Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - A Remote Chance

A Remote Chance

"Just look at her! I bet sheís gagging for it!"

Freddy was already looking. In fact his eyes had barely moved away from the deep cleavage between Candiceís voluptuous breasts since they had arrived at SBE Tower and been directed to the Erotic Illusions reception area to make a delivery. Irritation at having his fantasy about the young woman interrupted showed clearly in the tone his reply. "Maybe, but you can bet sheís reserved for someone more important than the likes of us."

"Oh I donít know about that," Ted argued, fingering something in his jacket pocket.

"Just look at her yourself," Freddy insisted. "Sheís got high class tart written all over her. She could have just about anybody but she probably saves herself for the executives who can buy her nice stuff."

Ted grinned to himself, his own gaze firmly fixed on the receptionist who remained blissfully unaware of their conversation. Candice was currently, in fact, unaware of practically everything around her, struggling as she always did to make the computerised telephone system connect her to her boss so he could come down to the foyer and sign personally for the packages as the delivery note insisted he do. Shaking her head in frustration as she bent over the console on her desk achieved little but to flick the twin bunches of long pink hair across the upper surfaces of her partially exposed breasts, which trembled invitingly in their tightly restraining crop-top.

"Itís all about how you approach these things," Ted insisted. "Just needs the right approach."

"Oh sure," his partner scoffed. "Just smile nice and sheíll bend over backwards for you!"

"I was thinking more about bending over forwards myself. Put her on her back and she might not be able to get up again what with the size of those melons sheís got stuffed up her jumper."

Freddy snorted at the feeble joke despite himself. But that just led to a mental picture of the girl draped naked across the low coffee table which was placed in front of the couch where they waited, her oversized boobs straining upwards like twin mountains. He shifted uncomfortably as the vision translated itself into a painfully strangled swelling within his pants. "Dream on," was the best retort that came to mind.

Ted dragged his eyes away from the captivating canyon between Candiceís breasts to look at the guy beside him with an affectation of superiority. "The trouble with you is, you donít aim high enough. But if you want to know what youíre missing, letís make it into a wager." He paused a moment to think. "Iíll bet you $50 that girl will have sex with both of us, right here, right now in this high class waiting room."

That caused Freddy to look away from the unintentional display of flesh himself, blinking rapidly as he tried to figure out the catch. "Let me get this right. Youíre betting me that we can both have it off with that pink haired girl there, without needing to force her or drug her or anything? No silly jokes or double meanings in it?"

"Well if you have something against gambling, I can always come back later on my own..."

"No... no... I canít really lose, can I? If youíre wrong I make the cash and if youíre right Iíll happily lose fifty bucks!"

The pair shook hands on it, Freddy still trying to figure out if he was about to be conned out of the money but unable to resist, just as Candice looked over with a helpless expression. "Iím sorry but I donít seem to be able to locate Mr Stormbringer just now," she uttered in an apologetic tone.

Candice looking sexy but out of her depth

Candice always looks cutely sexy but out of her depth when dealing with problems

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Ted seized the moment. "Well miss, how about you come over here and sign for him? Iím sure we can overlook it for a pretty girl like you."

"If youíre sure it will be ok? It would make Mr Stormbringer happy, I just know it." Sliding out from behind the desk, Candice crossed the carpeted floor to where the visitors were seated, breasts bobbing softly and hips swaying in unconscious sensuality.

"Thatís your big idea?" Freddy whispered. "Try to make her grateful enough?"

"No, and be quiet," Ted whispered back with irritation in case she overheard. Turning back to greet Candiceís arrival with a big, false smile, he handed over the clipboard. "Just sign there, miss, right where the X is." Unnoticed by either of the others he used the movement to surreptitiously slip a small black plastic box out of his pocket where he had been fingering it for the past ten minutes.

The receptionist did as she was bid and handed the board back with a bright smile, happy to have the problem solved along with a chance to gain some brownie points with her boss. "Thank you again. Will there be anything else?" she asked.

"Well yes, since you happen to mention it," Ted looked her in the eyes. "Would you mind terribly bending over and sucking my dick while my friend here fucks you?"

Candice stared at him with a frown forming on her pretty face.

Freddy stared aghast.

Time seemed to stand still.

Time did stand still, for two of the three people.

Ted smiled with satisfaction. It still worked, even though he always found it hard to believe; even though it still seemed like a cross between wish-fulfilment and a third rate storyline. Raising the remote control to his lips he gave it a kiss, careful not to press the play button and negate the way he had paused both the others at the exact moment he wanted them frozen.

It had been a genie of course. And if people said that was just fantasy, well there were enough people ready to believe in Bigfoot, aliens, the Loch Ness Monster, God... just about anything else and with no more evidence they were true. Those stories about Aladdin had to have come from somewhere. Or was it Sinbad? He could never remember.

Anyway it had been real enough when heíd been walking along the beach last summer and idly kicked a bottle washed up by the tide, causing the top to spring loose. And it had been real enough to make him pee himself when the cloud of smoke had solidified into something straight out of the Arabian Nights, even if this genie apparently hadnít read the script and offered him only one wish instead of three. Eternal life and Angelina Jolie were apparently not on the list of available options either. So Ted, sensing the genieís gratitude was wearing thin, said the first thing that popped into his mind.

That was how he ended up with a remote control unit that worked on people. Heíd been watching a very indifferent movie called Click on cable the previous evening and had spent quite some time fantasising about what he would do with such a device. Apart from the obvious ideas about freezing people to grab money or consumer goods with impunity, most of those fantasies had been masturbatory in concept and since that lucky event on the beach, he had put more than a few of them into practice.

Now he was about to try it again.

First he looked around carefully. It was always inconvenient if someone happened to come along at the wrong moment, since the controller only affected those he had pointed it at. More than once it had needed quick wits on his part to freeze an unexpected arrival during one of his more public exploits. At first he had thought it would be easy; walk into a bank, freeze everyone and walk out with a bag full of money. Or pause everyone in a nightclub while he had his way with a pretty girl. But a couple of interruptions combined with the realisation that his new toy had no effect on security cameras or those monitoring them had made him more circumspect. That was one reason he kept his job as a delivery driver. It reduced the times he had to go looking for extra cash.

Another reason was that it got him out and about, and he came into contact with a lot of attractive females that way. Girls such as the one who was standing frozen a couple of feet away from him right now. It was a risk, doing it in an open part of a building where other people might pass through at any moment. Usually he picked opportunities which at least allowed a closed door and some privacy. But it was worth the occasional risk for tits like those. And besides, with the inability to simply walk into a bank and help himself, he made a lot of his spare cash from winning seemingly impossible wagers.

Ted stood up and walked slowly around the girl, luxuriating in the power of his position. All that soft pink and white girl flesh was his to plunder as he saw fit and she would never even know what had happened. Still, he was out in the open so it was better not to take too long over it.

Seduction wasnít the name of the game here. Arousal was. No need to take a girl out for dinner and a movie, talk nice to her, hope to get invited in for coffee and then spend half the night trying to wrestle her out of her bra, only to hear Ďwell it had been a lovely evening and letís not spoil it eh...í† Just cut out the entire prelude and make her feel really hot. Then if she still said no when he pressed the play button, well he could always pause her again and fuck her anyway, though it wasnít so satisfying when she wasnít showing any sort of response. Sort of like an ultra-realistic sex doll.

Anyway, Freddy was right about one thing, Ted thought as he stepped in close behind Candice and smelled the fresh, clean scent of her hair. It was definitely a win-win situation. The worst that could happen was that he got to play with those enormous tits for a while, lost $50 and had to put up with some jokes at his expense. Definitely worth the chance!

The breasts in question seemed to be magnetic when he looked down over the shorter girlís shoulder. They drew his hands to them with an irresistible mammary power that he couldnít deny. Skimming his hands up over the bare flesh of her waist and ribs, Ted hooked his fingers into the hem of the girlís crop top and pulled it upwards. There was a delicious moment of resistance as the garment dragged her boobs higher and then it gave up the unequal struggle and Candiceís naked tits dropped back into place, bouncing gently before settling into the regular pattern of her breathing. It was enough to make Ted hard just watching them rise and fall.

Expecting to feel something with a texture not unlike fondling an American football, the man closed his hands over her tits, or as much as they would span anyway. That gave him a surprise. Despite their size and their upstanding defiance of gravity, the breasts he was holding had that soft resilience only found in the genuine article. "Well bugger me," he invited an invisible audience in amazement. "I was sure they would turn out to be stuffed so full of silicone you could play basketball with them!" Further examination confirmed the fact. Gripping them harder, his fingers dented yielding flesh until they almost disappeared from view.

That was a definite bonus and Ted took as long as he dared in manipulating the extensive orbs, exploring, weighing them in his palms, batting them softly from side to side, all the while intensely aware of his throbbing hard-on pressed up against the firm cheeks of Candiceís butt. It was something he had discovered very early on; despite being frozen in time, playing with a girlís body caused her to become excited and that arousal didnít just go away when he restored her ability to move. This trick had served him well on countless occasions and, as he teased and tugged at nipples which were perked up into long, hard thimbles, it was something he was counting on again today.

"Iíll bet youíd give a lot more than fifty bucks to be where I am right now," he grinned at the frozen figure of his partner, offering the swollen breasts to him with a mocking leer. But time was passing and he reluctantly pulled the pink top back down to cover them up before heading south. The abbreviated skirt was no real obstacle, nor was the flimsy thong underneath. He didnít even need to pull it down her thighs, just edged his fingers under the hem and cupped the heated mound beneath. And she was definitely hot, hot, hot, he told himself as he stroked the neat pelt briefly. He could feel the warmth even before his fingers located the girlís carefully shaved slit and traced it from top to bottom. Literally to bottom, as he gave Candiceís unguarded anus a quick tickle before returning to massage over the area where her clit was pushing out from between plump sex lips in itís turgid arousal. †

This was the tricky bit Ė getting a victim heated enough to overcome their defences without actually making them climax. But he had plenty of practice over the past couple of years and he manipulated that swollen bud like a maestro, easing off when he felt he was going too far, and then building the intensity again. Finally he decided she was as ready as she could possibly be. Carefully putting her underwear and skirt back into their original positions, he returned to his seat and pressed the play button on his remote control.

"I really have no idea what came over me, Mr Stormbringer," Candice apologised yet again. "One minute I was about to say something rude to him and the next I found myself so carried away that I had his thingie in my mouth while his friend was pulling my panties off. It was so embarrassing, especially when the Mayor arrived to present you with an award for good citizenship!"

Stormbringer nodded abstractedly, having heard it all before at least twenty times. "So you were bent over like this?" he asked, positioning Candice with her body bent almost double and her cute ass high in the air.

"Yes, just like this," Candice moaned in mortification, the blush turning her cheeks pinker than her outfit. "How could I ever..."

"And the second man pulled your panties down like this?" Stormbringer suited the action to his words and eased the flimsy garment half way down her thighs while flipping the short skirt up her back so she was fully exposed.

"Exactly like that," the poor girl wailed.

"And I suppose he put his... thingie... inside you like this?" the man slowly eased a thick, well-lubricated dildo into the exposed folds of her cunt and secured it there with a strap.

"Ooooooo... well it wasnít nearly that big Sir. But yes... he put it into me." The blush was turning into a deeper flush of arousal as the rubber phallus vibrated away in her depths.

"And all the while, you were also doing this?" Stormbringer slid into the chair and held his heavy cock with one hand while guiding her mouth down onto it with the other.

"Mmmmph..." Candice agreed.

"Then the Mayor arrived, saw what was happening and demanded you give him a turn too or he would take the award away again?"

Candice nodded mutely, her attempts to reply blocked by having a thick shaft almost tickling her tonsils.

"Well I really canít understand it either," Stormbringer replied, capturing a swaying breast by the nipple whilst guiding her mouth up and down on his cock. "But I intend to keep trying to help clear it up for you however long as it takes. When we finish this part you can show me exactly how the Mayor took you over the reception desk. And then of course there was his entourage who all seemed to want you in different combinations and positions. We have to consider each one of those too.

No, donít thank me Candice. Itís the least I can do for such a valuable employee. Just concentrate on showing me exactly what you did."