Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Lust In The Ruins

Lust In The Ruins

Stiletto shoes have only one purpose, to make a girl’s legs look more attractive. The higher they are, the better the posture which results but the more impractical they become for any other purpose. Such as running; Candice was running now and the shoes were not helping at all. But she couldn’t afford to stop and take them off.

The stranger was too close behind her as it was.

Chest heaving in a manner that might have otherwise been attractive, Candice gasped for breath as she looked around wildly. This area was completely new to her and probably for good reason. Rubble strewed a street lit only fitfully by a pallid moon that played hide and seek behind the clouds whilst doing little to reveal details. Suddenly sirens blared in the distance and searchlights lanced out to cut swathes through the sky. Their beams gave a clearer view of the desolation but also revealed her more plainly to her pursuer.

Where was she? When had the war started? Surely nothing but war could explain the ruined buildings; piles of bricks and timber mixed in haphazardly with the wreckage of lives blown apart by devastation from the sky. In some places the remains of scorched walls grinned at her like the rotting teeth of a decaying mouth. But they offered little hope of shelter, little chance of somewhere to hide.

Having your tits bounce out when running away isn't a very good way to deter pursuit

This picture created by Edgar Rocha for Stormbringer Enterprises
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Skidding around a corner, she was momentarily out of view of her pursuer. A doorway gaped open invitingly, the door itself nowhere to be seen. Candice dived through it, gasping with sudden pain as the sharp edge of a twisted hinge snagged her blouse, tearing the flimsy material and leaving a red mark on the swell of her unfettered breast. But she kept going, trying to move quietly now, feeling her way and hoping for some miracle. Maybe he would search the wrong house, or maybe she could find a weapon to defend herself.

The pink haired girl had little doubt that the man chasing her had some evil intention. Obviously law and order had broken down in the dark devastation of this ruined city. He could be planning to kill her… or worse! ‘Was there anything worse?’ Candice wondered. Probably not; it was just one of those sayings that people used in such circumstances. Well, maybe being eaten alive, slowly, bit by bit, would be worse. Eaten by rats… she was sure she had seen their feral eyes glowing from dark corners and she shuddered at the thought.

Footsteps coming closer! Perhaps she had made too much noise. Or perhaps there had only been one open doorway she could have disappeared into. Candice was easily confused at the best of times and these were definitely not the best of times. Back to the wall, she edged down the passageway deeper into the house. It offered little reason for optimism. Doors hung at crazy angles or were missing altogether; rooms long abandoned were devoid of furniture. The girl’s shoulder bumped into something unyielding and she turned to look with a sinking heart. Naturally the one solid and fully functional door would be the one blocking her exit from the rear of the building.

“That’s a fine pair of milkers you’ve got there, slut!”

Candice gasped, reflexively drawing the sides of her blouse closer in a futile effort to hide some of her deep cleavage as she turned. The man was only a few yards away, his bulky shape outlined in the dim light from the street so that only his eyes glittered in the shadows. ‘A giant rat!’ Candice thought to herself briefly, before realising she was being silly. The eyes had nothing in common and the outline was definitely human. He was big, big enough that his shoulders almost touched the walls of the passageway. Candice was trapped in a long narrow pen made up of his bulk, the walls and the door which blocked her escape.

“Wha… what do you want?” she quavered.

“What do you got…. apart from pink hair and big tits?”

“I… I’m sure I’ve got some money…” Candice fumbled in the pocket of her skirt.

“Don’t be stupid, bitch! Take a look around you. What good is money in a place like this?” the man sneered. “You got any food?” Candice shook her head silently. “Weapons maybe… a gun, a knife…. some mace?” Again she shook her head.

“Well that’s too bad for you then, slut,” the man stepped closer. “Looks like you don’t have much to bargain with and no way to stop me taking what I want.”

The young woman huddled deeper into the corner between wall and door as the man edged closer, wishing she could think of some way out; wishing he would go away, wishing the door would magically open. It didn’t; instead there was a tearing sound and a sudden chill. Her agitated attempts to conceal more of her breasts had had the opposite effect. Clutching at the neckline of her blouse had placed too much stress on the rip acquired as she dashed into the building and the fabric had split open from her armpit almost to the nipple.

“Now that’s looking like an invitation to me,” the man sniggered. “I had no idea you’d be so eager to show off them big sexy udders of yours!”

“No! Go away and leave me alone!” Candice shouted hysterically, arms trying to hide an abundance of flesh that was now barely concealed by the damaged garment.

In an instant the man was upon her, one hand wrapping around her neck and the other raising to strike. “Quiet, bitch! Do you think I want to be forced to share you with all the scum who live around this place?” Candice shrank away in fear but the blow when it came was comparatively mild, only a casual swipe with the back of his open hand glancing off her cheek.

Shivering, the girl forced herself to meet the angry gaze of pale blue eyes. Blue eyes staring at her from a black face? No, as she adjusted more to the darkness, Candice realised the man was wearing some sort of ski mask so only his eyes and mouth were visible through the holes. It made him look even more terrifying this close up. “Pl… urghhh…” The words wouldn’t come while he gripped her throat so tightly. It was difficult enough just to breathe and she badly needed air, on the verge of hyperventilating and with the lack of oxygen adding to her already panicked condition.

The grip relaxed and she drew in deep breaths, causing her chest to rise and fall dramatically, movements that didn’t go unnoticed by her assailant. “Be good or the next slap will knock you onto your cute little ass,” he growled. Candice nodded dumbly, her neck still held in the tall man’s splayed fingers “What do you want from me?” she whispered again.

“Nothing that’ll hurt you… too much… as long as you do what you’re told,” The voice was low, deep, menacing.

Candice shivered; she wasn’t really stupid and the way the man’s eyes kept being drawn to her large breasts gave her a good indication of what he was after. No stranger to being used sexually, still there was normally some element of persuasion in those times she was accosted within the Tower, some aspect of reciprocity. This time she could sense her attacker was just going to take what he wanted irrespective.

From the street there came the sudden sound of a whole host of booted feet marching in cadence. It must be a police patrol, or maybe a squad of soldiers. She was saved! Drawing in an extra deep breath, Candice prepared to yell for help but even as the thought was formed, iron fingers gripped her neck tighter again and vision exploded into a constellation of stars as a heavy backhanded slap rocked her head back to impact the wall. “Don’t be a little fool,” the man hissed. “With me you have a chance. What chance do you think you’d have as a barracks slut, putting out for fifty of those damned invaders until they got tired of you and slit your throat?”

If Candice had been frightened before, she was terrified now. Automatically both her hands went to the man’s wrist trying to loosen the grip and get some air, his words stored away somewhere in her brain but not really registering yet. The sounds of marching feet faded away into the distance and finally she could breath again, though if the attacker had fully released his grip she would have sunk to the floor, legs too jellified to support her weight.

Blinking several times, the stars faded from her vision and what he had said could be processed. “How… I mean why should I…. How do I know I can believe you?”

“You don’t. But then you don’t have much choice, do you? I’m going to take what I want anyway and if you’re good enough I might keep you and protect you. Or I might just throw you out to discover exactly what happens to a pretty girl who gets caught outdoors after curfew.”

It all sounded really horrible and not at all the way she had been treated when she worked for Stormbringer in the Tower. Sure, he had taken advantage of her and so had lots of others. But not like this, not in the dark squalor of a ruined house with danger surrounding her in every direction. How had she ended up here? Where were her apartment and her friends? She couldn’t think clearly enough to remember what had happened to place her in this situation.

Spasmodically Candice’ fingers tried to free her throat from the fingers that still held her uncomfortably tight but it was a wasted effort. It also left her chest exposed to the view of a man who was obviously getting impatient. Almost before she realised what was happening, his other hand slid into the ripped blouse and completed the destruction, grabbing the damaged fabric and yanking hard so that one breast was completely exposed to shine with a pale luminance in the dimly lit passageway.

“N…. ughhhhh…“ too late she tried to hide her oversized breasts with her arms but all she got for the attempt was the man cuffing her hands away  and then following up with a series of smacks against those large, fleshy mounds, forehand and backhand, rocking her tits from side to side and leaving pink marks where his hands slapped against their bulk. As she squealed in protest, her attacker finished off by ripping the blouse even further, shredding the garment so that it hung in tattered strips which concealed nothing at all.

“Enough of your messing about, cunt!” he snarled. “Keep fighting me and I’ll keep hurting you.” Holding her easily against the wall with one hand, fingers and thumb high up under her jaw and forcing her almost onto tiptoe, the man looked down between their bodies at the twin orbs, fully revealed now that Candice’ hands hung limply at her sides in hopeless surrender. “Just as I thought,” he continued in a softer tone, “a fine pair of udders just aching to have someone like me give them a good milking.”

“But I don’t have any milk!” Candice squeaked.

The man sighed. “You know… some girls have a mouth that’s useful for conversation and some girls have a mouth that’s only good for sticking a big prick into it and fucking their face. I’ll test that theory soon enough but for now just shut up.” Relaxing his grip on her throat further, the assailant suddenly twisted Candice around so she was pressed face forwards against the wall. “Put your hands behind your back and don’t try anything silly,” he commanded.

The poor girl was so thoroughly cowed and confused by now that she obeyed without question. She could feel the man’s elbow digging sharply into her back, squashing her tightly against the wall, flattening her breasts and causing the sensitive nipples to drag against its rough plaster while he looped a cord around her wrists, tying them together very effectively. “That’s better,” he commented as he swung her back to face himself again. Candice could hardly agree with the sentiment but her views on the subject were not being sought. Instead, a finger was raised to the mouth where it showed through the mask, letting her know her attacker was demanding she not say anything at all.

With both hands free, the man was now in a position to explore the exposed mammaries properly. One forearm pressed against her upper chest to keep the girl pinned against the wall while his hands went to work, the fingers of both hands digging into softly malleable flesh and moulding it in his grip. Candice gasped as he manipulated the firmly jutting globes of her breasts slowly, squeezing and twisting their flesh with a calm expertise that caused them to swell in spontaneous but unwanted response, her body beginning to betray her again as it had so often in the past. Thick nipples began to elongate as they filled with blood, poking against her assailant’s palms while the girl closed her eyes and tried to think of something, anything, to make the response go away. But all it did was heighten her awareness of his touch and warmth began to glow deep down in her belly.

“No… you really shouldn’t… I’m not that sort of girl,” she protested weakly, a part of her mind amazed that even in these surroundings her body was beginning to become aroused.

“Your lips say one thing but your tits say another,” the man snickered. “So save your mouth for something more useful. Now let’s see how well I can milk these udders.” Before she could again deny the presence of any such liquid within her young breasts, the attacker had taken a firm hold on each mound with a finger and thumb just above the nipples. Then with a slow movement he drew his grip down the length of each teat to the tip, stretching the turgid rubbery shapes out from their encircling aureoles to almost double their normal extent before losing his grip and starting again.

 Despite herself, Candice squirmed with growing arousal as the man slowly and methodically repeated the action over and over again. Her breasts had swelled until they felt hard enough to burst and the carefully abused nipples stuck out like small fingers, tumescent with arousal and easily an inch long. The warmth in her belly was becoming a raging fire of need and her hips circled in unconscious provocation against the wall of that derelict hallway.

“No milk, but I think we’ve gained some honey instead,” the man chuckled, fully aware of how his victim was reacting. “I’d better check to make sure though.”

Straightening up more, he towered over the diminutive figure, one arm still across her chest just below the girl’s neck while the other quested lower. A rough hand pushed its way between Candice’ thighs and forced them apart. Then his body was pressed against hers, breasts squeezed flat by his chest and the hypersensitive nipples rubbing against the coarse fabric of his clothing, while a knee prevented her from closing her legs again as the hand reached up under her short skirt.

“No… please… ohhhhhhh…” Fingers cupped the soft curve of her sex and closed over it, rubbing through filmy silk against the yielding plumpness of labia already swollen with arousal. “Ohhhhhhh… oh no….” The words became more plaintive as the man’s palm moved against her hidden clitoris with slow circles. “Please….”

“Yes,” the man laughed softly, “I think we’ve found the first cow that produces honey when she’s milked.” His hand dragged up over the arc of Candice’ pubis and found the ties at her hips, quickly releasing them both and dragging away that minimal shred of her remaining modesty. Then fingers swiftly returned to explore the warm dampness unhindered by any panties while Candice continued to half-heartedly protest, her words becoming more and more interspersed with unintelligible sounds of growing excitement.

Fingers and thumb slid down the grooves between sex mound and inner thighs as the man took a grip on the outer curves of her labia and rubbed them against each other, causing the girl to give a loud and involuntary gasp of pleasure. Increasingly lubricated by her arousal, swollen sex lips slid against each other and against the elongated bud of clitoris trapped between them. “Ahhhhhhh…” Unprompted the girl edged her feet wider apart to facilitate this assault on her secret centre as she forgot where she was, forgot the circumstances of her capture and abuse in a rising glow of sexual need that filled her mind leaving no room for anything else.

Confident now that he had control of the girl, her aggressor relaxed somewhat and began to fondle her cunt with leisurely enjoyment, fingers parting the pliable sex lips wider open and gliding between them to spread lubrication upwards, easing inner wings aside so that he could massage the firm nub hidden there. When he got a slippery hold on the looser hood from which her clit was poking and drew it backwards and forwards over the swollen bud, Candice moaned loudly, legs trembling and her head falling forwards to bury itself in the shoulder of her erstwhile attacker while he held her against himself. Then when he shifted his focus to ease a thick finger deep into her cunt and massage the g-spot while his thumb pressed over the clitoris, he literally had to hold her up and press her head tighter against himself to muffle the sounds of a loud, spontaneous orgasm.

“Now let’s see how useful that mouth of yours is.” The voice brought Candice back to awareness of her surroundings as the fog of her climax receded but it was almost a relief to be forced down onto her knees; not to have to try and remain standing upright in the trembling afterglow on legs that felt too weak to support her. One hand remained twisted into the pink locks of her hair while the other fumbled with shadowy clothing inches from her face. Then with a sudden motion the pale sheen of a long, thick and definitely aroused penis was jutting out of the darkness towards her.

Taking a grip around the base of his shaft, the man stepped closer, straddling her thighs with his feet and bringing her breasts into contact with his legs so the nipples were once more being tormented by rubbing against coarse fabric. The cock butted against her chin as he positioned himself and then he was stroking its head against her cheeks and lightly slapping her face with its bulk. “Don’t get any funny ideas,” he warned. The menacing tone was back in his voice as he pressed the tip to her mouth but Candice was beyond rebellion by that time. Her lips parted obediently to allow access and then stretched open wider to accommodate the substantial girth of the deep red head as it slid inside.

Plush lips sealed around the shaft to create suction as Candice’ tongue went to work on the invader, lapping and swirling around the sensitive flesh and causing the man to groan lightly, “Oh yes, now that’s earning your keep!” Slowly he eased the shaft part way out and then slid it back in again whilst the girl maintained contact, continually licking and sucking with evident enjoyment.

“Mmmmmm…. Mmmmhhhhh…” The humming evidence of her vocal approval vibrated over slick velvet flesh within Candice’ mouth and her one-time attacker gasped louder. Already well aroused by playing with her exciting body it was tempting to give in to the moment, jam the girl’s head against the wall and pound in between her bee-stung lips until he released the contents of tightly swollen balls into that welcoming cavity. But he still remembered how snugly the walls of her cunt had clasped his invasive digit and the desire to feel them wrapped around his cock was paramount. So with a degree of reluctant determination, he pulled back away and lifted the girl to her feet again, kissing her for the first time and tasting his own musky presence on pouting lips.

There was nowhere remotely appealing to lie down in that ruined building. Nowhere that even looked useful for kneeling and taking his victim from behind, animal fashion. So he turned the girl around to reach her bonds and untie her wrists, and then bent her forwards so she could brace herself against the wall. Totally amenable now, Candice knew what was coming, positioning herself to best advantage and spreading her legs apart.

The short skirt presented no real barrier but the man flipped it up out of the way so he could see the taut hemispheres of her ass shining in the moonlight, shadows partly obscuring the twin openings that became available by her stance and creating a hint of mystery. Stiletto heels added enough to the girl’s height to make for a comfortable entrance so the assailant could easily angle his fully erect prick downwards and line it up with his chosen target. Still soaking wet from her arousal, Candice’ cunt offered only token resistance, parting slowly to accommodate the thick bulk that pressed against its muscle-ringed opening.

Anywhere at all is a good place to fuck such a hot, sexy girl as Candice

This picture created by Edgar Rocha for Stormbringer Enterprises
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With a mutual groan from both parties, the broad head of his cock slipped inside and then the shaft was sliding deeper while his hands grasped her hips to steady them. Fully inserted, it rested there, the tight sac of his scrotum nudging against Candice’ clit while her inner walls fluttered against the substantial column of flesh that stretched her wide and filled her to within a fraction of an inch from her cervix. Always a victim of her own body, Candice was quickly becoming fully aroused again, whimpering softly with growing need; need for movement, need for friction to fan the heat into another blazing orgasm.

She was not kept waiting for long. Bending forwards her assailant reached under her body to take a firm hold on the swaying mounds of her swollen tits, pinching the elongated nipples in his fingers as he began to move. In an out he slid; a maddeningly slow motion while rolling the responsive nubs of her teats from side to side. Candice yowled with frustration, hips churning in an effort to increase the rate at which her lubricated sleeve slid against the tormenting cock that was filling her. Maybe it worked, or maybe the man was ready anyway but he abruptly took a harder grip on her breasts, fingers digging deep into their soft flesh for support as he sped up, slamming his prick into her body with long, hard strokes that rapidly multiplied both their arousals.

Suddenly it was over. A series of loud yelps shook the passageway as Candice exploded into orgasm, cunt muscles spasming wildly around the man’s cock and pulling him over the edge with her. Warm fluid spurted out into her depths as his own movements became a series of spastically uncoordinated jerks and his fingers unconsciously dug into the girl’s tits like talons, squashing the rounded nubs into flattened ovals.

Gradually the sensations passed; gradually the man’s fingers relaxed and gradually Candice became aware of the throbbing aches in her breasts and nipples where he had gripped them so hard. Then a softening shaft was slipping out of contact and warm fluid was dribbling down her thighs to pool on the dirty floor of the dingy hallway. Gradually the girl opened her eyes and confronted the tawdriness of her surroundings while remembering how she had come to be there and the threats that had preceded the golden glow of sex.

“What are you going to do to me now,” she whispered fearful once again.

The man laughed, straightening himself up and tucking his prick back into his clothing. “You’re a good fuck slut and you respond well to milking,” he let her know in a coarse voice. “I think I’ll keep you a while.”

“Thank you sir.” Candice wasn’t really sure if it was a good thing or not but it certainly seemed better than being alone in a place like this. Or worse yet, being taken as a barracks whore by a group of soldiers. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe the man had somewhere nicer than this ruined house to stay, somewhere she could feel safe and cared for.

There was no point trying to find her discarded panties in the weak light and they would undoubtedly be filthy now from being on that floor. And there was no way to do much about her ruined blouse either. So Candice stood passively waiting with little but a short skirt to preserve her modesty while her captor went down the hall to look cautiously out of the doorway. Beckoning her forwards he took a firm grip on her hair to prevent any attempts to run away and led her quickly but warily back the way they had come when he chased her into the house.

Turning another corner, a doorway beckoned and the man pushed his victim through it, quickly following and closing it behind himself. As they transitioned into a familiar corridor of the Tower, the artificially induced block on Candice’ memory was lifted.

“Oh Mr Stormbringer,” she cried happily, “you do find the darndest places to play out these games!”

Stormbringer nodded happily, pulling the ski mask off his head and smiling at the girl beside him. As they headed for the elevator he wondered again where those doorways really led. Was it another time, another planet, another dimension, or did the places only exist in his own imagination? He would probably never know. But meanwhile Candice’ ass was swaying cutely ahead of him and her heavy tits were bouncing nakedly amidst the tattered wreck of her blouse. Time for a shower and then he would be ready to take her again, this time in the comfort of his own large bed.