Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Candice Expands Her Horizons

Candice Expands Her Horizons

“You know, Candice,” Stormbringer said as his cock softened and slid out of the enticing grasp of her pussy. “I think it’s about time you gained a bit more experience in dealing with some of the more… err… exotic visitors we tend to get here. After all, there’s no saying just who you might bump into as you walk around the building and it’s best to be prepared.”

Somewhat tired, he lowered himself back from a standing position between her thighs and settled down into his executive chair. For such an innocent girl, his new tour guide could take an awful lot of sex play before she ran out of ability to orgasm. Perhaps it was a case of making up for lost time, he mused. But then, with a body like that stretched out across his desk, the man could hardly deny being inspired to give her the sort of experiences she had been sadly lacking before coming to work for him. No, not sadly, he decided. Luckily. It had made her the perfect tool for his needs.

Sitting there, the prone girl’s position spread-eagled over his desk gave him an excellent view between splayed legs and he watched with a certain fascination as her deep pink sex continued to quiver with delayed reactions, dribbles of his emissions and her own lubricants seeping out to pool on the wooden surface. For some reason he still preferred taking her there instead of on a bed. Perhaps it was to emphasise their relative positions, or perhaps just a superstition that so long as it happened in the same place as his first experience with her, the spell wouldn’t be broken.

She had been working for the company for two weeks now and during that time she had been frequently and comprehensively used by himself and a number of other workers, either singly or in groups. Never once losing her beliefs about what ‘nice’ girls should and should not do, Candice had nevertheless shown an amazing ability to be easily aroused and persuaded into just about every variation likely to be encountered in the average porno movie. Naïve, gullible, sweet and extremely sexy - she continued to be all of those things, even after her resistance and inhibitions had been overcome on a daily basis. He doubted she would ever change.

With an effort, Stormbringer’s gaze moved away from the plump mound of the girl’s sex and upwards to where he could just see her face between the upthrust pillows of large pale breasts that still showed traces of rope and whip marks from his introduction of the girl to some rather heavy BDSM play the previous day. His heavy cock twitched at the memory, even after having so recently spent itself in the pink-haired girl’s body but he put that aside for the moment and spoke again.

“Tidy yourself up when you’re ready dear, and get back to your important work guiding the visitors around. But come back here at 11am tomorrow and we’ll continue your training.”

“Oh yes, Mr Stormbringer, sir. I will. You certainly know how to make a girl feel thoroughly trained,” she replied in that innocent voice he was coming to know so well. The CEO had run out of places to pinch days ago, during his times of wondering whether he was dreaming the whole thing. So instead he just settled for giving her pussy a friendly squeeze as he stood and walked across the room to get a much needed drink. By the time he turned around, Candice was partly dressed in the skimpy uniform that was provided for her official duties and he had to restrain himself from ripping it off her again as she walked to the door, hips rolling like a well-oiled machine.

The next day Candice arrived promptly on time. He never could tell whether she was wearing the same uniform or a replacement necessitated by some rough handling of the minimal covering but it didn’t matter. Stormbringer had the items ordered in bulk and there was always a new one ready for the girl to wear. Fingers twitched at the thought of shredding a garment that did more to provoke than conceal but once more he held back. Business first and she would still be available afterwards. If things went as planned, the intervening few hours would make his desire even more imperative and the CEO had thoughtfully cancelled all his appointments for the rest of the day.

Stormbringer nodded to the chair across the other side of his desk. The same one she had occupied for her initial interview. And just as before, there was the inevitable flash of brief panties as she sat down. No! Keep the mind on the job! “Now Candice,” the girl looked at him all wide-eyed attention. “I’m sure you’ve read stories about beings that aren’t human. Things like elves and goblins, Minotaurs and aliens. So you know they are all real and they all exist but you probably just never met one yet.” Incredibly enough the girl smiled and nodded happily, taking in everything the man said. He had expected to have to work much harder to get her into accepting such ideas but then she never ceased to amaze him with her innocence.

“Yes, Mr Stormbringer. I’ve even seen them on the television so I know they must be real,” she replied brightly. “And there are all those factual magazines at the market too; the ones that tell you about how people get abducted and how Elvis lives on the moon. Some of it is rather scary though.”

The man nodded in a sort of daze and mentally revised plans for having to spend a long time convincing his tour guide before taking the next step. “Well yes, it can be rather scary I should imagine. And by now you must have seen enough around the building to know that such beings often appear in the artwork. So you probably already figured out that a lot of our artists and writers must have actually met some of those creatures. Well, of course, we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you, such as Elvis kidnapping you and taking you to the moon, so I’ve prepared a little protection for you.”

“You do look after me so well, Mr Stormbringer sir,” Candice replied enthusiastically. “I don’t think I’d like living on the moon with no shops or anything!”

“You’re a very valuable employee, Candice,” he replied quite truthfully. After all, what were the chances of finding a girl such as that again? “Now this might sting a bit but it’s for your own good.” With that he removed a small box from a drawer before standing up and walking around the desk. The single button between the girl’s outstanding breasts was not intended to provide much resistance and it popped easily, fabric held tautly under pressure flying apart to reveal those twin globes of flesh. Needless to say, his cock thickened on viewing her naked tits and, equally obviously, he ignored that sexual demand.

He also ignored the inevitable blush that crept down her cheeks and spread across the upper part of her amazing chest. “Just a little prick,” he said soothingly, “and it will all be over.” It may have been his imagination but he could have sworn the girl looked disappointed at those words. Well that would pass soon enough. With one hand he reached out and thumbed the girl’s left nipple into wakefulness; something that took less than three seconds before the nub was standing to throbbing attention. With the other he opened the box to take out a hypodermic syringe.

“Just a little prick,” he repeated soothingly as the girl watched him with a rather charming mixture of trust and trepidation. The rapidly engorged teat was easily gripped between thumb and forefinger. The needle easily slid into the flesh of the pale areole at its base, and a small quantity of saline solution eased the injection of a micro-miniature tracking device into Candice’s breast. The girl was panting slightly, though whether from pain or arousal he couldn’t tell. He suspected it was a mixture of both, since she had demonstrated a definite aptitude for getting turned on by his rougher handling of her body.

Of course Stormbringer could have inserted the device just about anywhere and it would have worked in the same way. But why miss the opportunity for a bit of erotic amusement? The tracker would stay where it was and would alert staff if the girl went too far away from where she was expected to be. Some of those she was likely to meet just didn’t share well and he had no intention of his star asset being carried off to some distant place for the sole amusement of a visitor or guest. So he protected his investment.

Candice trotted along beside the taller man, almost running to keep up with his long strides. Corners were turned, doors passed through and within moments she was completely lost. The building seemed to be far larger than it had appeared from the outside and there were no signs to help anyone find their way around. She knew she would have difficulty memorising the places she needed to be and hoped that perhaps a map would be provided. Or at least some simple directions.

A few minutes later, Stormbringer stopped outside a door that looked identical to a score of others they had passed. This appeared to be their destination as he opened the handle and ushered the girl in ahead of himself with a firm hand on her shapely bottom. It lingered there longer than was strictly necessary, though whether that was for fun or to stop his assistant from running was hard to say.  Certainly she pushed back against the grip in a manner that was anything but provocative as a gasp of surprise escaped from between pouty lips.

“Wha…” was about as intelligible as she could manage. It was perhaps understandable. The room… (It had to be a room, didn’t it? It was inside an office building after all) appeared to have been designed to look as though it was outdoors. And not just any outdoors but the sort of outdoors more likely to be seen in a science fiction movie than anywhere on Earth.  Jumbled rocks seemed to stretch away towards a distant horizon, their grey shapes lightly tinged by the pervasive light thrown down from a cloudless sky of deepest mauve. No sun was visible above the horizon but the three large moons reflected enough light to emulate an early evening, casting a maze of shadows whilst still providing fair visibility.

“This is the home of some valuable associates,” Stormbringer commented in a conversational tone as the girl shrank backwards, trembling against his hand.  “Though their names are quite unpronounceable, they are still rather useful for their collaborations with several of our artists and models. So you should treat them like any other guest to our business.”

“G… g… guests?” the girl stuttered. “I don’t see anyone.”

Stormbringer gave a low whistle and several of the nearby rocks turned out not to be rocks at all. Their grey shapes rose up and unfolded as the made their way towards the pair on what could only be termed legs as a matter of convenient nomenclature. The short stumps rippled rather than walked, but still covered the ground at a decent speed and before long a group of maybe ten were facing towards the visitors in a half circle. Most were small, barely reaching up to Candice’ knees but two of the creatures towered over Stormbringer. Up close they were obviously not rocks, but their rather formless, angular shapes and the thick rubbery texture of their skin certainly gave that impression at a distance. Possibly it was some type of racial camouflage that enabled them to hide effectively in such an inhospitable landscape.

If there was any conversation, it was not of the audible type. The beings didn’t appear to possess anything like a mouth. Nor did they seem to have eyes or any other facial features. But on some signal, their stances all subtly shifted at once so they gave a clear impression of being focused on the girl who was still shaking and breathing erratically, partly supported against Stormbringer’s hand which maintained its tight grip on her ass.

“Now, now,” he soothed. “I’m sure you’ve seen much worse in those reality TV shows you watch about aliens visiting Earth and all the history programmes about monsters and demons. So say hello nicely to our associates.”

“H… hello,” Candice managed, relaxing just slightly at the man’s words. “I’m… err… pleased to meet you.”

Quite possibly the creatures could sense vibrations in the air caused by speech. Or perhaps they used whatever passed for sight to see her lips move and were familiar enough with humans to interpret that as a greeting. In any event, every one of them immediately bent forwards in the approximate middle of their bodies, giving a definite and rather amusing emulation of a bow. Candice giggled at that, her fear apparently starting to evaporate since there was no apparent threat and the strangeness of this room was becoming more familiar with time. “I think I saw you in an episode of Doctor Who,” she added and the creatures all bowed again.

“Now, Candice,” Stormbringer said in a firm voice, “you can tell they don’t see in the same way as we do and they need to be able to identify you again in case you get sent here, or perhaps meet them as part of your very important work for me. The way they do it is by touch so just step forwards a bit and stand still, there’s a good girl.”

With a certain reluctance, she did just that. With a certain reluctance, Stormbringer released his grip on her bottom and stepped backwards a few paces to lean against a rock (a real rock this time) near to the now closed door. The smaller beings slithered forwards until they had formed a circle around the girl but the two large ones appeared to be satisfied with remaining in place and watching for the moment.

Candice gave an “ooo” of surprise when each of the small things unfolded or extruded four flexible looking arms from apparently random parts of their bodies, each one ending in what could loosely be termed hands, though the appendages only had three fingers, each almost as long as the arm that held them. She gave a louder “oooo…”   when a number of them began to caress her lower legs inquisitively, the rubbery skin cool and smooth, as the fingers stroked or curled about her naked limbs.

“That… ummm… feels quite nice,” she whispered as a couple of the digits found the sensitive points behind her knees and gave them special attention. Stormbringer’s tour guide was rather less relaxed though, when three of the creatures took a firmer grip and used their flexible hands to drag themselves up her legs until they could get a grip on the brief skirt. Using that fabric for purchase, they climbed higher, making room for more of their companions to join them in clinging on to the girl at various strategic points. Before long, six of the small aliens were hanging from her body, leaving just two to continue their stroking of her lower legs.

“Don’t make any sudden movements or you might startle them,” Stormbringer’s voice drifted across the intervening space. Candice opened her mouth to reply but whatever she planned to say it came out as a loud gasp instead. Long, flexible fingers began to stroke and explore every bit of her body, sliding over her brief top and skirt, fondling her long hair and even sliding across her face. She closed her mouth hurriedly as one digit seemed prepared to slip inside it. “Don’t mind them,” the man’s voice continued. “As far as I can make out they’re rather mindless beings who act as sort of remote sensors for the big ones, who are directing them somehow. They just want to memorise you.” Torn between a desire to reply and a wish to avoid having her mouth probed by one or more of the fingers Candice said nothing, just swaying slightly as the aliens shifted their weight to get better positions, and waving her hands rather ineffectually in a silent protest.

Meanwhile the inspection of her body continued unabated. Using two of their hands to hold on with, that still left each of the small beings two more to explore with. Long slender fingers slithered around her naked waist between top and skirt. Others coiled around the girl’s slightly parted thighs and stroked over their soft skin. But the majority of them seemed to have a very human-like fascination with those parts barely concealed by Candice’ blouse. While several of the appendages caressed over the tautly stretched fabric, a couple of the bolder ones managed to get all three of their fingers between that tight material and the softly yielding flesh that it contained. Working from both the neckline and the lower hem, they wormed deeper from view, though their outlines were still quite visible to Stormbringer as sinuous shapes that were tracking over and between both firm mounds. The man’s shaft began to thicken and harden as he enjoyed the sight.

“Ooooerrr….” Candice gave in to her need to make a noise but the fingers had lost interest in her face, so none took advantage of the opportunity she presented. “Ooooooooo…..” she continued, now that it was safe to open her mouth. “Aaahhhhhh….” This last as the questing fingers apparently located one of her nipples and gave it an especially thorough inspection.

“How… how long should I…” Just at that moment, the increasing number of tendrils finding their way into her top had the inevitable effect of causing the flimsy garment to split apart and the girl’s large breasts bobbed into view. What could be seen of them between a dozen fondling fingers. The pale upper skin was flushed bright red from Candice’ embarrassment and her nipples were already sticking out like small deep pink thumbs when they appeared into view briefly, only to disappear again into that web of attentive exploration.

“As long as they desire to continue. You don’t want to offend our guests.” Stormbringer’s reply appeared to fall onto deaf ears. A glazed look was coming over Candice’ eyes as her easy arousal kicked in full force from the examination. Small moans and longer gasps were her only response as she stood there swaying, her breasts heaving with excitement as they were manipulated relentlessly. It all got a bit too much when a couple of the other creatures lost interest in her spine and moved around to the front to enjoy the fun. Their combined weight conspired with an increasing trembling in the girl’s legs and she sank forwards gracefully until she was kneeling on all fours, supported on her hands and knees whilst her head swayed slowly from side to side in a daze.

Some alien guests get familiar with Candice

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This did nothing to dislodge the small creatures. It just made it easier for them. Lowering themselves to the floor, a couple of them could then use all four hands on her body whilst the ones still clinging to the ruins of her blouse apparently enjoyed the change in shape caused by her new position. Their long fingers twined around those pendant breasts in spirals which gripped and released alternately. The standing ones even managed to take hold of her turgid nipples, gripping each of them between the tips of three fingers and dragging downwards in an apparent attempt to see how far they could stretch. It must have been over an inch before the resilient flesh shrugged off their grips and sprang back into shape.

Stormbringer was watching so intently that the girl’s sudden yelp of surprise caught him off guard. It was easy enough to see the cause of it though, once he tore his eyes away from her tits. The alien creatures that had been fondling her thighs had taken a more secure perch on the girl’s lower back and were taking the opportunity of minimal clothing to explore under her brief skirt. And they had been joined by the pair whose earlier investigations were previously confined to lower legs. The view wasn’t at all clear but it was becoming more so as slender arms disappeared beneath the token covering, edging it upwards as they explored and revealing a well-rounded bottom clad in nothing but a pink thong that barely covered her sex.

Candice’ bottom was certainly getting the thorough attention of a number of hands, digits splayed over the creamy flesh and massaging it, edging down onto her thighs with their length. But without a doubt it was the finger sliding between her legs that had caused the yelp. Though to the girl’s credit, there had only been that one protest and she was now reduced again to a series of increasingly loud gasps of rising pitch and arousal. The inquisitive aliens seemed spurred on by the noise, or perhaps by her bucking movements.

Whether the creatures were acting under direction of the two larger beings, or whether they reacted automatically, perhaps from experience with other human females who had previously entered the room, was unclear. But it could hardly have been coincidence that the four aliens attacking her lower half began to concentrate on the contents of the girl’s panties. Sinuous fingers edged under the tight material and dragged it aside to reveal the moist slit between Candice’ parted thighs. Then they explored in earnest while the other four things continued to work over the swaying globes of her large, swollen tits.

“Nnnnnggggaaahhh…” Candice shuddered as one long digit slid down the crease between her firm ass cheeks and ticked across her anus. This was followed almost immediately by a loud sobbing moan as several fingers concentrated on her sex, massaging the plump labia and pulling them apart to reveal a slick interior of deepest pink. Stormbringer was almost painfully hard as he watched those appendages, coated with the girl’s juice, slide up and down the furrow between her sex-lips, stroking over a clitoris that was visibly engorged by her arousal.

“Anggghhhhhh….” The sound was an almost tortured cry of excitement when one of the fingers pressed into her vagina and another one overcame the resistance of her ass to push its way into that more restrictive entrance. Digits flexed as they apparently moved around inside the girl’s body, exploring those inner spaces while she bucked and heaved in a paroxysm of excitement, increasingly loud and rapid gasps and moans contrasting with the silence of those beings that were causing such strong reactions. Briefly her lust-filled eyes opened and met Stormbringer’s own excited orbs. “Please… please…” she begged softly in a voice close to tears.  

It seemed her pleas were not to be answered immediately. On some inaudible cue, all of the small beings suddenly released their grips and slithered away. “Nooooo….” Candice protested as the arousing fingers abandoned her on the brink of orgasm. She didn’t have long to wait though, as the two large aliens stirred into life and approached her. One in back and one in front of the girl, they both extruded a thick cylinder that roughly resembled the arms of the smaller creatures, though the fingers at their tips were far shorter. As one they came up close to Candice and gripped her body between them by hips and shoulders before roughly thrusting themselves forwards and impaling her upon their organs.

The wail of protest at these sudden insertions was abruptly cut off by the one filling her mouth, while the other alien’s member sank from view into the well-lubricated hole between her thighs. And once it was inside, the girl seemed to abandon any idea of protesting anyway. Arching her back to the sensations filling her sex, Candice spread her knees wider apart while reflexively sucking the other organ deeper into her mouth.

Stormbringer was forced to adjust his pants as he watched; the previously rock-hard length of his cock ratcheting up to a new degree of arousal in its constricting garment. He could only image what those stubby fingers were doing inside the girl as she kneeled there. Probably playing with her tongue and exploring the depths of her cunt, he thought; maybe even knowing enough to massage her g-spot. It was an arousing idea, made more exciting as the creatures began to move in tandem. Perhaps they were as horny as he was. At any rate they showed no finesse but plenty of stamina, their members slamming into the girl in unison time after time as she knelt trapped between them.

Not that Candice was trying to escape. Not by any means. Muffled gasps punctuated by louder cries of orgasmic fulfilment found their way around the organ which couldn’t quite gag her responses and she swayed backwards and forwards with each thrust, encouraging the beings to even greater efforts. Stormbringer attempted to count her climaxes to help maintain his self-control. It was better than trying to count sheep or remember football scores but he lost track several times and had to start again. It was certainly an impressive number by the time both creatures, again in unison, seemed to swell up to almost twice their normal size before one final mighty thrust into both orifices.

Candice spluttered, gagged and screamed into one final massive orgasm as alien cum flooded her mouth and cunt; gallons of the stuff, spraying out of the tight confines in all directions while the beings shrank down slowly to their normal size again. Finally they stepped backwards and as one, treated Stormbringer and the girl to another of their oddly formal bows before scuttling off to merge with the rocks again.

Stormbringer waited a while before stepping over to the girl, giving her a little time to recover and then helping her to very wobbly feet. She stood with his support, thick purplish goo that almost matched the colour of the sky spreading down the slopes of her heaving breasts and dripping from the tips of nipples that still stood out like organ stops, rolling down from beneath her creased skirt to puddle at her feet. He would have to almost carry the dazed girl back to his office; she was hardly capable of walking unaided. She probably needed a drink after that. He certainly did. He also badly needed to bend Candice over his desk and slam his aching cock into her body for some urgent relief after watching so long.  But he was a considerate boss. He would give the girl time to recover first.

An hour should be long enough, he thought as he helped her towards the door.