Erotic Art and Fiction from Stormbringer Enterprises - Candice

Candice Introduces Herself

Hello! My name is Candice. But then I suppose you guessed that already. Silly me! This is my own corner of Stormbringer Enterprises web emporium. Well they said it was mine but if I had been designing it you'd be seeing a lot less of those awfully embarrassing moments when some human or monster grabbed ahold of me and... well I'm sure you can imagine the rest. What? You can't? Oh go on, you tease you! You just want to see all those naughty things that they insist on putting in here don't you!

I wasn't always called Candice. But when I got chosen out of thousands of girls to become the official tour guide and receptionist for Erotic Illusions they said I would need to change my name. I mean, personally I thought there was nothing wrong with being called Ethel Ramsbladder. But Stormbringer seemed to think it wasn't interesting enough and didn't reflect my personality. You can read the story about how I got the job here by following one of these links, though I'm still not sure why I got chosen or how I ended up getting so intensely interviewed.

Well anyway, the people here held a competition to find me a new name and loads of you sent in suggestions. Then Stormbringer and his helpers picked three they liked and loads more of you people voted for the one you preferred. So I got renamed Candice and I was able to start my job of showing you around the site and giving you tips at various places. It's not a job that keeps me too busy, since these places are pretty easy to understand anyway. But Stormbringer thinks I make them look more decorative and welcoming. And I do so like to welcome new friends.

Of course, with all that free time you might think I would get bored. But not in a place like this! It's surprising how many strange encounters I've had already. You can see some of them when you look around my pages. Somehow I always seem to end up losing my clothes and getting into all sorts of kinky scenes. Well really... when I think about the things they give me to wear... what they call my uniforms... I'm not all that surprised. The clothes are all so small and ummm... revealing. Not at all like my idea of what a guide should be wearing. It's a wonder I haven't caught a chill, I can tell you! And I can hardly even bear to look at myself in the mirror. It just makes me all shivery and sort of warm... down there... It's a good thing Stormbringer told me that my proper work is very valuable or I might start thinking they only keep me around because of my body.

Candice tied up naked and helpless

Anyway, it's not easy to write when you're tied up, or being bounced up and down. Or Both! So you'll probably have to read the stories by others and look at the artists creations when you want to know more about those things that happen to me when I'm not doing my proper work of acting as a guide. Just between you and me, there are not only lots of people who want to get my clothes off and do naughty things to me. No! There are also some very strange creatures that tend to lurk in the dark corners of this place. And I always seem to be getting sent to exactly those areas on some errand or other!

Well, so far, those monsters all have exactly the same obsession with my clothes (and my naughty bits) as the humans do. Lucky for me really! Otherwise I might get eaten alive or something equally icky! Though I do have to say... some of those monsters are rather... well... big... if you know what I mean. And some of them have rather a lot of long... sort of... octopus bits that seem to be able to get into just about anything I'm wearing. And ... well.... into.... you know.... It's sort of nice at the time I guess. Makes me feel all gooey and quivery inside my tummy. But afterwards.... Walk? Not very easily, I can tell you! So how am I supposed to do my work here when I keep getting tied up, pinned down, ravaged and sexed until I'm a quivery wreck?

I talked to Stormbringer about it and he explained it was all part of something called customer servicing. He told me I'm doing so well at it that if I keep on with the training, it will lead to a very important promotion. Then he tied me up again...