breath warmed his very balls which were tightening and ready to spew their contents inside her. Lillia wasn't beyond enjoying sexual experiences herself and she dripped with pleasure from what both of them were doing. Stormbringer released a good flow of cum down her throat and she swallowed it all.

He wasn't done with her yet; he yanked free from her gaping mouth and wiped the sides of her face with his cock, leaving the remains of cum on her pale white cheeks. He slapped her nose a bit with his half hard cock, and then picked up the whip. Just on cue Attis's body began to thicken and the links of his tentacles strengthened, he was literally wrapped around her body restraining her as Stormbringer shoved the whip as far as it would go up her pussy.

"Stormbringer you have wanted to do that to others and were not able, but look how far you can plunge inside me."

She smirked as the whip handle went completely inside her body and a mound of her flesh popped out from her midriff. Lillia wasn't going to be used as one of his other associates, but would intrigue him with every dark fantasy he ever had. He found that exciting, but turned hearing the cries of a woman in the stalls below them. She was struggling with a beast that was lapping milk from her leaking tits while another beast was licking her from behind. The screams were of pure pleasure, but when she pulled at her neck she found the stall held her tightly inside.

That brought Stormbringer down below to see what was happening and he noticed that the beasts licking her had the heads of human women and their breasts were exaggerated with protruding red nipples. He seemed intrigued enough to watch the threesome, replacing his shirt while Attis took over.

Attis was hungry for his turn and his arms became tools of pleasure along with his hard cock. One arm reached up and stuffed Lillia's mouth again, but this time she had a few tricks up her sleeve too. After all she was a demonette and not only did she own this domain, she had ways to make a person want to stay forever... for the right price.

Another body just like hers dropped to her knees and began sucking that orange gelled cock of Attis, twirling her hands over his balls and grasping him tightly to her. The threesome rolled down the bleacher seats in a ball of passion, twisting and groaning in ecstasy. Attis found he not only could take the shape of a man, but last much longer which pleased Lillia as the screams echoed against the stone walls.

It might have been a horrific sight to someone coming in, but to Lillia this was her own ground, and she waited for Attis to be done using her before approaching Stormbringer. Once he was done she untangled from the rolling ball and walked over to Stormbringer with streaks of orange dripping down her inner thighs.

"Shall we discuss business now?"

"Of course Lillia, see this?" Stormbringer pulled out something silver and shaped like a bullet with a lever on the side, and shoved it in front of her chest for her to look at it. It was a replica of the device that she used to open the doors, and she looked up at him with a grin on her lips.

"So you have something like I do, what else can you duplicate?"

He answered, matter of fact and very business-like, with his shirt opened at the neck and no pants on, his cock erect from watching the three females writhe before him stationed at the stall.

"I can shut you down in a minute, but I can't duplicate the pleasures you have here in this domain. If you want to remain open and receive my help and clients, I suggest you find ways to amuse me when I visit. Attis has enough electronic devices on him to gather the data of this domain and how it works. I can retrieve it, and with the help of my staff close you down if you don't keep me pleasured and occupied."

It was a standoff between her and the man who owned Stormbringer Enterprises, each of them needing something from each other, only her domain might be destroyed if she didn't please him. She became sullen and thoughtful for a few seconds, as one would if they were the devil devising a plan. Her hand reached out to shake his and steal the device at the same time. That nasty tail of hers swept up to strike it out of Stormbringer's hand.

Attis stood watching taking in every bit of data from the device, absorbing it into his being, and when it hit the floor he acted. A large crack opened in back of her throne. A furious Lillia understood she had better agree with Stormbringer, because the crack would take many minions to seal again.

"You have a deal, I give you my word."

"Your word Lillia, does that mean I can trust you?"

"Of course you can, now send me some help to fix the damage he did to the wall."

Stormbringer ignored her for the moment while he turned to look at the damaged wall. It seemed Lillia was more interested in looking at him standing there aroused, and talking business. The crack in the wall had opened enough to show another demonette staring into the room. From what he could see there was more of those small domains, but nothing as large and intricate as hers. The other demonette slithered through the crack and just her presence in Lillia's domain alerted her minions.

Howls of protest filled the room and her minions rushed to the crack. There was a woman standing there dressed in a deep red chemise with red fishnet stockings, her hair was vivid pink, spiked and fringed around her face. She had large breasts that almost spilled out of her top, but she was wary to walk in too far. It was far enough for Stormbringer to see her though and he didn't miss an inch of her seductive flesh.

He remained quiet, maybe devising a plan of his own, and there was definitely a smirk on his lips. The other demonette was sexy enough but Lillia's temperament and looks were more to his liking. Her intelligence had plusses for the domain to become the largest, but he could manipulate her now with the jealousy and threat of her domain being lesser than the others. Soon enough Lillia's eyes followed his, to where he was looking, and a hiss came from those ruby lips. Her minions were crouched down, and even a silver vessel waddled over, with steam coming from its metal seams, when the trespasser came within a few feet.

Pure chaos was about to happen when Lillia took a lunge at the other demonette and took her hand to shove her back through the crack. Lillia could see into the other domain and it wasn't just females, there were men nude to the waist with bronzed bodies, black leather pants and long tails, coupled with demonettes of every size and color. The intruding demonette looked over Stormbringer and licked her lips with a tongue which was much shorter than Lillia's and surely not as pleasurable.

He knew this wasn't going to be a mere cat fight between two women and he had better step in quickly, so he waved Attis over and whispered something into his ear. The women had teeth bared, and claws extended ready to shred each other to bits wanting no competition.

Attis's arm reached for the woman with overflowing breasts and pushed her back through the crack. His arm gelled and thickened enough to draw down the crack to temporarily seal it until Stormbringer brought in enough help to seal it properly.

Stormbringer was amused by Lillia's reaction and played right into it. He was much taller than the demonette and looked down at her with a grin while buckling his pants, noticing her eyes were no longer dark, but blood red and those dark runes around her eyes had faded to gray in color. It had been enough to set the fire of competition, and so he offered her a bargain. His hand ran down her slender shoulder and one finger tapped on that dark nipple as if it was a trigger to passion while he spoke.

"You can remain the largest, and receive those I send to you, if you pleasure me when my needs seem fit. I want every pleasure known to man, and even those unknown."

His hand ran across her chest and he pinched a nipple, and then ran back slowly to her neck to her chin which he lifted and pressed his lips against, not to kiss her but to whisper.

"Now, do we have a deal Lillia, or do I let that crack erode and open by morning? Or do I walk through it to find pleasures elsewhere and let them intrude into your domain?"

Her long luscious tongue darted into his mouth with a promise of more when he returned, clever eyes looked into his and she whispered back not backing away, still pressed lips to lips with him.

"We have a deal, but I will not promise not rip her to shreds if she tries to come in here again." An indentation of a smile settled onto Attis's face, he was amused at Stormbringer's tactics and the demonette's territorial response. Stormbringer straightened back up after tweaking her nipples rather hard. There was no handshake because he was only interested in her body and mind at the moment. Stepping back he clasped the buckle on his belt, and looked at the whip on the floor. He bent down and picked it up running his hand down to the forked tail on it.

Throwing it back to Lillia he laughed.

 "Here is your whip Lillia."

"Of course, I knew it was mine all the time," she lied.

Stormbringer walked out the way he came in, leaving Attis there temporarily with a smile of satisfaction.

Lillia's skin had turned even paler, for she had thought it really was his whip the way he laid claim to it when meeting her. Her fingers tipped with those curved dark claws stroked down the handle before landing a crack on the two female's asses servicing the woman in the stall.

After all it was a night's work for a demonette and she knew if she worked hard she would remain the best of all domains.

With thanks to Tehya