Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Candice Rebels

Candice Rebels

It's no good, he thought to himself as he tried turning over and lying in a different position. I'm just too hyped up to switch off my mind tonight. It had been a busy and successful day at the office but now it was 2am and sleep simply wouldn't come. 'I need something to relax myself and take my mind off business.' And he had a pretty good idea of exactly what he needed. Something nicely curved in shape; a pink and white fluffy confection that would give him lots of physical exertion and be just the thing to get him off to sleep.

'Yes Mr. Stormbringer?' It wasn't the first time he had used the intercom between his apartment and the more modest one Candice occupied alongside his own on the top floor of his office building. She had been installed there over a week by then and Stormbringer had repeated his interviewing technique a number of times. But it still led the man to congratulate himself on his forethought in getting the girl settled close by. Her bright response also led him to wonder if she ever slept, or if she simply woke up very much easier than he did himself. Whatever the time, the young woman next door never sounded tired or disoriented by sleep.

'I need you to fix me a drink,' he replied. 'You always seem to get the proportions just right.' It was a thin excuse but his understanding of the girl had taught the man that such visits required him to make some innocuous demand and then let the situation develop 'naturally' into more carnal pursuits. He still couldn't figure out if Candice was fooled by that progression or if she knew what to expect. But if he had ever just come out and said what he really wanted, it would have flustered the girl horribly. So he played the game and got what he wanted without causing her to become uncomfortable.

He was a very considerate boss, all said and done.

Occasionally Stormbringer had thought about simply moving the girl in with him so she would always be within reach. As it was, however, he had the best of both worlds. Candice was nicely accessible when he wanted her, while maintaining the fiction that she was really employed by the business just for her skills as a tour guide and receptionist. And after all, it was not unknown for him to entertain other nubile females when the mood took him. So far he hadn't introduced Candice to the possibilities of three-way sex, let alone had her experience the variety of demands likely to be made upon her by the other inhabitants of the building, both human and alien. He was breaking her in slowly.

Seconds later the bedroom door opened and Candice stepped through it wearing something white and filmy, carrying his drink. Stormbringer had made it clear very early on that when he called for her he wanted her there right that moment; she shouldn't take the time to get dressed and made up. It was another advantage of having the girl within reach through the private connecting door between their apartments. Depending on the time of day she could appear in her uniform, her nightdress, or wearing nothing but a towel if his call came as she was showering.

On most women the nightgown would have looked rather chaste but it took more than a layer of satin to disguise the swell of impressive breasts and the smooth curve of hips. The man found himself reacting with easy anticipation under the covers. Propping himself up on one elbow, Stormbringer watched the young woman glide towards himself, feet encased in some extremely fluffy pink slippers which suited her personality perfectly. Reaching the bed, Candice bent forwards and carefully placed the glass on the bedside table, within easy reach of her employer. As she did so, gravity caused the fairly modest neckline of her nightgown to gape open somewhat and display the beginnings of an impressive cleavage. With a lazy movement, Stormbringer reached up and insinuated his hand into the garment, feeling the warm softness of the girl's pendant breast like velvet beneath his touch.

Candice froze in place, which was normal. But what she said was the last thing he was expecting. 'I don't think you should do that, Sir!'

Stormbringer blinked and it was some moments before he could adjust to the words well enough to formulate a response. Even then it was rather a pathetic one. 'You don't think I should do that?' he parroted in amazement.

'No Sir!'

Candice straightened up, which meant Stormbringer had to either remove his hand or hope the material ripped open. He took the easy way out and reached for his drink instead. After a shock like that, he felt in need of it. The alcohol helped and Stormbringer began to gather his wits and his normal sense of self-possession. Fixing the girl's startling green eyes with his pale blue ones, the man repeated his comment rather more forcefully. 'You don't think I should do that?' Candice blushed and squirmed with embarrassment but showed no signs of relenting.

'No Sir. I've been reading this book,' Candice ploughed on doggedly. 'It's by Janine Queer and it says that my body belongs to me and no one should be just touching me without my permission.' Stormbringer groaned silently to himself. Damned feminists perverting perfectly useful, happy girls into denying their natural submissive acquiescence and trying to turn them all into butch harridans just like themselves! He figured they were probably either dykes or frigid and, either way, jealous of other women who got lots of sex. The same people picketed his building on occasion, insisting that the highly paid models were somehow being taken advantage of just because they were required to take their clothes off to pose erotically for the artists there. Well, none of the models themselves complained. Rather they were proud of their financial independence and took good care of their assets to prolong careers as much as possible. Most of them even enjoyed the extra-curricular demands that were made upon them, as he well knew. And now Candice was getting polluted by that sexist drivel. The last person he would have expected.

'I think we had better have a chat about this,' the man said in his calmest voice. 'Go and sit in the office and I'll be there in a minute.' After all, there was nothing to gain by losing his temper with the poor girl. She was easily influenced; something he had used to his own advantage often enough. So he could hardly blame her. It just needed a little work to undo the damage and turn her back into the sweetly innocent and compliant employee he knew so well.

Obviously this wasn't the moment to jump out of bed naked in front of her, even with a cock that had deflated rather rapidly at this strange turn of events. Besides, Stormbringer needed a few minutes to gather his wits. So once the girl had left the bedroom, he took his time slipping into a dark blue silk robe, sipping the drink as he sat on the edge of the bed. Figuring it out didn't take long at all, once the man thought back over what had happened. He had got too casual, just grabbing Candice's tit like that. In previous encounters there had been some normal conversation first, usually related to how well she was doing at her job. From there, events progressed gradually towards intimacy, always with some excuse about how it was work related. An adjustment to her uniform which required him to touch her while doing it, or a bit of discipline for some trivial mistake was all it really took. The girl's overactive libido kicked in and any protests were at best half-hearted and not really meant. But this time he had just been too fast and too obvious. And that, on top of the drivel she had been reading, was enough to stir some rebellion.

With that settled in his mind, the solution became fairly clear, as well as the opportunity which presented itself. He just needed to take the girl through carefully a step at a time and the evening could prove to be very interesting indeed. Another progression in teaching Candice some of the more exotic possibilities of her sexual potential as well as laying a foundation to make sure such objections never got in the way again. Stormbringer smiled to himself as he walked through into the office, taking a moment to select a volume from his bookcase before sitting down.

Candice was sitting opposite, huddled in upon herself as though trying to disappear into the chair, so he smiled reassuringly at the girl. Indeed, the man felt rather sorry for her in this bewildered state. It was his duty to calm her fears and unravel her confusions so she was happy again. How could he do otherwise for the poor young woman!

It was the least a considerate employer could do, after all.

Candice and Stormbringer discuss literature

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'Now, Candice, I understand what you were saying and the book you were reading was right - a lot of the time.' Stormbringer sat relaxed; a friendly smile on his face tempered with an expression he hoped would give the impression of concerned benevolence. He had to make his case well; it would be extremely difficult to replace Candice with another girl who combined the same degree of sexual attraction with such naïve gullibility. 'Of course, when you are walking down the street, or sitting in a park feeding the ducks, it would be quite wrong for someone to just grab hold of you without any invitation. Your body, as you so rightly say, is your own.' The girl began to relax a little at this, not having expected any such apparent agreement with what she had said.

'However,' Stormbringer's smile faded just a little and his tone became somewhat reproachful, 'I'm rather disappointed that you show so little trust and so little regard for your work here that you would take those ideas out of context. After all, it's not as if you are out on the street, and it's not as if I'm some stranger. I am your employer, after all, and as such that puts rather a different slant on things.'

Candice began to look rather unsure and huddled back in on herself again as Stormbringer held up the book for her to see the title, Effective Worker Relations: A Businessman's Guide To Handling Employees. 'I'll read you a couple of bits from this book,' he looked down at it and pretended to open it at the correct page knowing the girl would never challenge what he claimed it said. 'When an employee is given the opportunity to work in a valuable job, that employee is by definition creating a relationship with her employer and with his business. So that means I'm not a stranger. Your job implies you need to liaise with me and anyone else you come into contact with as part of your work. And of course you know that a liaison means people do things that they don't do with strangers.'

The girl frowned somewhat as she took in the words but then nodded hesitantly. By no means dumb, Candice filtered logic through a totally unique perception of how the world worked. Stormbringer was careful to phrase things so as to appeal to that distinctive sense of logic. It was how he had gained the girl's trust and why she continued to work for him. That and perhaps the fact that she enjoyed the sexual encounters far more than she would ever admit, even to herself.

'And here,' Stormbringer continued. 'An employee can be expected to put not only her time but also her whole being into fulfilling the requirements of her position. So while you are in this building you should be putting your whole being into your work.' Stormbringer turned the page, moving his eyes between the book and Candice's face, carefully avoiding the expanse of naked thigh visible from the way the young woman was curled up on her chair. He was in benevolently paternal employer mode. 'Your whole being, Candice, put into having liaisons with me and others you come across as a part of your important work. And as I'm sure a bright girl like you knows, a liaison means much the same as having a relationship or an affair. So when you are liaising, it isn't the same as being in the street with a stranger, you have a special relationship with us.' Candice nodded rather more positively. This was making sense to her strange version of logic.

'Then it goes on, A good worker not only does her best in her own job, she also repays her employer for his trust in her by doing all she can to make him happy and relaxed, so he can do his own important work most effectively.' Stormbringer put the book down well away from the girl and made sure it was closed. 'So you see, Candice, when I offered you such an important position here, I naturally expected you would understand that there was a relationship between me as your employer and you as my employee. One that means what you read in that other book isn't relevant here. Do you understand me so far?'

Candice nodded ever so faintly, looking very miserable. Her perception of the world caused what Stormbringer said to make sense and that probably meant she had made yet another mistake. Would she still be able to keep the first job that appeared to value her as a person or would her boss decide she wasn't worth the effort?

'Now I have to admit that I made an oversight in not explaining the situation to you properly. I should have taken more time to help you understand the ramifications of your work here. But I did believe that you trusted me enough to know I employed you for your ability to do a very valuable job, not because I wanted you for some casual, sexual purpose like the others you worked for in the past.' The man's eyes met her innocent green ones and he willed his gaze to fill with disappointment. Candice found her vision blurring and had to look down. She had failed the only man who had been able to look beyond her physical body and see her potential as a person. How selfish of her!

'When I touched you earlier,' the man continued, 'it was because I couldn't settle down. After all, if I am too tense and not sleeping properly, I won't be able to do my job properly and that would be a bad thing, wouldn't it? And helping me to be relaxed is a part of your relationship work, just as it says in this book.' Stormbringer patted the volume on his desk without taking his eyes off the unhappy girl. 'Candice, I respect you far too much as a person and I value the work you do far too much to just take advantage of you for selfish reasons. All I was looking for was to liaise with you for the benefit of my own job here.' He took a long pause. This was the critical moment and he could only hope it would turn out correctly. 'Of course, you may decide that you don't want to work for us any longer if you prefer to believe what it says in that other book you were reading. I'm sure there are hundreds of other young women who would be very happy to be offered such an important position.'

That was all it took. The thought of losing her job and having to return to her previous life was just too awful to contemplate. 'Oh no, Mr. Stormbringer Sir, I don't want to leave here! I'm so happy to be able to do such important work for someone who respects me as a person. Please give me another chance and I'll never object to you liaising me whenever you need to!'

'It's not quite that simple, I'm afraid.' Stormbringer avoided any sign of his logical victory being displayed in his expression. 'After all, I'm not sure I can trust you again now. But even if I can, you made a big mistake and that means I must find some big way to discipline you for it, just as we agreed when you started to work for me.'

'Anything Sir! I deserve to suffer after I let you down so badly. I really, really want to make up for my mistake and prove myself worthy of having a job here and being liaised by you.' The words and eagerness with which they were spoken caused Stormbringer to smile to himself; not least because they had been accompanied by a sudden studding of the sheer nightgown in the region of the girl's nipples when he had used the word 'discipline'. Another thing that Candice hid from herself was a certain masochistic tendency where sexual encounters were involved. Something that Stormbringer intended to take this opportunity to explore rather thoroughly. Both for his own enjoyment and to guide the girl onto the next stage of accepting those things that were likely to happen to her once he let her roam loose in the building.

And for her own pleasure too, of course. After all, he was a very considerate employer.

Wandering through into the bedroom, Stormbringer freshened his drink; something he was perfectly capable of doing for himself, of course. Then he just had time to retrieve several items from a cupboard before the girl appeared once more. Still clad in her nightdress and slippers, Candice stood just inside the door awaiting instructions. The man was pleased to note that the previous signs of anticipatory nipple arousal had, if anything increased in the past few minutes.

'Come over to the bed, Candice,' Stormbringer gestured. The girl walked forwards slowly. With no real idea of what was about to happen, still she was fairly certain it would be painful and probably extremely naughty too. But she had accepted this man's right to do what he deemed best to her and beyond that, there was the continuing anticipatory tingle in her tummy. She felt very aware of the thin silk garment brushing against her otherwise naked body as she moved and it was seemingly conspiring to make her feel awfully warm with it's butterfly-wing caresses.

About to lie down, Stormbringer stopped the young woman and guided her into the position he wanted. The bed itself was set away from the nearest wall so Candice was able to kneel on it with her shoulders resting upon the center of its padded headboard and her head hanging over the edge. In this position, the girl could see very little except the reflection of her own face in a nearby mirror. And once Stormbringer had laid both of her arms outstretched along the top of the headboard and secured her wrists and upper arms to the wooden frame with some silk scarves that fitted neatly through holes drilled there for that exact purpose, she couldn't move too far even if she wanted to.

Before long the girl was even less capable of movement. Unable to watch in the mirror, she could only feel Stormbringer's firm hands as they eased her legs wider apart and added additional bonds that held knees and ankles firmly in place. The man took his time, admiring the voluptuous body of his employee as she knelt splayed in the center of the large bed, with her weight supported on shoulders and knees, and her curvy bottom jutting up invitingly. Then moving around behind the bed he crouched down so his face was level with that of Candice. 'This is how you need to be placed so I can give you your special discipline,' he smiled reassuringly and stroked her cheek. The young woman smiled back a little tremulously but over her shoulder he could see her hips were again shifting in unconscious anticipation.

Stormbringer patted the girl lightly on the head and moved back around the bed. Candice would be able to see glimpses of him if she watched in the mirror but whatever he chose to do would be hidden from her; she would only feel the results. By contrast, the man could see all of her from the neck down but couldn't easily see her facial expressions. It created the sort of anonymous experience which had a power to arouse all of its own.

There was no real rush to get started and after all, anticipation played a large part in such activities. So Stormbringer just sat on the edge of the bed next to the bound girl and sipped his drink while looking at her body. The slippers looked rather incongruous so he took them off her feet and put them aside. And the nightgown certainly delineated her bottom nicely, the soft material even draping into the cleft between her cheeks. But it didn't do anything to show off her breasts in this position. Rather it hung down and shielded them completely. Should he expose her all at once or tease himself by leaving some of her body hidden? It was an absorbing decision either way and required a few more sips of his drink while he thought it over.

That bottom was definitely calling out to him, so the man set his glass aside and slowly stroked lightly all the way down her back until he reached it. The silky material felt very cool and smooth as his hand wandered across the hemispheres of Candice's buttocks. They moved under his touch as she shifted position, whether to balance or to attract more attention, providing a fascinating play of muscles tensing and relaxing. It almost seemed a pity to leave that area of her body and move onwards but there was so much to explore.

The hand continued its journey; one that led down the back of a taut thigh to the knee before the texture changed from satin to warm girl flesh. It was a nice contrast. It also reminded him that there was no real substitute in man made materials for the sleek feel of a living woman's body. So when his hand moved back upwards, it was underneath her nightwear. Fingers lightly traced up the velvety skin of Candice's inner thigh, veering away before reaching the juncture of her legs, which he could sense by the increased heat on the back of his hand. It had been a good decision not to strip the young woman immediately. The anonymity of her headless form combined with the blind exploration of his hidden hand was extremely arousing to the man. And if her movements were anything to go by, the slow squirming of tensed hips told him his attention was very arousing to the girl also.

But of course, all journeys must come to an end and in this case, the end of the journey was reached when Stormbringer spread his fingers across one warm cheek of his employee's bottom, squeezing it firmly in his grip. It reminded him that this session was intended to give Candice a lesson in discipline, not just to play with her body. Well, that was an attractive proposition in itself, so it wasn't too hard to stop what he was doing and pull the nightdress up to her waist in preparation.

He had the tools already placed under the bed before Candice returned but it wasn't enough just to use them. There was one he wanted her to see first; wanted to see the expression on her face and wanted her to know and anticipate. So after reaching down, he got off the bed and walked back around in front of the girl. She gasped in a very gratifying manner at the sight of a wicked looking eighteen inch crop in the man's hand. Gasped even more when he swished it through the air in front of her startled gaze. It certainly looked capable of inflicting a lot of pain and in untrained hands it could certainly do long-term damage. But to her credit, Candice steeled herself and said in a low, quavering voice, 'Yes Sir, I deserve to be punished for ever doubting you like that. I'm ready for whatever you want so you can trust me to do my job here again.'

Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual event, rather like a trip to the dentist. Stormbringer had no intention of injuring the girl but he wasn't going to tell her that. Instead he swished the crop a couple more times in a suitably aggressive manner and then stroked the tip down the side of her face, his expression somber, before moving back away out of view.

It wouldn't do to be bending over the bed in an unstable position while he whipped her; that would have been dangerous. So Stormbringer climbed up onto the bed and knelt beside Candice, his knees fitting into the cavity created under her body between breasts and thighs. From that position he had a nice solid base for punishment and exploration. The man took his time, admiring the upthrust bottom which was to be his main target. Its pink perfection was about to become enhanced.

The buttocks tensed and clenched at the sound of the crop slicing through the air but that was nothing more than a twist to the mental torture he had planned. Those first couple of hard slashes with the implement were no more than sounds and contacted nothing but space. Then the first real impact arrived unexpectedly and without nearly so much noise. It was quieter because it was much gentler, the crop landing on the young woman's bottom with just enough force to sting; just hard enough to leave a faint darker pink line that bisected her ass horizontally. It would still be felt for a few hours but by the morning all trace would have disappeared.

For Stormbringer, the art of such activities wasn't to hack and slash at a defenseless girl like a piece of meat. That held no appeal to him. Instead he enjoyed using a moderate amount of pain to establish dominant control over a woman while teaching her the potential for submissive arousal. A girl who would do whatever he required because she trusted his use of her body was much more useful to him than one who obeyed through fear. So the following strokes with the crop were no harder than the first. With a degree of artistry he took his time, carefully applying a pattern of lines to Candice's bottom and the backs of her thighs.

Certainly the girl yelped with each strike, though she tried to muffle the sounds and show she was being brave. And truthfully, once she got over the shock of each impact, Candice had begun to realize that she wasn't really hurting all that much. Instead a warm glow was replacing the earlier stinging aches and it was spreading through her lower body in a way that was not entirely unpleasant. Before long her yelps were interspersed with some heavier breathing caused by that warmth reaching her sex, and her body was tensing in a quite different way.

Of course Stormbringer was aware of this change and had been expecting it. Setting the crop aside for a moment, he ran his hand over the abused shape of Candice's butt, pleased to feel that there were no welt marks. He was even more pleased when fingertips trailed between her legs to be met with the very definite heat of her arousal. It proved him right. His hand didn't linger there though. There was much more to do to the girl during this session.

Still stroking her bottom and flanks to maintain contact, Stormbringer reached down and retrieved two more items from under the bed. The butt plug wasn't very thick. After all, she might still be a virgin in that area for all he knew. But it was big enough to stay in place and more importantly, it could be set to vibrate. The lubricant would help it into place and he applied it liberally to the implement. It felt cold when the rounded tip touched her sensitive pucker and Candice automatically tensed and tried to edge away. She couldn't move far though and when Stormbringer put his arm under her hips to restrain her she couldn't really move at all.

He took his time easing the plug inwards a little at a time, watching as it slowly spread open the tight knot of her anus with its tapered shape. Then the device passed its widest point and the girl's muscles automatically clenched back into place, holding it firmly embedded inside herself. Her hips were bucking somewhat against his arm by this stage, whether in arousal or protest Stormbringer couldn't say. But there was no doubt about her reaction when he adjusted the control on its base and slow, heavy vibrations spread from the plug throughout her groin area. Candice gasped loudly in sudden, unexpected excitement and the musky scent from her sex lay heavy on the air in that bedroom.

Stormbringer gives Candice a lesson in employee relations

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Stormbringer was by no means untouched by the scene himself. His heavy cock tented the front of his robe and threatened to poke out from the loosely tied garment every time he moved. It wouldn't do to cut short the disciplinary session though. He wanted Candice to feel thoroughly used and thoroughly owned by the time he was done. So he set aside his own urges and just enjoyed the postponed gratification knowing it would be worth the wait.

Picking up the crop again, Stormbringer once more applied it to the squirming shape of his employee's bottom. Slightly harder this time, the strokes were laid between the original ones, their tingling impacts merging with the plug's vibrations to create an overall sensation designed to drive the girl wild. To aid in this, the man reached into her hanging nightdress and cupped the heavy weight of Candice's left breast, squeezing its swollen shape between his fingers rhythmically and plucking at the turgid length of her aroused nipple.

The combination certainly achieved its objective. Candice was bucking and writhing wildly, unable to distinguish between pain and pleasure, every sensation combining together into a sensory overload that spread through her body and pooled between her legs. Semi-coherent pleas for release and apologies for her failings mingled with gasps and groans of arousal. But Stormbringer still wasn't finished. The crop was laid aside once more and a brusque hand dragged the girl's nightwear upwards so the remainder of her body was finally exposed. Its slippery shape reacted to her jerky movements and caused it to fall like a curtain over her head and face, completing the sense of anonymity and preventing Candice from seeing anything at all. A blindfold couldn't have done the job better.

Not to be hurried, Stormbringer took his time over the next action. The final two items were retrieved from under the bed and laid ready. The young woman's nearest breast overspilled his hand with its size but he didn't want to cover it completely in any case. Fingers and thumb curved around the upturned bell shape where it joined her chest and gripped tightly to hold her still. His other fingers stroked and milked the already elongated nub to its fullest extent; then he took up one of the nipple decorations and looped its cord around the protruding teat, tightening it enough so it held firmly without cutting into sensitive flesh. When he let it go, a small heart-shaped weight hung from the cord, jiggling about with the girl's movements and maintaining a continually varying drag on the nipple.

Of course it wouldn't do to favor just one of those magnificent breasts and ignore the other. So Stormbringer walked around the bed and slowly added a matching decoration to the right tit. Then he stood back a moment to admire his handiwork. Candice was in quite a state by this time. Kneeling blindly on the bed, with arms and legs restrained, the rest of her body was making up for their lack of movement with a jerking, writhing dance that evoked the primitive rhythm of pure sex. Indeed the blindness seemed to have removed her inhibitions even more than usual, perhaps in some sort of belief that because she couldn't see, neither could she be seen. Or heard. Grunts and wailing cries of unrequited arousal filled the room while the girl's ass gyrated wildly in an attempt to find something solid enough to rub against and being her relief. All it achieved was to cause the nipple weights to jiggle madly under her body, adding their own torturing fuel to the fire.

It was just about perfect.

It was also time that Stormbringer got something more than artistic satisfaction from events. Dropping the robe to the floor, he walked round to the back of the bed, his cock almost painfully erect and leading the way like a heavy club of flesh. Perhaps Candice could see vague shapes through the thin silk covering her face because she raised her head at his arrival and directed her pleas for release directly at the man. Crouched down, he lifted the veil enough to see her expression, green eyes wild and half-focused, pouting lips parted for her gasping breaths and moans.

'Have you learned your lesson, Candice?'

'Oh yess… yessss…. Anything you want Sir! My whole being belongs to you just like the book said! Pleasssse...'

Stormbringer smiled benevolently and stroked the naive young woman's heated cheek. 'That's a good girl. You just remember to keep being a perfect employee and you need never worry about me taking away your important job.'

'I promise, Mr. Stormbringer Sir. But would you... could you...' Even now Candice couldn't quite bring herself to say anything lewd. 'Would it be Ok if you liaised me now, Sir?'

Stormbringer nodded and smiled, the perfect employer, always willing to give his time to encourage a valuable member of staff. 'Soon, Candice… soon.'

Standing up, the man kept a hold on the edge of her nightdress, but allowed it to sink low enough to cover the girl's eyes while leaving her mouth exposed. With his other hand he took hold of his aching cock and batted its head against her cheeks and mouth. After only a few seconds delay, Candice realized what this meant and her rosebud lips stretched wide in anticipation. She was a fast learner and Stormbringer rewarded her by sliding his shaft into the waiting orifice, feeling its warm dampness enfolding him and an eager tongue lapping against the taut skin of his helmet.

Again that feeling of an anonymous woman enhanced his arousal. The nightdress draped over his prick and hid Candice's face and even her distinctive hair. But down the bed he could see the length of her back, shiny with perspiration, and her tight little ass churning from side to side with need while he slowly fucked her mouth. It was tempting, demanding even, to just stay there and drive in and out between her encompassing lips until the inevitable release filled her mouth with his cream. But he had made a promise and the lesson needed a proper conclusion. So with some reluctance he stepped away and let the white silk drop down over that compelling mouth.

Climbing onto the bed behind her, Stormbringer needed to steady the girl's hips with a firm hand so he could line up and enter the tightness of her cunt. And that was all it took. As his shaft stretched her barely used walls to accommodate its bulk, Candice gave a loud wailing cry of orgasmic release. Then another one before his cock had fully explored her depths. After that he stopped counting. Candice appeared to go from one climax to the next with barely a pause, soaking wet snatch clasping and spasming around his pumping shaft while her hips bucked and her tits bounced in a wild abandon that threw their decorations into impossible parabolas of movement.

The long anticipation, the sight of her bottom with its pink stripes still visible, the clenching tunnel gripping his cock and the vibrations transferred from the butt plug through thin inner walls quickly took their toll on Stormbringer. He didn't care. After all, he had done quite enough to bring the girl to numerous orgasms already. So without any restraint he thrust deep into her body again and again until his substantial shaft thickened even more to allow aching balls to empty their contents in a series of shuddering jets that splashed warm fluid against Candice's cervix. With a wailing cry loud enough to shatter glass, the innocently sensual young employee came one more time then collapsed to the extent her bonds allowed, her employer breathing loudly from his own release and spread across her back.

It was some time before Stormbringer had the energy to release her. And being a good employer, once she had been freed he allowed Candice to stay there with him instead of sending her back to her own room. One thing he insisted on though, was that she licked his cock clean. Candice complied immediately, sliding down the bed and taking his softened shaft into her mouth while a busy tongue lapped all around it. But she was so weary from her exertions that the girl fell asleep with his prick still in her mouth like a comforter. It would have been churlish of Stormbringer to complain. And besides, it placed her nicely ready for when he woke up in the morning. So he left her there and drifted off. As he did so, he thought sleepily that 'employ' could mean exactly the same as 'use'.

So surely the way he had used Candice tonight really did make him a very good employer.