Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Oil Her Up!

Oil Her Up!

“Oil her up, I’m going in!”

“Seems like there’s no need, Chief, she be slippery as a wet eel already.”

 “Hey!” Candice protested weakly before resting her head back on the ground and closing her eyes. The long grass tickled her neck but that was the least of her worries just then and she tried to think back to how she had got into this mess.

It had all started innocently enough. Feeling a bit lonely when Stormbringer was away doing something with Nayelli, she had decided to pay a visit to Reo. The door had seemed like the right one but they were all so similar and she did tend to get confused easily. When she went through it there was definitely grass and trees and stuff on the other side but after an hour or so of wandering about she hadn’t found Reohoko’s glade and she couldn’t find the door again either.

It really was too bad. But no doubt one of the Janitors would be along to rescue her in a while… for a payment that didn’t involve money, of course. And meanwhile the air was warm, the sound of a nearby river was peaceful and Candice was feeling tired from all that walking around. So she decided it was a good spot to do a bit of sunbathing. Sitting down on the thick, spongy grass, the young woman rolled up her tee shirt until it was just under the impressive overhang of her large breasts and edged her skirt up the inch or two needed so it just covered her panties. Then she laid back and closed her eyes. The balmy weather was enough to make anyone drowsy and before long Candice was drifting. The river tinkled merrily, birds twittered, warm air stirred the long grass and bees buzzed around aimlessly. It was all very pleasant.

Behind the golden glow of closed eyelids, Candice lightly dozed, still aware of her surroundings but partially divorced from them by her daydreaming. The lovely breeze tickled her tummy almost like the soft Vandyke of Stormbringer when his lips travelled down her body. It wafted gently across her naked thighs too, and reminded her of Reohoko’s long hair trailing against her skin. Both the naughty nymph and Mr Stormbringer would no doubt he heading gradually in the direction of her pantie-covered mound if they were actually there in place of that vagrant zephyr which seemed to be caressing her body. The pink-haired receptionist shifted her hips a little in unconscious response to that thought, her legs parting instinctively in automatic reflex. In her mind she could almost see the pair of them hovering over her, working together to arouse her for their pleasure. Warmed by the sun and cocooned in her fantasy, Candice imagined the breeze might actually be their breath lightly tickling her skin and her nipples began to slowly pulse with anticipation.

Stormbringer never ignored her breasts. Of course very few men did and not that many women either. But he would probably lay claim to them first and ease the tee shirt upwards to expose their firm shapes. Or perhaps he would tell her to do it. He liked watching her undress too. In her mind, Candice heard his soft instruction and keeping her eyes tightly closed to maintain the fantasy she complied, lazily hooking two fingers into the garment and lifting it up around her neck. After all, there was no one around, the small conscious bit of her mind informed her. There was no harm in getting a bit of sun on her boobs too.

The breeze seemed to like that. It wafted across her breasts in a most agreeable fashion, drying the small beads of moisture that had formed in the deep cleavage and nonchalantly playing across her nipples. She often felt Mr Stormbringer’s breath like that when he took the time to admire her outstanding assets before his lips closed around one of those thick teats. Or before he did something else, like rolling and pinching them, or even fastening something to them; decorative clips maybe, or ornaments held in place by loops of nylon thread.

“Mmmmm…” A soft sigh escaped her lips as Candice allowed the daydream to unfold. But it needed a little help, so her fingers left the hem of her tee shirt and stroked across awakening peaks which responded quickly to her touch; to Mr Stormbringer’s touch, she insisted mentally. After all, nice girls don’t do things like that to themselves but they are surely entitled to enjoy it if an employer absolutely insists on taking advantage of a good natured tour guide.

It did feel extremely nice and Candice’ breathing deepened a little as her eager teats responded to the arousal of her own fingers, their pliant shapes lengthening to spike upwards and greet the sun. Breasts that had barely flattened under the effects of gravity slowly swelled harder and became suffused with a pink glow as she tweaked their errant tips in emulation of her employer’s own manipulations.

Of course Reo wouldn’t be idle, Candice ruminated. No doubt she would be kneeling between the supine girl’s legs, leaning forwards to watch, wisps of errant hair and even sly fingers lightly brushing over naked thighs so gently that they felt exactly like a summer breeze. But naturally at some point the fiery haired nymph would want more; though perhaps she would be asking for Candice’ help to remove the panties which got in her way? Yes, Reo probably couldn’t drag them down her legs without spoiling the mood. So she would be whispering naughty things to her colleague, her sly fingers ever so lightly brushing across that silken garment until her busty friend was so hot and confused that she forgot about being good.

Anyway, it would be unfriendly not to do as Reohoko asked; she was so nice and such a good comrade after all. So still keeping her eyes tightly closed against both the sunlight and reality, Candice raised her bottom up a little and eased the filmy garment away from her sex with all the delicacy of a patient lover… or a mischievous dryad who wanted to tease her. Then she aided her friend even more by nudging the brief skirt up high enough to completely expose her mound. Really, she was only doing what her dream lovers told her to do so it wasn’t as though she was actually doing anything wicked.

Of course her legs needed to be spread wider apart once the disrobing was completed. It was necessary so that Reo could kneel back between them and no doubt she was there. After all, Candice could feel the little nymph’s warm breath playing over her mount of Venus and across her slit, which had peeled apart just a little when her legs had parted. It felt as soft as a breeze wafting over a summer meadow. Before long, the silvery girl’s fingers would start to explore; maybe her lips too. Candice’s own fingers made their way downwards to assist in the illusion, the tips of her fingernails lightly scraping down the angles of the vee between her hip bones until they almost touched together at the apex of her thighs.

Mr Stormbringer would probably be watching, with that strange half-smile on his face, but he wouldn’t leave her tits alone for too long. So one of Candice’ hands made their way back to lazily pluck at first one nipple then the other, just as he would be doing for himself if she didn’t need to help him. Her other hand journeyed a little further south to aid the illusion of Reohoko’s presence, lightly stroking over the neatly trimmed tuft of pubic hair and feathering down her own slit which parted wider to welcome the inquisitive breathing of warm summer winds. Their attentions felt so good; Candice drifted on a sea of arousal, warmed by the sun and half asleep, her fingers and the breeze gently raising her level of pleasure bit by bit until her moans made a continuous counterpoint to the natural sounds around her.

 “Ohhhhhhhhh…..” The orgasm when it came was quietly intense, merged into the golden sunlight and the warm wind to create an enveloping glow of contentment. The daydream of Stormbringer and Reohoko faded away, their purpose completed as Candice drifted into a deeper sleep, heedless of her still disarranged clothing.

Perhaps it was the grass that disturbed her, or maybe it was the faint sounds of distant voices. Whatever it was, Candice came back to consciousness with the sun having moved further across the sky and a general sensation of being uncomfortable.  The grass was the most intrusive part of it; it seemed to have a life of its own and to be growing over her body and limbs in a rather constrictive fashion that was quite unlike the well-behaved way it had conducted itself earlier when it was just tickly.

It was probably time to be looking for the door again. But when Candice tried to sit up, she couldn’t move anything but her head. Even by craning her neck, the view was rather restricted by the mountainous vistas of her breasts but she could see enough to understand that it wasn’t the grass restraining her movements. Her arms and shoulders, everywhere she could see and presumably everywhere she couldn’t see, were criss-crossed by lengths of thin twine whose ends seemed to be fastened into the ground around her body with small metal pegs. Several of the strands stretched across her breasts and were tight enough to have indented their soft flesh

None of the restraints was enough to have kept the girl lying down, but the sheer number of them combined into an effective method of captivity. Trying to move her legs achieved nothing either, so they must be equally well secured. And beyond that, it felt as though some beetle or something equally icky had landed on part of her body and was wandering around. This was all very strange and Candice hoped the insect wasn’t the biting type. She also hoped someone would come along soon to let her know what was happening.

That wish at least was answered sooner than the pink haired girl expected. As she looked down through her cleavage to try and see what sort of creepy-crawly might be making its home on her helpless body, a man walked around the hillock of her breast and stood between the twin peaks staring at her. Normally that would be rather impractical or at the least, extremely painful but since he was only about two inches high, his presence was not particularly uncomfortable for the girl; physically at least. Mentally it was one more challenge in a life that had seen so many strange things over the previous months.

“Umm… hello…” she tried weakly.

“Ah, I see ye be awake, lassie.” The voice was rather faint and far-away sounding so that Candice had to strain to hear it. “Well why don’t ye just relax and let me get on with my work?”

There is a distinct difference between being naively gullible and being stupid. Candice fitted the first rather well, with her unique outlook on life, but she was by no means lacking in the ability to reason. So it didn’t take her long to realise the cords, the distant voices and the supposed beetle were all in fact the result of this strange little being. Or beings perhaps, if there were more than one of the midgets. He had said ‘us’ after all. “What do you want and why have you tied me up,” she enquired in a puzzled tone. The answer to those questions was generally because she was about to be used by someone or some thing for sexual gratification but that seemed unlikely given the differences in size.

“Nothing for ye to be worrying yer pretty little... errr… big head about, girlie. We just need to be collecting yer nectar so as to ensure the great god Strombingle blesses our harvest and our homes. Normally we can be after snaring a nymph for the purpose but those tricky minxes are all in hiding and since ye be here, ye’ll do in their place.”

This didn’t really answer anything at all, though the little man seemed to think it did. Turning his attention away from Candice, he surveyed her left breast, hands on his hips as his eyes travelled upwards. “That’s a big one and no mistakin’. The nymphs are easier to deal with. Oh well, it be my job to make this thing work and the Chief won’t be taking excuses.”

“Ermmm… are you a leprechaun?” Candice asked in a bemused voice as she tried to figure this all out.

“Leprechaun!? Do I look green? I be a ‘Putian and proud of it.”

“Oh I get it! I saw a documentary about you once on Nick. You captured a man called Golliver or something.”

“I be having no time for the big men, lassie, excepting the god himself of course, Strombingle who owns all these lands. He who can bring the rain or the lightning as he wills; it be the time of the yearly blessing when the wimmin folk coat his priapic totem with nectar, and then we all be feastin’ and drinkin’ and shaggin’ until dawn.”

“Umm… priapic totem?”

“It be a great wooden effigy of the god’s astounding manhood, girlie; fully four times my own height it stands proud at the centre of our village for luck. So ye can figure we be needing a lot of nectar to give it a good oiling.”

“Sounds like Mr Stormbringer to me,” Candice hazarded a guess.

“Strombingle! Strombingle! Be ye not listening? Now hush up lassie and let me work. If I be too slow I won’t get to share the blessing and I be sorely in need a good fuck!”

It was all a bit much for the naïve tour guide and her neck was starting to ache from the effort of holding her head up unsupported so she sank back onto the grass when the little man stomped off, with his boots yet again feeling like an insect crawling down her body towards the waist. Before long he was back again though and even from her supine position, Candice could see he was carrying some coils of the same twine which held her pinned to the ground.

Ignoring the girl he was standing upon, the midget once again eyed the bulk of her left breast which towered above him. But this time he appeared to have a plan. Taking one of the lengths of string, he paid it out until he was holding it just below its looped end and then twirled it around his head, for all the world like a cowboy who was trying to rope a steer. The target however, was Candice’ nipple which, even in its unaroused state was never completely flattened; now, following her earlier climax, it was still perceptibly distended.

It only took a couple of casts for the diminutive man to achieve his objective. The loop fell over that half-aroused teat and he gave it a tug so that it tightened firmly in place. Candice gave a little gasp as it constricted her peak, then a minute later, a second ‘ohhh’ when he snared its twin with another length of twine. “There, that be good enough,” he commented as he walked back down the girl’s body without another word. He appeared to stop and do something low down around her waist and then he was gone.

Was that it, Candice wondered? It all seemed rather pointless and she hadn’t understood a lot of what the small man had said anyway. But there was still the problem that she was tied up in the middle of a meadow with no way to get free.

Apparently that wasn’t it and the pink haired tour guide was starting to think she should stop asking herself such questions because they seemed to be answered very quickly in ways she didn’t like. Almost immediately there was the rustle of many small voices on both sides of her and she caught glimpses of a whole troop of the little men approaching her waist. It appeared every male in their village was surrounding her. They used the restraining cords to climb up onto her body and Candice had to stifle a giggle as her tummy was covered by their beetle-footsteps wandering around and tickling her.

Gradually the miniature tourists seemed to get themselves organised and spread out. She could feel a number of them heading across the bunched up skirt, some branching off to head onto each leg and the remainder moving lower down her belly. A group also tramped through the canyon between her large breasts and into view. They all looked rather similar to Candice, both in their appearance and their mode of dressing so she wasn’t sure if her original conversationalist was amongst them or not. Anyway they all completely ignored her to gaze in awe at the mountainous peaks on either side.

Stifling an impulse to see if she could blow them away, Candice watched them. Some of the little men had tiny swords at their belts, whilst others carried downy feathers almost as large as themselves, or bits of fern that looked like tree branches against their own unimpressive stature; several were empty handed.  It seemed they had done this before though because without any further ado each one went to his task.

Separating into two groups, the midgets approached each breast. The ones with feathers formed a circle around the base so far as they were able and began to stroke the naked flesh with their fluffy implements. It tickled some but it was also quite erotic. Meanwhile the remainder used the ropes attached to her nipples to scale the peaks. Candice gasped as the loops were pulled tighter during this ascent. Careful of their footing, five of the little men surrounded each teat and knelt down on the areolae. The two fern holders began to lightly beat the rubbery flesh while the empty handed manikin took a firm grasp around it and rubbed his arms up and down.

It was becoming more than a little erotic now. Candice found herself blushing as her nipples reacted to this stimulation and swelled upwards in excitement. At the same time she became aware of other touches. Some of the remaining troupe of midgets was stroking her belly with feathers; some were stroking her inner thighs just below the cleft. One even seemed to have found a position from which he could tickle her anus. The girl shifted as little in the tight bonds as the familiar sensation of growing arousal clouded her mind.

Beetle-feet made their way across the young woman’s pubis, skirting the small patch of hair there. She simply had to look and through the valley of her cleavage caught sight of two little men rappelling out of view on ropes that dangled down between her legs. Moments later she felt tiny hands drag her inner lips wider apart and something that was probably more of the fern leaves began beating an insistent tattoo directly onto her exposed clitoris. Candice dropped her head back again, her mind swimming with the multiple sensations affecting different parts of her body.

“Oooooooooo…” It felt as though miniature hands were moving the hood back and forth against her clit while the tapping continued unabated on its exposed tip.

“Ahhhhhhhh….” Her breasts reacted to the stimulus by swelling with excitement and combined with her deepened breathing this was causing the constricting twine to dig deeper into their tautly stretched flesh.

“Eeeeeek” The other two little men on each tit had stood upright and drawn their swords; tiny as pins and just as sharp, they were lightly pricking the engorged nipples while holding on with their spare hands, gripping tightly. Having a little of the masochist in her, as Stormbringer had found out long ago, Candice became even more excited as the small pains added a piquant contrast to the multiple arousals that were bringing her to an advanced state or eager lust.

“Oil her up, I’m going in!”

“Seems like there’s no need, Chief, she be slippery as a wet eel already.”

Even through her increasingly feverish responses to the stimulations, Candice heard those words and looked around but she couldn’t see who had said them. They seemed to come from somewhere near her bottom but whoever was speaking was out of sight and her head fell back weakly as a fresh wave of sensations caused her to gasp and squirm.

The meaning of those words would have been plain enough if there had been a mirror strategically placed between the widespread girl’s legs. It would have revealed a group of three manikins dressed in some sort of rubbery diving suits complete with masks, who were approaching the apex of her thighs. Raising his hands as though about to dive, the leader pushed his arms through the entrance to Candice’s vagina and began to claw and wriggle his way up into that tunnel; he seemed quite adept, as though this was not his first such experience and before long his feet disappeared and the second followed suit, then the third.

The girl bucked and writhed at these strange, animated intrusions to her most sensitive parts but that was only the beginning. Once inside the leader felt his way until he located the rougher patch of flesh that was her g-spot and taking something which looked like a large rubber comb from his belt, began to run that implement over the area. Lower down within her tunnel, the other invasive midgets did the same against her constrictive walls.

Candice lost it completely, thrashing about in the restraints as the manikins on her body grabbed whatever they could find to avoid being thrown off. Those on her belly and chest fared worst and slid to the ground in heaps but a couple managed to wrap their arms around each nipple and squeeze the tumescent peaks hard as they clung on for dear life while between her legs, the rappellers were bounced around on their ropes, occasionally managing to whack her clitoris with their fronds but more often banging against it with their bodies or feet.

The juice began to pour out of Candice’ cunt as she spasmed into a series of climaxes that rolled one over the other. It was the sign they had been waiting for and a group of women, tiny as the men, rushed forwards with buckets and collected as much as they could before staggering away with a full pail in each hand. The girls howls of arousal startled every other living creature in the surroundings to silence as it went on and on until every last bucket was filled to the brim. Then at a signal from one of the women, the tiny men, red faced and exhausted crawled back into the open air and slowly retreated from the shuddering girl.

The few manikins who had managed to stay aboard for that wild ride also made their way off her body, careful of the aftershocks that still wracked Candice’s frame and then the whole group disappeared as mysteriously as they had arrived. Alone again in the meadow, the girl lay there panting for breath, chest heaving against the cords, face and neck flushed bright red, and her cunt still fluttering as the breeze once more found an uninterrupted path to waft against hypersensitive flesh. So it was quite some time before she gathered enough self possession to realise that the ungrateful midgets had left her tied up.

Or perhaps they planned to keep her as a prisoner, she thought to herself with growing panic. She could be held there for days… weeks… while they kept coming back to do it all again. Or maybe there were wild animals that came out at night. Like bears or wolves or vampires….

“Well what have you got yourself into this time?” an amused voice asked. For one dreadful moment Candice thought it was the villagers returning but the voice was much too loud and the man, when he came into view, was normal sized and wearing a Janitor’s uniform.

“Oh thanks goodness you’re here!” Candice gasped. Then she realised that not only were her breasts and slit on display but the muscular ring of her sex had not yet reverted to it’s normal tightness and her vagina was open and still dribbling its nectar down the cleft of her bottom. The man wasn’t missing a single detail either, standing there with his hot eyes taking in every facet of her helpless body. “Would you… umm… like to help me up?” Candice asked rather plaintively.

“Of course! That’s what I’m here for. It’s time for you to come home to the Tower.” Kneeling beside the girl, he easily pulled one stake after another out of the ground, making sure his hand brushed over her body each time he swept on of the cords aside. Removing the loops from her nipples seemed to take a very long time and needed a lot of holding and tweaking and stroking before they were free. Finally she could sit up and adjust the skirt and tee shirt into creating some degree of modesty, though her panties seemed to have disappeared. Perhaps some of the village women had taken a fancy to the filmy material and were sewing dresses out of the fabric.

The Janitor had to help Candice to her feet and kept a supporting arm around her as he led her towards the door, which was only a hundred yards away. He seemed to believe that her breast needed support too and his hand wedged under that still swollen mound squeezing softly as they made their way back to the Tower. As they went through the tingly screen of the doorway, his fingertips lightly flicked the nipple which remained long and hard, poking through the thin fabric of her tee shirt.

“I’d better give you a check-up before sending you back to Mr Stormbringer.” The man’s voice was a little hoarse as he led her down the corridor, squeezing the breast tighter in his hand.

“I rather thought you would,” Candice sighed. But then he wasn’t bad looking and whilst snacks were nice, sometimes a girl needed something solid and meaty to fill her up.